Bercow and Grieve

Has there ever been a pair of more treacherous cunts in the history of modern British politics?

This morning it is revealed that John “Bollocks to Brexit” Bercow held a meeting in his plush taxpayer funded apartment with arch Remoaner Dominic Grieve the evening before Bercow completely rode roughshod over constitutional protocol by allowing Grieve to table an amendment to an unamendable bill..

Grieve’s comment on the meeting? “I often speak to the Speaker about all sorts of things. We’re fellow Buckinghamshire MPs. But I am not in the business of suborning Speakers. They make up their own minds. I tabled my amendment without speaking to the Speaker. How the Speaker decided to approach the amendment is a matter for him.” So it was all just a coincidence then? Like fuck do I believe that one!

Meanwhile in his Buckinghamshire constituency, the chair of the local party said he had been ‘bombarded’ with letters of complaint about Grieve calling for him to be deselected. He added: ‘We don’t want him to stay as our MP. If he tries to stand again I would personally hurl rotten tomatoes at him.’

Grieve’s comment? He said he was “unaware of any calls by local Beaconsfield Tory association members for him to be deselected over his actions last week and denied that he plans to stand down at the next Election.” Well, it’s in the national press this morning so I guess he’s aware of it now? I find his statement incredulous – but then he is a lawyer!

And as for Mr Bollocks to Brexit? A spokesman said “Meetings with parliamentarians are private and we do not comment on them.”

A pair of undemocratic, untrustworthy cunts if ever there was one…



There’s been a lot of bleating about a bunch of activists outside the Houses of Parliament harassing Anna Soubry because of her stance on Brexit. Apparently some nasty people called her a nazi. This is completely out of order. She’s not a nazi.

She’s a traitor.

This is a woman who refuses to accept the democratic wishes not only of 17.4 million voters but who also refuses to do the job that she was elected to do, namely to represent the constituents who voted for her amd to reflect the policies in the manifesto on which she stood.

Broxbourne voted to leave the EU by somewhat more than the national vote. This is not good enough for our Anna. Presumably she knows best. This makes her not only a traitor but a lying, arrogant traitor to boot.

Anna is one of a sorry breed of politicians who seem to have forgotten what it is they are being paid handsomely to do – represent the people who elected her. She is not alone in this. I live in one of the top ten leave voting constituencies in the UK and yet my MP openly states that she will vote for May’s capitulation agreement.

It has been suggested that we should write to our MP and tell them exactly what we think. I did this and got a standard reply from the local office. I replied and they sent me the same letter again. This suggests to me that nobody actually reads my letters.

So I wrote to her again but this time at the House telling her that if she persisted then she would lose my vote and that as a member of the party, I would openly campaign for her deselection. That woke her up but still failed to have any effect on her opinion.

It seems to me that people are becoming increasingly pissed off with politicians ignoring democracy, so if the only way they can get their opinions across is to harass members outside Parliament then I say bring it on.

But do it within the law and get your terminology right. They’re not nazis – they’re traitors who are denying democracy…

Rail Fare Increases

So along comes the first of January and what’s all over the News channels? There’s going to be an increase in rail fares on 1st January. Shock! Horror!

Since when was this fucking news? I remember back in the late 60’s (yes I really am that old!) when rail fares went up on January 1st. It’s happened every year since. Now I appreciate that we’re in the dead zone for news until after the Christmas / New Year holidays that seem to go on for a fortnight, but this really isn’t news is it?

Al-BBC blames the increases on the rail companies and the fact that the increases are tagged to the Consumer Prices Index or is it the Retail Prices Index? Well, one or the other anyway. And they’re bleating that it’s linked to the wrong one.

Plus, as you can see from the graph above, rail fares over the last five years have risen by less than average earnings so even less cause for political points scoring and bleating.

What the lefties at the Beeb seem to be conveniently ignoring is that the drivers and staff wages are also linked to the same index. So if you are forced to pay your useless good for nothing staff – like the unnecessary guards – loads of extra dosh, then you have to put your prices up to cover the wage bill. Simples, in’it?

The real cunts here are the unions. They bleat about how the increases are hitting the poor old ordinary working man whilst paying drivers the sort of wages that most of us can only dream about. For example, a tube train driver in London can earn £100,000 a year.

Why the fuck did I bother to work my arse off for professional qualifications? Should have been a train driver. I’d have got free rail travel then too.

And none of this negates the fact that Chris Grayling is probably the worst transport secretary since Ernest Marples – as proven by his Brexit contingency plan where he is hiring ships from a company that as none at the moment, but might have soon!

