Agreeing to disagree…

My regular reader may be aware that a fellow blogger disagreed with my views on the death of Castro and his legacy for the island of Cuba. Fair enough. I don’t mind if people disagree with me as long as we can agree that we disagree and carry on holding conflicting views without coming to blows.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible in this case. Having tried to convert me to his point of view on this blog, he decided to have another go over at his place. You can read all about it here and here.

Now I confess that he got under my skin and wound me up. Silly of me to rise to it, but when people repeatedly refuse to address my points because they regard me as an idiot, I tend to react a bit. Phrases like “Fuck me! You are scraping the barrel here” and “you have chosen to behave like a spoiled child when challenged” do little to improve my demeanour especially when the pot is calling the kettle black.

Some of you reading this might also know that I edit a blog called “…is a cunt“. If you don’t approve, then don’t read it. The clue is in the title. I was censured for this by a group I was invited to join called Martin Scribblerus. I exercised my right to leave because it’s not up to them to approve or disapprove of what I publish. We agreed to differ and went our own ways.

Apparently our friend thinks that this is because I had a “hissy fit” of which he doesn’t approve. Again we should be able to agree to differ, but no.

I’m entitled to my views just as each of you reading this is entitled to yours. What is not right is debasing the argument to personal insults and then accusing me of starting it! That’s the sort of behaviour you get in the playground, not in an adult debate. Even my 5 year old granddaughter knows better…

Zak’s sacked

Personally I'd have preferred the bloke in the white suit...

Personally I’d have preferred the bloke in the white suit…

Well, that was a monumental waste of time and tax payers’ money wasn’t it? I refer, of course, to yesterday’s Richmond Park bye-election…

Zac Goldsmith, not content with being beaten by Citizen Khan for mayor of London decided to take a stand over the expansion of Heathrow by resigning the Conservative whip and calling a bye-election where he stood as an independent. Now, fair enough – resign the whip, cross the floor and sit as an independent. You’ve made your point, why labour it (no pun intended). But no. Zac decides to be a plonker.

The Tories in the meantime play a blinder by not bothering to field a candidate against him – which backfires because the Limp Dumps win the seat. Enter the arch idiot Farron, crowing about how it’s a revival for his bunch of idiots because they’ve overturned a 23,000 Tory majority. But you haven’t, Tim me old son, because you can’t take votes away from a party that isn’t standing.

Our Zac was convinced that the good people of Richmond Park would support his principled stand and vote him back in but miscalculated because nobody in Richmond gives a toss about a third runway at Heathrow. As it happens the Limp Dump shares Zac’s view so the only choice was between two tossers, one of who was wasting their money by calling an unnecessary bye-election. Is it any wonder they voted him out?

So Mr Goldsmith is now consigned to the dustbin of political history, and good riddance. Personally, I think Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope would have been a better choice than either of them…

The Dioclese 2016 Christmas Song

So here it is – Merry Bloody Christmas Everybody – a really irritating song by Slade that’s been played every bloody year since 1973 given the the Chas C / Dioclese treatment

After all, it’s become traditional that we do this every year and we really wouldn’t want to let our public down, would we?



I’m becoming increasingly annoyed by the absolute bollocks being spouted about the recently deceased Cuban president, Fidel Castro.

Firstly, there’s the ‘Cuban Americans’ in Miami prancing about in the streets celebrating the death of this terrible despot – which puts me in mind of the mindless lefty idiots who did the same when Thatcher died. What annoys me most about these idiots is the demographic. 90% plus of them know fuck all about Cuba. They’ve never been there – after all travel to Cuba was illegal for Americans for decades. Mind you, that didn’t stop a couple I met from Texas holidaying in Havana a couple of years back’ “Hey, Honey” drawled the wife, “y’all remember we’re from Canada”. Basically they caught a flight from the US to Mexico woth an ongoing connection. Bloody hypocrites!

But I digress. These young Cuban Americans don’t have any inkling of what it was like before Castro and even less of what it’s been like since. They weren’t even born FFS!

The there’s this idea of the poor downtrodden Cuban people under Castro’s ruthless boot. More bollocks! The Baptista regime was as corrupt as they come. The Yanks used Cuba as a money laundering site for the mob and for unbridled gambling and debauchery. The average Cuban was screwed far more by the Yanks than they ever have been since. The average Cuban was a poor as it’s possible to be. Nobody gave a shit about them. All the money went to the corrupt government officials and it’s even more corrupt ruler.

Castro overthrew the bastards. Good for him. They deserved it. The lot of the average Cuban improved immeasurable when he came to power. OK a few of the richer Cubans got caught in the purge of the corrupt, but were they really that innocent? Probably not, but they buggered off to Florida.

Meanwhile, Trump condemns Castro. Why? Not because he thinks the bloke was all bad, but because he knows that Florida is a key electoral state and there’s a lot of second and third generation Cubans there that have a vote. Yet another bloody hypocrite!

The death of Castro has been heralded by the Yanks as the dawning of a new era for the Cuban people. This is bollocks on two counts : firstly the system isn’t going to change as Castro’s successor has been in place for two years already. Secondly, most Cubans don’t want it to change – but you’d hardly expect the mainstream media to say so. Doesn’t make for a good story, does it?

Whether you liked Castro’s politics or not, he was a great man who changed the lives of the poor in Cuba. He’s not Pol Pot or Kim Wrong Un no matter what the media might have you believe.

But what really boils my piss about this is that the detractors have never spent any real time in Cuba if any at all. You can’t judge Cuba by a few big tourist hotels and watching CNN. You have to go there and spend time looking around and talking to the real people.

I have.


Well, here’s a storm in a bean can! The Advertising Standardz Authority has banned an advert from Heinz on the grounds of health and safety. FFS! Seems that some namby-pamby dogooder complained that someone might cut their finger on the can…

Another example of the nanny state gone mad? Well, it seems that Heinz have form for this sort of stuff. Here’s a remake of the Psycho shower scene using Heinz Ketchup that they banned…

Well, bad taste shurely but so what? Anyway, just to prove that Heinz are a bunch of wankerz, take a look at this one…

On the other hand, Heinz got more publicity from getting this banned than if it had been shown – plus they don’t have to pay the TV companies to put it on. So maybe, Heinz ain’t such cuntz after all!