Antidemocracy in action

There really are some very stupid people out there as was proven this Saturday afternoon by 40 odd thousand of them marching through London in an attempt to overturn a democratic referendum result that many of them didn’t even bother to vote in.

Read your own banners FFS! “We are the 48%” he proudly proclaims. Yeah – that’s right. You lost. The 52% won you thick git!

And how about this guy :


He’s so dumb he hasn’t worked out that New York isn’t in Europe.

Take a listen to this guy. He’s talking a lot of sense. And he’s a millennial…

Honestly, if this is what getting an education does for you, I think we might as well all give up now.


13 responses to “Antidemocracy in action

  1. Indeed. We are the 52%. We had a vote. You lost. Now suck it up as you expected us to. And, if we had lost, we would have.

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  3. We live in strange times. Some of these people are getting loonier by the minute. My farcebook page is full of them. Never realised I had so many loony leftie friends. Well, the word friends is debatable…..

  4. Stonyground

    The video is quite amusing in places but the guy does make a lot of sweeping generalisations about a whole generation of people. For instance, I don’t quite think that everyone in the 18-22 year old age group live in a swanky London flat payed for by mummy & daddy. I also know of quite a few in that age group who voted leave.

    • Indeed. I found it interesting to see the age of the person who made it.

      The idiots want to stop over 65’s voting. I’d agree to that if the starting age was 25…

  5. Stonyground

    It is also fairly likely that the ones who are going on protest marches were mostly the ones that voted. Although, if that is the case, they should be castigating their some of fellow millenials as well as the oldies who voted the wrong way.

  6. There was a Graun journo seriously putting forth on radio his case for young people having a vote worth one and a half times that of old people. His case fell apart at the first hurdle when he was asked if, aged 35 years, he was a young person or an old person.

  7. Brilliant – absolutely brilliant!

  8. Stonyground

    The thing about everyone’s vote being worth the same is that it is the only system that is not open to manipulation. Once you decide that some people’s votes should be worth more than others you can start to bump up the value of votes for people who agree with you and devalue the votes of those who don’t. It appears that this is the reason that these idiots like the idea but, just like with the referendum, it doesn’t seem to occur to them that they might end up on the losing side.