You couldn’t make it up…

Why the Withdrawal Agreement is a bad deal

Firstly, congratulations to Sir John Redwood on his knighthood. John probably doesn’t know it but I used to live in his constituency and got to know him quite well over the years I lived. He’s a man of principal and highly intelligent – even if he couldn’t remember the words to the Welsh national anthem. But then again, Welsh is a dead language.

Anyhow, he’s unwavering on his opposition to the Withdrawal Agreement and his blog is well worth following on the subject of Brexit. Indeed, those who bang on about Leavers having put forward no alternatives to No Deal clearly have never read what he’s written over there.

A few days ago he published 8 reasons why the withdrawal Agreement is even worse than abad deal. I have taken the liberty of reproducing them below with embellishments of my own…

1. Signing the Withdrawal Agreement gives the EU what they want, taking away most of our bargaining power. Actually leaving us with no bargaining power at all. We just have to accept what they tell us.

2. The financial commitments are open ended, with some very long lasting. They will doubtless be much more than the Treasury £39 bn forecast. This is money given for nothing in return that we do not legally owe them. Indeed. This is thuth that Hammond and Co son’t want you to hear. It really doesn’t stop with the £39 bn.

3.We have to accept and follow any law they pass for the next two years or more, without any vote or voice to try to stop laws that damage our interests.Yep, we get to abide by their rules with no say about what they are. Mind you, they always outvotes anyway.

4. We cannot sign any trade deals with other countries all the time we stay in the so called Implementation period. Or in fact ever if we are locked int a Customs Union by a backstop we can never leave.

5.Under the Agreement we might be another 45 months stuck in the EU, making a total of 78 months or six and a half years from our decision to leave. Parliament promised to enact the decision of the People’s vote, not to delay it indefinitely. What? Only six and a half years. We can extend that easily using the backstop – and that ups the £39 bn payout again doesn’t it?

6.The Irish backstop splits the UK up. It also ensures that we can never leave without a trade deal in place and the EU is never going to give us one.

7. The Withdrawal Agreement is legally binding. The Political Declaration is a vague wish list including the contradiction of a possible free trade agreement and a possible customs partnership. The Political Declaration is a nonsense and not worth the paper it is written on.

8 Far from ending business uncertainty it prolongs it and makes it worse, as it makes a good outcome for the UK less likely. If we enter into a legally binding agreement based on a non legally binding addendum then we are committing economic suicide. There is no real business uncertainty, just a hyped up publicity stunt orchestrated by big businesses which, we should remember, are in the main not British and have their own interests at heart.

“NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL” and this is a very bad deal. It must be rejected and I sincerely hope that there more people in the House who are as resolute as Sir John in their opposition and less like the recent turncoats Leadsom and Fox…

Union Jack and the Beanstalk

jack-giant-large-imageA modern fairytale courtesy of John Redwood

Union Jack was asking himself once again why he was called Union Jack.

He had just been reading a history book about a time when his country, the United Kingdom, was independent and free and used to display lots of so called Union jacks or flags.

Could his Mum have been wandering down memory lane? He asked her again.

She was quite severe with her reproof. “I have told you many times” she said “that I called you Union Jack after our glorious European Union, and don’t you forget it.

It’s seditious talk, you know, to suggest otherwise. If you bang on about the old union jack flag they might start questioning you for racism, and I haven’t got time for all that”.

In truth, all was not well in the UK part of the great European Union.

Jack and his mother could see the distant European castle that governed them. More importantly they had regular dealings with the EU Inspectors and tax collectors. They were told about all the latest laws by the local police.

Jack thought secretly that they were having to pay more and more tax.

Their income did not seem to go up. Indeed, it was going down. The fish from their local seas mainly went to the Union’s ships, so they were banned from fishing for them.

They had to accept big taxes on any food coming in from outside the Union. They lived under increasingly complicated and expensive rules which made it slower and more costly to grow and make things for yourself.

If Jack ever shared any of this with his mother she warned him off it. She told him the European Union was very good to them really, and it would be much worse if they were not in it.

For a couple of months, they had to just concentrate on changing all their emails and website to comply with some new directive, instead of earning their living.

Privately, Jack’s mother did understand that things were going from bad to worse.

She could not afford to keep going as they were, but was scared of saying so to her son in case he got into trouble for repeating it.

The European Union had been very clever, and made sure anyone in government, in the universities and in big business all thought the Union was great and defended it at every opportunity.

The system was too powerful to pick a fight with. They all thought the same. They all talked down to people like her.

They were good at making predictions of how much worse her life would be if the people did revolt against the European Union. They did have powers to make her life even more difficult.

