Racial pandering

As one reader of this site so appropriately summed it all up in a nutshell “Never have so few been so pandered to by so many” although I’m not sure I’m allowed to say ‘panda’ as they’re black and white I might be accused of ‘racial stereotyping’….

On a daily basis, my piss is boiling over. Yesterday they announced that Uncle Ben’s Rice is to get a new logo because the black faced gentleman they’ve been using since forever is ‘racially offensive’. However, according to the Uncle Ben’s website, the name was first used in 1946 in reference to a black farmer known as Uncle Ben who excelled in rice-growing. The man depicted in the logo is a “a beloved Chicago chef and waiter named Frank Brown.”

Cecil Rhodes statue is to be removed from Oriel College Oxford but even though the college has shamefully caved in, the protestors say they will continue to protest. If you want to know what Rhodes was really about, read this in the Mail by Daniel Hannah.

And then to round off the day, Netflix and Sky decide that they will be proceeding the showing of movies with warnings that they contain racial stereotyping and references which some viewers may find offensive.

Here’s some of the films in question : Lawrence of Arabia, The Jungle Book, Dumbo (really??), Flash Gordon, Aladdin.

Why Aladdin? Well it’s apparently because all the voice overs on this particular cartoon were done by white actors. You couldn’t make this shit up.

Sky then go a stage further with a whole new section on their service : “Black lives matter. Learn more about racial injustice and the Black experience in America with this collection of films, series and documentaries.”

I’m not a racist. To me #AllLivesMatter not just the black ones. But I do notice that when the racism is mentioned on the media, it’s always whites oppressing blacks. We’ll ignore when it happens the other way around – such as when a coloured man is jailed for 8 years for modern slavery offences against desperate and homeless white men. It’s just not newsworthy is it?

BLM are on the whole a bunch of opportunists. The hardcore radical activists that cause the trouble are spawned from the Black Panther movement. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the many videos where they are giving the Black Panther closed fist salute.

All over the world, people are falling for this bullshit.

Fawlty thinking

Don’t mention the war. The race war that is. You know, the one they don’t want you to think is actually happening…

It’s bad enough that statues are being pulled down and vandalised all over the country, but now we can’t even have a laugh. No more watching that the stupid, bigotted Alf Garnett being ripped to pieces for his ludicrous outbursts. No more Sambo putting down the idiotic Jack Smethurst in Love Thy Neighbour. No more watching any of this ‘racist’ stuff that is actually anti-racist because of the sensibilities of the 21st century. Christ help us! Am I even allowed to say that in case it offends non-Christians?

And today the news that an episode of Fawlty Towers has been banned because it’s racist. Well, I understand the English language. It’s not racist. Arguably it might be seen as xenophobic, but as the Germans are white caucasians the same as us, racist it certainly isn’t.

Than there’s this thing about statues. Baden Powell’s statue threatened because he was racist, homophobic and had sympathetic leanings towards Adolf Hitler. What a load of old cobblers! Nelson’s statue to be taken off the top of his column because he was homophobic. Cecil Rhodes statue to be taken down because he was an imperialist. Fuck it – why not just burn all the history books as well and pretend it never happened.

And the piece de resistance (am I allowed to say that? It’s French) was the tearing down of Jefferson Davis’ statue in the USA because he was the president of the nasty southern states that owned loads of black slaves, followed by the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus because he was a colonialist.

This is all absolute nonsense. The United States would not even exist if it wasn’t for colonialism. It was a British colony ffs! And as for Davis, I assume that we will be removing George Washington’s face from Mount Rushmore and renaming the capital? Why? Well, I’ve been to Washington’s home at Mount Vernon. Washington’s fortune and his estate were all based on the fact that he owned slaves. Lots of them.

All of these facts are, naturally enough, ignored by the fermenters of the current unrest. They have their own political agendae for wanting to see law and order overthrown. And it’s nothing to do with racism.

So let me leave you with a story about statues…..

A black man came into a lot of money and wanted a big house, so he commissioned an architect to build it. Asked what he wanted in his new palace, the black man replied “I want a statue in every room”. Several months later when the house was built, the architect was showing the proud owner around and there was indeed a statue in every room.

The black man was appalled. “What de fuck is all this shit?” he demanded. The architect replied “But you said you wanted a statue in every room!” “No man” says he “one of dem t’ings where you dial someone up and say ‘Hi man. Is me, ‘s that you?”

I’ll get my coat….

White lives matter too

Let’s get some perspective here.

If this guy was unlawfully killed by that cop then it’s up to a court of law to try him and if found guilty then apply the appropriate penalty.

