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An auspicious day…

Lest we forget, this is the day that thousands of allied troops stormed the defences of the Third Reich to launch the liberation of Europe. Many of those young men died so that we had the freedoms today that some amongst us decided to sign away at the stroke of a pen and continue to try to discard today…

The history of the EU goes back to the absorption of Germany by Prussia before the first World War and look how great that turned out to be. Millions were thrown into the mincer only to see Germany rise again under Hitler. At the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944 it was decided that the war was lost. There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany’s post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis’ return to power and work for a ‘strong German empire’. In other words: the Fourth Reich.

The industrialists included representatives of Volkswagen, Krupp and Messerschmitt. Officials from the Navy and Ministry of Armaments were also at the meeting and, with incredible foresight, they decided together that the Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire – but not just German. Today that organisation is called The European Union. The war is being fought this time not with guns and bombs, but economics.

Once more, Britain stands alone. Then it was the Battle of Britain. Today it is Brexit. As then, there are quislings amongst us. You know who you are…

And, as my regular reader will know, I am a great believer in irony – and I find it immensely ironic that today is also the day that the Peterborough by-election is being held. Like Churchill, a leader has emerged who has returned from his period in the political wilderness.

So let’s see what happens today. Let’s see if we can, as Trump put it, throw off the shackles of the EU. Let’s see if the ultimate sacrifice paid by those brave young men and women 75 years ago is to be squandered by self serving politicians.

But above all today, let’s not forget them…


Boris bashing

Guess what? There’s a new sport in town called Boris Bashing. Anyone can play…

It’s not new of course. Micheal Gove started it off a few years back and as a result we ended up with Treason May, who then proceeded to join in herself when they had that shindig at Chequers. Seems that’s come back to bite her.

Now some democracy denying toffee nose twat called Marcus Ball is issuing a private prosecution claiming Boris is guilty of misconduct in public life over the claims he made that we send £350 million a week to Brussels. Well I added it up roughly and if you include the £8.4 a year in import duties that we collect and pay over to the EU then I make it more than that.

What worries me most is that an avowed campaigner to stop Brexit is using the courts for political purposes. It’s a blatent move to stop Boris becoming PM. Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was “fundamentally ill-judged and improper”.”It is a grave error to try and use legal process to settle political questions,” he told the BBC. Quite so.

If this is allowed to succeed, then I’m quite happy to see a crowd funding campaign to prosecute George Osborne for his Project Fear pronouncements during the same campaign. Whatever happened to that emergency budget we were going to have?

And then there’s Campbell and Blair. WMD and dodgy sexed up dossiers that resulted in the death of our servicemen in an illegal war anyone? Puts this Boris nonsense into context doesn’t it?

But then as Edward Heath once said “If we tell the public the truth, they’ll never go for it…”

About fucking time too!

So at last May is toast and about time too. The announcement this morning brings to an end the reign of the most inept and useless prime minister since snot gobbler Brown.

At this point I have to reflect back on what I wrote three years ago when I expressed the opinion that May would be another Iron Lady and would be just the sort of PM we needed to get bloody difficult with the EU. After all, Brexit means Brexit and no deal is better than a bad deal. But what a useless, two faced, lying bitch she turned out to be.

I was right about one thing – she is a bloody difficult woman. Unfortunately she seems to have totally forgotten which side to be bloody difficult with. Her intransigence and complete inability to listen have reduced her party to a rump and her country to a laughing stock.

The main problem with May seemed to be that she believed she had a divine right to rule, as she demonstrated with that appalling weekend at Chequers. Lets not forget that the last person who believed that was a king who ended up losing his head.

A leader does, of course, have to lead. Our Treeza was unfortunately one who allowed herself to be led. One thing that struck me about her was that whenever anything went wrong, she immediately blamed somebody else. It was never her fault. A real leader takes responsibility and doesn’t offset blame on others. It’s the quickest way to lose loyalty from your followers.

And of course she never listened. How many times did she have to be told where to stick her appeasement deal before it sunk in? Well, we all know the answer is that it never sank in. Now at least we don’t need to go over it all again, thank God.

Nobody is going to miss her; certainly not the Tory party membership, or the 17.4 milion leave voters and certainly not me.

The only people who seem to be lamenting her passing would seem to be Juncker and co…


What a farce this is turning into – summed up so concisely by Geoffrey Cox yesterday not in his damning pronouncement that there were no changes to the legal position on May’s disastrous deal but when he summed it all up in one word : “Bollocks”.

All credit to Cox for putting his reputation as a lawyer above that of his reputation as an MP, as he said he would. But May comes out of all this with no credit at all. Indeed today May has put beyond any doubt that she has lost the plot – pun intended.

Today we will be faced with the prospect of a Prime Minister actually voting against her own avowed policy. “No deal is better than a bad deal” she trumpeted and yet when the chips are down and her deal is proven to be so bad that neither remainers or leavers will support it, she decides than no deal should be taken off the table.

In a normal world, one would expect the government to impose a three line whip instructing its MPs to vote for government policy. But this is not the real world. This is the world of Theresa May. It’s a world where reality is suspended. It’s a world where delusion rules supreme.

The stupid woman actually believes that if she takes no deal off the table then we will get an extension from the EU which will enable her to try to push her lousy deal through Parliament at a third attempt.

This morning it is starting to unravel further. The post 29th March tariff schedule has just been released. Despite Project Fear it would seem that many tariffs on imports will be slashed. This will actually make lots of stuff cheaper. So much for the pronouncements that prices will spiral.

Less, lies and more lies. My advice to Theresa May is contained in the words of Oliver Cromwell…

“In the name of God, go!”


There’s been a lot of bleating about a bunch of activists outside the Houses of Parliament harassing Anna Soubry because of her stance on Brexit. Apparently some nasty people called her a nazi. This is completely out of order. She’s not a nazi.

She’s a traitor.

This is a woman who refuses to accept the democratic wishes not only of 17.4 million voters but who also refuses to do the job that she was elected to do, namely to represent the constituents who voted for her amd to reflect the policies in the manifesto on which she stood.

Broxbourne voted to leave the EU by somewhat more than the national vote. This is not good enough for our Anna. Presumably she knows best. This makes her not only a traitor but a lying, arrogant traitor to boot.

Anna is one of a sorry breed of politicians who seem to have forgotten what it is they are being paid handsomely to do – represent the people who elected her. She is not alone in this. I live in one of the top ten leave voting constituencies in the UK and yet my MP openly states that she will vote for May’s capitulation agreement.

It has been suggested that we should write to our MP and tell them exactly what we think. I did this and got a standard reply from the local office. I replied and they sent me the same letter again. This suggests to me that nobody actually reads my letters.

So I wrote to her again but this time at the House telling her that if she persisted then she would lose my vote and that as a member of the party, I would openly campaign for her deselection. That woke her up but still failed to have any effect on her opinion.

It seems to me that people are becoming increasingly pissed off with politicians ignoring democracy, so if the only way they can get their opinions across is to harass members outside Parliament then I say bring it on.

But do it within the law and get your terminology right. They’re not nazis – they’re traitors who are denying democracy…