One day though, the money had run out. She told her son things were a bit tight, and told him to take their cow to market to sell.
It was a dangerous measure. It meant they could pay the bills for a bit, but would no longer have any milk.

On the way to the cattle market Jack met a man who asked him where he was going. Jack told his sorry story.

The man was very sympathetic, and said he too thought the European Union was damaging their prosperity.

He got some beans out of his pocket, and said these were special freedom beans. If Jack took those for his cow, he could grow the precious plant of freedom which should transform his position.
Jack was much cleverer than people realised for someone who had not had a great education.

He did know a bit about freedom, and had been thinking for sometime how the Union was crushing him and his mother. So, he asked, “how could freedom help me?”.

“Well” said the man “if you were free you would not have to pay all those taxes to the EU, and not have to obey all those costly regulations.”

Jack was smitten, and willingly accepted the beans for his cow. It also cut down the journey and the difficulty of getting a half starved reluctant cow to market.

When he got home, Jack told his mother the great news that he had a way to improve their situation.

When she heard his mother was livid, and afraid. How could her little Jack stand against the might of the EU.

She scolded him and threw the seeds out of the window. Didn’t he know the great and good would rig it all against his precious freedom?

Next morning Jack and his mother arose and were shocked beyond belief. A massive beanstalk led away from their garden right up to the gates of the European Castle.

His mother was distraught, realising they could be found. Jack took courage and decided he was going to see how the other half lived.

When Jack crept through the castle gate unseen he was astounded by the wealth they had.

All those tributes from the Union meant they lived well in the governing castle, led by the five Presidents. They always seemed to have a fish course from all those fish they took from UK seas.

Jack soon found the Treasury and there to his delight was the money that the UK had agreed to send.

It was a signed promissory document, so Jack tore it up. He took the pieces away with him and showed his mother when he got home. “We are rich”, he said.

“Now our country can have all the teachers and nurses and doctors it needs, and we can pay less tax so we have more to spend. “

“You are naïve” said his mother. “Don’t you understand our local government will just send it back again to the EU because they want to keep us poor”.

“So,” said Jack, “we will have to see about that”. Off he went again to the castle before his mother could stop him.

The next time Jack came back with more torn up paper. He had found the binding document that required the UK to impose high tariffs on the rest of the world and blocked any special trade deals and lower tariffs with their friends in the USA or Australia or New Zealand.

“There” said Jack to his mother, “this is just like the golden goose in the old fairy story.

Now we can buy cheaper goods and trade better for ever, so we will be better off”. Once again, his mother, petrified by now of what the EU and all their powerful friends nearer to home might do, told him to stop.

Once again Jack dashed up the beanstalk. This time he seized the most precious item of all, the voices of the UK people who were singing by a large majority that they were going to be free and they would not obey the 5 Presidents any more.

Just as he was leaving the castle, the 5 Presidents were catching up with him and chasing him.

They didn’t shout at him that they could smell the blood of Englishman, because they didn’t want to be a caricature of badness. They did want to teach him a painful lesson.

He raced back down the beanstalk, whilst they were still trying to negotiate it.

They were slower than him as they had so many good meals at his expense over the years. Jack, as in the old fable, hacked the beanstalk down, and the 5 Presidents disappeared from view and from the UK for ever.

The chopped down beanstalk deposited them in France, still alive but knocked about a bit.

So, what happened to Union Jack?

All the sages in the UK government, the Central Bank, the universities and big international business predicted poverty, isolation and unhappiness.

They expected Union Jack to have a few bad years and then to beg to go back to the EU on worse terms than before. Instead, Union Jack and his mother flourished.

Spending all their money at home bought lots of improvements to public services, with tax cuts to give everyone’s income a boost.

Catching their own fish meant they could have fish every day if they wanted to, or sell it to others if they didn’t.

They had lots of friends in other countries who wanted to trade more with them.

Even the EU, after a hissy fit, agreed a free trade contract and accepted in the end the UK did not owe them any more money.

The people’s voices had been right, and all those experts wrong. Just as in the original tale, Jack and his mother lived happily ever after.

They had rediscovered freedom, thanks to the voices of all those UK voters.

And what happened to all those so called experts?

Well they did alright as well. They pretended they had not made such a big fuss and got it all so wrong.

They carried on paying themselves lots of money and giving themselves lots of grand titles and honours as if nothing had ever happened.

The people grew less angry with them, because everyone was better off.

The people did have one last hurrah against the establishment.

They voted out all the ones who had done most to stop them being free. They felt better for doing that.

Freedom is wonderful thing