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The 12 days of Brexit

It’s Christmas! It’s Brexit! It’s meaningful – so let’s all sing along…

On the twelvth day of Brexit the PM gave to me…
12 resignations
11 market crashes
10 turncoat traitors
9 planes a crashing
8 miles of tailbacks
7 thousand jobs lost
6 percent interest
5 hundred pages
4 house price crashes
3 fishing scuppered
2 backstop plans
and the start of world war three

Couldn’t fit in all of it because Project Hysteria is so big there’s more that 12 verses…


The Christmas song 2018!

So here it is – the one you’ve all been waiting for! It’s the Dioclese Christmas song. The traditional offering from myself and my good friend Chas C. When it hits Spotify give it a few plays over there. The poor sod needs the money…

As it’s 100 years since the WW1 Armistice, this seemed appropriate. Let me add however that I mean no disrespect for all those poor sods who gave their lives for the freedoms we have today. Freedoms that, regrettably, seem to be getting eroded daily in the modern day UK.

So this year, let’s have a laugh but at the same time spare a moment to reflect on the tragedy of war and all those caught up in it. Just because there’s nobody left alive now who served all those years ago, that’s no reason to forget them. Spare them all a thought this Christmas and as Band Aid put it “Thank God it isn’t you”…

B Day

So – “B Day” it is then. The day has arrived for our esteemed PM to deliver her vision of Brexit – a vision that entails complete capitulation to the Fourth Reich. The word ‘treason’ comes to mind.

There was never going to be a deal. There was never going to be a ‘difficult woman’ facing up to Brussels. The only ‘difficult woman’ there appears to have been is one who is facing up to her electorate and her cabinet. Her approach has been appalling throughout these sham negotiations.

Concession after concession after concession has been made. She’s prepared to give the EU £39 billion of the taxpayers money (Yes, it’s your money. The Government has no money of its own!) in exchange for what? In exchange for staying in a customs union that we voted to leave, in exchange for rules being forced upon us that we have no say in negotiating, for being prevented from making free trade deals with America, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and Japan who are all waiting to sign up.

She’s giving away our fishing rights, the supremacy of our courts, the right to define our own borders. In exchange for what? A document that defines what a future EU/UK trade deal MIGHT look like. MIGHT FFS! Not WILL!!

If we are able to produce a trade deal prospectus then I suggest that we get the deal signed before forking our our hard earned taxes to an unelected anti democratic hegemony.

One hundred years ago, millions died fighting for democracy. 80 years ago millions more died fighting the Third Reich. If this deal is forced through today, then I sincerely hope that those millions of lost souls will rise up and haunt the bastards that are selling this great country down the river because they will have died for nothing.

I sincerely hope that this fudge fails to get cabinet approval because no self respecting person who cares about his or her country could ever look themselves in the face if they sign up for this travesty of democracy. Let the resignations ring. Get those letters into the 1922 committee. Give us a leader who will stand up for this country, it’s people and democracy because that leader is not Theresa May!

Yes it’s B Day. It’s an apt description because Bidets are full of shit…

Silly old sod!

BELGIUM-EU-BRITAIN-POLITICS-BREXITJust when you thought the shower of bullshit spewing from the mouths of the Fourth Reich couldn’t possibly get any more ludicrous, along comes Jean Claude Drunker to prove you wrong…

The man responsible for single handedly draining the EU wine lake reckons that after next March UK planes will not be allowed to land at EU airports. Well, that should prove interesting on a number of fronts.

For a start, under current aviation rules, the European Union Open Skies Agreement allows EU member airlines, including those registered in the UK, to operate in each other’s countries. So in theory it’s possible to prevent non EU registered airlines accessing the EU. EasyJet is hedging its bets by setting up a subsidiary in Austria which would circumvent any blocking tactics. British Airways is already part of British Iberian so won’t have a problem. Expect more companies to follow EasyJet’s example. So problem solved.

Secondly threats like this cut both ways. The UK is a major transatlantic hub for Europe so that would give the EU a few problems.

Thirdly it’s difficult to work out how anyone in the EU is going to fly to the USA without crossing UK airspace. Or for that matter how anyone in Ireland is going to fly to Europe without crossing UK airspace.

No, I think that we can safely assume that this isn’t going to happen. It’s just another example of bullying scare tactics by a man who hasn’t got over the fact that Cameron opposed his appointment or that the UK actually has the audacity to dare leave his shitty, undemocratic, sordid little dictatorship.

Stick to the Chateaux Neuf non sewer Druncker and go fuck yourself you stupid little man…


barton oddie lookalikes
Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between disgraced doctor, Jane Barton, and comedian Bill Oddie?

Only one is a goodie and neither of them is funny.

Perhaps they are related? I think we should be told