The consequences of Brexit

You have to hand it to the EU – preferably with the shitty end of a rather long stick. They really haven’t got a bloody clue, have they?

This week saw a remarkable set of own goals by the Fourth Reich. Whilst the leaders of Italy, France and der Fatherland were meeting to discuss what the bloody hell to do now that Britain has voted to kick them into touch, our friend Herr Juncker – who they are trying desperately to make the scapegoat for our decision – decided to make a statement saying that all borders would be done away with and that the EU needed to make a stand against nationalism! I bet the Dutch loved that one…

Meanwhile, to quote Harold MacMillan, Britain has never had it so good.

The Confederation of British Industry said its retail sales volume index rose to +9 – its highest since February and a massive increase from -14 in July. Employment hit a record high of 74.5% and the UK’s net wealth hit £8.8trillion.

The latest house prices data showed the industry defying warnings of a housing market crash after Brexit, with shares rising in housebuilding firms. There’s been a jump in reservations by buyers of new homes over the past two months despite some surveys suggesting the so-called Brexit vote could cool the housing market.

In fact, the country that seems to have been hit hardest by the Brexit vote is, ironically, not Britain but Germany. The German economy is slowing markedly and Merkel is trying to shrug it all off as just a summer slump. Confidence indicators in Germany are at their lowest level since 2014. While the FTSE goes up, the German DAX is dropping. In fact, all the indicatorS prove just how much we were being ripped off for by the Reich and why so many prominent German industrialistS desperately Wanted us to remain in Europe.

And with the refugee crisis and Jihadi attacks on the increase, Merkel is reeling under the pressure of her open door policy. The last thing she wanted to hear with an election looming is Herr Junckers views on abolishing borders.

No, all in all Britain is doing alright thank you very much and the Germans are bricking it. Personally, I’m loving it!

Altogether now :

Two world wars and one world cup
Brexit! Brexit!

Virgins on trains


I don’t think my low opinion of Jeremy Corbyn will come as any surprise to my regular reader but frankly even though I think the man is a total arsehole today’s debacle on Virgin Trains shows a level of ineptitude that was staggering even by his standards!

Seems our Jezza was filming himself on a Virgin train to Nottingham where he couldn’t get a seat in order to make a case for renationaling the railways. There wasn’t a seat to be had – except for all the ones he was filmed walking past on the train’s CCTV cameras and the ones he and his entourage settled into after he’d made his video…

Now we all know that politicians are bloody liars, but we do expect them to show a little more professionalism about it.

But the piece de resistance was the quote from one of his ‘supporters’ who tried to tell us that the seats were actually occupied by children who were too small to be seen on the video!


Cultural sensitivity

Oh dear! According to Liz Truss, we need to take action in our prisons to increase awareness of cultural diversity and therefore help to reduce radicalisation of potential Islamic terrorists.

Bollocks, Liz! We don’t need training courses. We need an action plan! Here’s what going on in our prisons :

“Extremists are aggressively attempting to encourage other inmates to convert to Islam” so the simple answer is to keep them in solitary – except we’re not allowed to do that because it violates their human rights!

“Friday prayers were left unsupervised and staff pressurised to leave” WTF! Who is in charge in these places? The staff should just tell them to fuck the fuck off!

“Literature in chaplaincy libraries promoted extremism” so police the fucking libraries! How difficult is that exactly?

“The intimidation of prison imams and attempts to exploit staff fears of being labelled racist” Again, who the fuck is in charge here?

And since you clearly don’t have a plan, Liz, here’s mine for sorting out this shower of shit:

(1) Stick all the rotten eggs in one basket, dress them up in Guantanemo style hi-vis suits, and put armed guards in the towers with machine guns in case they decide to try and escape. If they do then shoot the cunts. If they riot, seal the doors and let them wallow in their own shit. If they hunger strike, let them starve.

(2) Stick bastards like Choudary in solitary and if the Human Rights twats object, tell them to sod off. Better still, repeal the European Charter of Human Rights. We’re leaving the EU anyway, so who cares if they don’t like it?

(3) Bring back hanging for the offence of treason. That should thin the buggers down a bit!

