Get stuffed Schultz…!

So President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, says that Jo Cox was murdered as a direct result of the EU Referendum campaign.

Now is it just me that finds that plain insulting coming from a unelected official who lords it over the MEPs that we elected? Is it just me that finds it surprising that his comments were made during a lecture he was giving to the London School of Economics about Brexit?

This came as Mr Schulz also said that Britain will, under no circumstances, be able to secure a deal that allows the country to retain access to the single market without accepting free movement.

Well, Herr Schitz, you have no right to come to our country and pontificate to us about how we were responsible for the death of one of our MPs because the plain and simple fact is that Jo Cox was brutally murdered by a right wing neo nazi nut case. Linking a fruitcake like that to the cause of EU federalism is precisely the sort of thing that led us to vote Leave in the first place.

And as regards the single market, grasp this principle : You don’t have to be part of the single European market in order to trade with it so get your facts straight. The USA and China trade quite satisfactorily with the EU and they’re not in the single market so what’s the difference?

He added that the UK needs a united EU to achieve a good Brexit deal and that a disunited EU stance on Brexit could mean that there is “no agreement between the EU and Britain”. Well, wrong again Herr Schitz! We don’t need your agreement to leave your club. When we’re out, we’re out and if you want to stick your head up your arse and deny the simple fact you sell us a damn site more than we sell you, that’s absolutely fine by us. It’s your problem.

You can bang on about free movement as much as you like, but we’re not having it. The British people are sick and tired of having their island swamped by uncontrolled immigration brought about by the policies of the EU. If Europeans want to come here and work, that’s fine. Get a visa like the rest of the world has to.

And at least then we can refuse to give you one and you can fuck off back where you came from because, frankly, we’re no longer interested in your opinion…

Three months later…


A guest post by Quick Draw McGraw…

It’s three months since a majority of the voting British public told the corrupt, anti-democratic, totalitarian EU where it can stick it’s faggoty flag. Most of those in the remain camp have, albeit grudgingly in some cases, accepted that democracy has been done, and that we ARE going to be leaving the EU. Sensible people.

However, there is a fanatical hard core of euro traitors who, through their unshakeable arrogance, refuse to accept the result of the referendum. Not only that, but the likes of Farron, Ashdown, Smith Heseltine and of course, Ken Clarke, have chosen to piss all over democracy and demand a second referendum. Clarke in particular, always one whose arrogance is astounding, has dismissed the referendum as simply ‘advisory’. That’s annoying in itself, but when you take into account the fact that had remain won, Clarke would be the loudest in saying that the referendum was democracy in action and that we should all respect the result, it makes you want to take a sledgehammer to the smug, fat cunts head.

On top of that, we’ve Lords demanding that they and MP’s, most of whom are fanatically pro-EU, should be given the final vote, and I can’t help but wonder how we got into a situation where we have a majority of politicians who only respect democracy when it’s in their favour. When it goes against them, then it’s only ‘advisory’. We have allowed our political class to forget that WE are the masters and they the servants, and that needs to change.

Despite the fact I don’t trust her, May seems perfectly willing to slap down MP’s who show nothing but contempt for the democratic will of the people. In fact, I’m fairly confident that she won’t allow MP’s to overturn the result of the referendum, simply because they don’t like it.

We had a free and fair vote in which a majority of us decided that the UK’s future would be much better if we were no longer in the EU. People have the right to disagree with the result if they wish. What they DO NOT have the right to do, is stamp their feet, spit their dummies out, insult those of us who voted to leave and hold numerous infantile protests, in which a procession of knobheads storm through our cities, holding up dipshit signs that read; “We Miss EU”, “We Love EU”, “We Don’t Want To Leave EU”, “Fuck EU”. Ok I made that last one up, but you know what I mean. Once we do finally leave, it will be interesting to see how many of the cretins actually do love the EU, and fuck off to live in an EU country. I’m guessing the number will be in single figures.

The fact is, the UK IS leaving the EU. Remainers can either see it as an exciting opportunity, or they can keep sulking about something they have no control over. Either way, they need to shut the fuck up!

The shrinking blogroll


I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now and have built
up a regular readersbip. It’s not massive but it’s steady and when I started out it was because I wanted to get things off my chest not because I wanted to be well known or self important. It was a bit like a daily diary – but one I was happy to share with anyone who was interested enough to read it.

It became a bit of an obsession. Every day until recently I wrote about something. I went looking for things to write about rather than waiting for them to come to me. Recently I thought “This is bloody silly. If you have nothing to say then shut the fuck up!” so now I write irregularly and – hopefully – only when I have something I really want to say. This brings me to the point in question…

I’ve made some good friends whilst blogging but the circle seems to be shrinking. Friends like the late Captain Ranty and Constantly Furious are no more. Similarly Max Farquar has disappeared. Subrosa has gone quiet. There are several more examples but you get my drift.

I’m not the only one to notice this. Recently I was invited to join a group called Martin Scriblerus. I knew several of the members and, if I’m honest, they flattered me into joining. It seemed a good idea at the time although I admit I’ve never really been one for clubs or societies.