It’s not up to a lynch mob. It’s certainly not up to a bunch of mainly black under 30 year olds in a foreign country.

As regards what happened in the States, what these idiots don’t seem to realize it’s that by behaving in this way, they are ensuring that the cop in question gets off because his lawyers will quite roughly argue that it’s impossible for him to get a fair trial.

I personally am sick and tired of being the real second class citizen because I’m heterosexual, white, able bodies and several other categories that are positively discriminated in favor of and therefore by definition discriminate against me.

I watched the news this evening where some young black kid was saying that he wanted the same rights and opportunities that white people have. Well, I’ve got news for him. In this country that is exactly what you have got.

You want examples of racists? Try Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin, Pakistan, Serbia, David Lammy and many others I could mention who have nothing to do with white oppression of non whites.

And as regards apologising for the actions of my ancestors, you can fuck right off. Different times, different climes. Yes the slave trade was abhorrent but let’s remember the Britain was one of the first countries to abolish it. Let’s not also forget that the descendants of those slaves are living considerable more comfortably than their cousins in their ancestral homelands.

Take for example that student that was protesting to get a statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from his campus’ cos he was racist, init? If not for Rhodes he wouldn’t be there. He’s a Rhodes Scholar!

I’m a simple person. I judge people on their merits. I don’t care what race, religion, colour or sexual potentiometer they are. If it’s a cunt it’s a cunt. Simples.

I’m not prejudiced. Idiots come in all colours…

Herding cats

Dying to go to the beach? Well, judging by the cunts out and about on the British coastline yesterday, lots of people are. A bit of sun and what little brains the great British people have left is parked safely at home while we swan off to the coast for a Coronavirus cocktail and a Covid and chips.

10 long weeks we’ve been in lockdown (Kinnock and Cummings notwithstanding) and what was it all for? I’ve not been able to visit my grandchildren for months because of the restrictions but I honestly have to question why I seem to be the only one who’s taking any notice. Take my neighbours for example. No, please. Take them. Preferably for a long walk along a short pier.

On one side of me, the newcomers have had so many tradesmen popping in to give them quotes that I’ve lost count. On the other side of the street there are three households mixing freely because their kids are playing together. Yesterday, they got all together for a barbie FFS.

And as for the others, I have one lot who have been taking 3 hour 6 mile walks every day, and another whose daughter had a friend to stay. They went out together in her car two or three times a day and on several occasion have stayed away from home for three or four nights in a row. Rules my arse! They’re for other people.

And when there is a glimpse of sunlight and a bank holiday, we can pack ourselves on the beach and say fuck social distancing. It’s an insult to all us old people who, as far as I can see, seem to be the ones that stick to the rules so that we can avoid …er… dying really.

What a bunch of twats. Sit back now and what the infection rate soar. and then just as it starts to peak again, let’s open up all the shops. Great idea. Let’s kill ’em all off !!!!

Proof positive, if any were needed, that this country is being run by and is populated by idiots. You can’t educate pork and you can’t herd cats…

Cummings and goings

Cummings is undoubtedly a borderline psychopath. He doesn’t give a shit about rules and never has done so all this no surprise. Also no surprise that having been caught out, his attitude is ‘I could care less what you think’

The excuses are bollocks. The guidelines were clear. If you have the virus, you isolate at home in your main residence.

Now let’s look at that trip north. Nobody else put at risk you ask? Well, I yet to meet a four year old that can go 6 hours on a car without needing a toilet. So where did he stop.

On the other side of the coin, Cummings was apparently sited braking lockout at Barnard Castle and again in a bluebell woods. So now we hang a guy on the evidence of an uncoroborated siting. Remember all those MeToo cunts who made stuff up for their five minutes of fame?

I reckon I could find a couple of blokes who saw him in Newcastle city centre with his wife and kid if I was a ‘investigative journalist’. No, the evidence that he broke isolation is slim to say the least.

What is not in doubt is that he drove to Durham at least once whilst he had symptoms. What is also not in doubt is that nobody is above the law so he should be fined for breaking lockdown.

Should Boris have sacked him? Well, this is undoubtedly a time where the country needs strong and decicive leadership. What we saw yesterday was not that. Boris should have bitten the bullet and sacked him.

The result of what he didn’t do is to erode confidence and make the public very angry. I’m angry. Not just at Cummings but at all the other people I’ve come across that ignore the lockdown rules.

But now at least I have carte blanche to do just what the fuck I like. I think I’ll start by visiting my grandchildren on the basis that it will be good for my mental well-being and therefore justified under ‘The Cummings Interpretation’

If it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for me. Shame it didn’t seem to apply the other way around….