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barton oddie lookalikes
Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between disgraced doctor, Jane Barton, and comedian Bill Oddie?

Only one is a goodie and neither of them is funny.

Perhaps they are related? I think we should be told


Does anyone really care?

Putin-Skripal-931915So an ex-double agent Russian traitor has been attacked in Salisbury probably by the people he betrayed. That’s an occupation hazard in the spy game.

OK his daughter got hit as well but that’s how the Russian Mafia work. We kill you and we kill your family if you step out of line. The only thing we should really care about is the poor bloody copper who got caught up in it all. He’s the only innocent in all this but being coldly cynical about it, it’s called ‘collateral damage’ and whilst it’s unacceptable it’s not worth a nuclear war. Anyway, chances are India and Pakistan have a good chance of getting in first on that front.

The fact is Putin really doesn’t give a fuck what we think. Some piss pot little island nation got in his way. So what? Yesterday he won a massive victory and another six years in power. The west will point the finger and shout ‘Fix!’ loudly but he won’t care. Like it or not, Putin is a strong leader and is genuinely hugely popular with the Russian people. It could be argued that he’s the sort of leader this country’s desperately in need of, but we have May. Could you honestly see Thatcher hiding in her office during an election campaign? Could you see her handing billions to the EU as a ‘divorce settlement?’

No. She’d give them all a bloody good handbagging and tell them to fuck off. That’s the kind of leader a country needs. Unfortunately, the country that has one is Russia..

Brexit fantasies…


Much is said of the fantasies or the leavers, but what about the fantasies of the remainers?

May I remind them that Herr Schultz last year called for a United States of Europe by 2025 – the final realisation of Greater Germania that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to prevent.

People who believe that the UK cannot prevail as an independent nation are deluded and have no understanding of this nation’s great history and place in the world. They should leave now and go live in the EU if this is what they believe…

Lookalikes – Paul Hollywood

Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblence between bake off twat Paul Hollywood and Game of Thrones’ Night King?

Perhaps they are related? I think we should be told…

September bloody September

I bloody hate September – and not for the normal reasons like the nights closing in and temperatures dropping. I can handle those by buggering off to Greece or Italy or some other warmer place once the kids are back to school…

No. I hate September because I have two ageing cars respectively 17 years old (mine) and the other 23 years old belonging to Mrs D. The problem is that both MOT tests come up in September.

When we came here 11 years ago this month and moved into the town centre we knew we didn’t really need two cars but with the age they’re at they were worth more to us than any money we could get for them so we formulated a plan. We’d wait for one to fail it’s MOT and scrap, then sell the other and buy one nice new shiny one. It was a good plan which has failed spectacularly because the buggers keep passing.

This year mine scraped through the emissions test, bang on the red line! I’m told the cat is going but then they told me that last year too. This year they said it likely needs a good blast up the motorway to just blow the crap out of it. Having just given it a 500 mile round trip round the M25, M4 and M5 I don’t find this reassuring so I’m expecting a nice big bill to come around sooner rather than later.

So that leaves the other motor. It’s MOT is on the 19th. Three years back the clutch went as I drove out of the car park at Gatwick. No warning, just pedal to the floor. I drove it home without a clutch and figured if it cost £500 and lasted two years, I’d break even so I got it done. Good decision, but then it failed needing £60 worth of welding last time so I got that done too. It’s a good car even thought it’s getting on a bit.

So here we are again, MOT time. I’ve decided to sell mine whatever. If her’s passes then we’ll carry on running it. If it fails then we need to hastily find a new car and, let’s face it, they’re all crap and it’s a bloody minefield.

So do me a favour, and keep your fingers crossed for me on the 19th…