They liked my stuff until they found out I also run a blog called “…is a cunt” which seemed to ruffle a few feathers. Much moral judgement and tut tutting followed from a minority of the group, so I sat down and had a long think and a chat with Mrs D. I asked myself “What’s the point of this” and there didn’t seem to be one other than lesser known bloggers using the group to up their readership through the better known ones.

As a condition of membership you have to carry a link to the other members’ blogs and I questioned why I would be pointing my readers towards blogs belonging to people I don’t know and whose views I don’t agree with. What I seemed to be saying was “I don’t read this stuff but I recommend that you do!” At that point I left the group.

So now I’ve decided to review my blogroll and only include blogs that I do actually read. I think that’s more honest and as you’ve probably realised reading this that I’m quite happy being a loner, I really don’t care whether people agree with me or not. It makes sense to me…

Princess Di and Sir Nigel

So Farage steps down as the UKIP leader and Diane James is installed as the new face of UK Independence from Europe. An era has – supposedly – come to an end.

Nigel Farage has been named by no less than the Sunday Times as the most significant British politician of the 21st century so far. I agree with them. The man has dedicated his political life to one single aim : securing a referendum to remove the UK from the Fourth Reich and winning that referendum. He’s done his job and, in my opinion, should be rewarded for his singular dedication to his country by being awarded a knighthood or – even better – a peerage. This will, of course, never happen because he’s ruffled too many establishment figures.

So Nigel takes a step back and is replaced by a capable woman who openly claims not to be either Nigel-like or even Nigel-light. Diane James needs to take UKIP by the scruff of the neck and shape it into a credible force to ensure there is no back tracking on the Brexit decision. It’s a huge task as UKIP is fractious and has to be pulled together. She made a good start by telling disgraced former Tory MP Neill Hamilton that his speech to conference was cancelled.

I remember attending a UKIP branch meeting where Hamilton was discussed. The man was universally despised by the meeting as an opportunist clown. He failed to make it onto the ballot paper shortly afterwards when he was going after an MEP job in the South West. Nobody likes him except his mate Farage. Without Farage he’s toast. Like I said, not a bad start.

Earlier today I heard a rumour that Aaron Banks, UKIP’s major backer, was considering switching his allegiance to a new party set up by the majority of Labour MPs who are pissed off with Corbyn. That might be so, but it was then suggested that Farage would head it up. I just can’t see a load of Labour MPs agreeing to follow Farage and, even less, can I see Farage agreeing to stab UKIP in the back. He’s put his life into the party and there’s no way he’s going to betray that commitment.

Labour may well split on the 14th. A new party may emerge. Some might defect to UKIP. It’ll be interesting and edifying to watch Labour sink slowly into oblivion. Can Diane James capitalise on that split and help, in Farage’s words, to “reshape the face of British politics”?

I hope so. She was clearly the best candidate for UKIP. I voted for her – despite my mysogonistic tendencies towards yet another woman heading a political party. I never was one for being fashionable…

Job seeking

The other day my good friend Flaxen Saxon wrote a piece about CVs and interview techniques and it occured to me that in my long and somewhat chequered years at the coal face I’ve probably worked for more companies and attended more interviews than most people have had hot dinners!

At a quick count I’ve held 9 permanent jobs (is there such a thing as a ‘permanent’job?). I’ve been fired twice by the same company, held two full time jobs simultaneously (I was trying to tell the boss I was leaving when he suspended me for attending the interview so I started the next day and drew two salaries for the next three weeks).

I’ve been made redundant 5 times. Each time I got at least three months money in lieu of notice. On one occasion I started at 09:00 and got made redundant at 09:40 with three months money in lieu of course!

Over the course of being a self employed consultant, I’ve seen the inside workings of no less than 37 different firms. But I digress! Here’s my expert tips on handling job interviews.

1. Don’t get hung up on the job description. I have never had a job that in reality bore any relation to the one I applied for.

2. Don’t feel you have to answer the question! One of my favourite responses is “I think you’ll find that self evident from my CV” because they won’t admit they haven’t read it…

3. Remember that interviews are two way. Do you really want to work for that tosser!?! If not, then close it down and leave. Try this one : “I’m sorry but I don’t want to waste any more of your time for a job I don’t want” or – and this is a personal favourite – “I’m afraid you don’t have the qualities I’m searching for in an employer.”

4. Always wear an expensive suit. It puts the interviewer right off his stride if you dress better than him! I’m lucky in that I went to a top public school so I aleays wear the old school tie. It boosts my confidence immeasurably knowing that I’m naturally superior!

5. Never ever ever come over as desperate!!!

6. And finally how to handle the old chestnut at the end. “Is there anything you’d like to ask us?” I usually reply “Yes. I have other interviews lined up so can you tell me what you can offer me to persuade me to come and work for you?”

Now you might think this is a load of old waffle and I’m just having a laugh, but it worked for me. All you need is the self confidence to pull it off.

I retired at the age of 52…