(4) No actions should be unsupervised, literature should be policed, gatherings of more than two forbidden, and charges of racism or religious discrimination by prison staff dismissed out of hand. Any assault on a prison warder, five years added to the sentence automatically.

(5) Ban prayer meetings. Let them worship God in their cells on their own. God won’t care. In fact God probably doesn’t give a toss about this lot anyway. I know I don’t.

There. Sorted. Rant over…

Better ageing through technology

Once in a while you come across something that just makes you question what sort of world we’re living in. Just such a program was ‘A Granny’s Guide to the Modern World’ on Channel 4.

Apart from being just plain bloody funny it’s also thought provoking – not least of all when they come out with an outrageously spoofed peice of technology and stick it in front of a focus group of the me generation.

Under the banner of a fictitious company called Grey Corp they introduced a product called the ‘Geriatric hypnosys chair’ which produces hypnotic patterns that incapacitate the old codger for up to 7 hours giving you the time to go out and do a days work while keeping your loved one perfectly safe.

Amazingly they all swallowed it hook line and sinker but a couple did think it should be limited to two hours otherwise it might be classed as abuse. Shurely not? Sadly, of course, its just a natural extension of sticking people in front of a TV set all day in a care home.

Then we come up with an app and chip system which enables your family to avoid all those hassles about who inherits what by allowing you to tag items you want while the soon to be dearly departed is still alive. You then upload the tag data via your mobile phone to a central database which logs and values it for you. Well they loved that because anything that uses an app has to be good, yeh?

And to complete our trio there’s another app called ‘Greydar’. You load it on you phone and if you come in range of another wrinkley with the same app it alerts you both. Swipe right for a shag or left to refuse. The main objection to this seemed to be that anyone over 55 shouldn’t be having sex. I was forced to ask myself why young people should be allowed casual sex organised over the internet but when old people do the same it was seen as distasteful?

And the piece de resistance? ‘A hotel group have shown interest in a tie-in allowing users to rent rooms by the hour’. Our group thought that was really disgusting.

Sadly all these spoofs were accepted without question by our focus group which leads me to believe that the current generation will accept anything if you stick a technology tag on it no how outrageous or ridiculous it obviously is. In every case they concluded there would be a market for the product.

If you haven’t watched this program then you really ought to get hold of it and give yourself a thought provokingly funny experience. It’s a little oasis in the desert of the media – and definitely better than watching the bloody Olympics…

About bloody time too!

At long last something is actually being done about Anjem Choudary. After getting away with sticking two fingers up to British justice for twenty odd years, the bastard has finally been convicted of inciting Britons to support Islamic State he’s going to be locked away in Belmarsh Prison. Unfortunately, it’s too much to hope for that they will throw away the key…

I have another word to describe this man’s offenses. He’s British born and in my opinion inciting action against Britain, extolling the death of democracy and imposition of Shariah Law, plotting to send mail bombs to various London locations and chumming up with Lee Rigby’s killers can be simply described as ‘Treason’. Ironically Choudary is a solicitor and plays the law to his maximum advantage.

He’s now boasting that he will radicalise all the inmates while in prison and citing violation of his human rights to prevent him being kept in solitary confinement. Hopefully this will backfire and the aforementioned inmates will be only too happy to show him the appropriate response to his traitorous actions.

Sadley, this bastard and others like him are only too happy to take the piss out of the British way of life. We have only ourselves to blame for embracing tolerance of the Choudarys of this world in the name of multiculturalism. We are as weak as piss and the radical Islamists are only too ready to use this against us. Here’s a couple of his classic quotes :

By 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim country. It will be the end of freedom of democracy and submission to God.

When Sharia law is implemented, maybe in 10 or 15 years’ time, the Queen would be expected like all women in Britain to be covered from head to toe, only revealing her face and hands.

If a Brit voiced view against Islam in IS the way he gets away with carrying on like this over here, he’d be beheaded or boiled in tar on the spot. But we can’t do that because as a QC said “Putting him in solitary confinement for 10 years is not the British way”. Well, perhaps it bloody well should be then the adherents of radical Islam wouldn’t be literally getting away with murder and laughing at us for being a soft touch.

You can’t stop a forest fire by pissing on it – and the sooner we realise that we’re the only side playing by the rules and do something about it, the better.

Otherwise, frankly, we’re royally fucked…