What a farce the latest and greatest climate change conference in Glasgow is…

China’s Premier isn’t coming. China produces 28% of the world’s greenhouse gazes and is currently building a new coal fired power station every week. At least they have the good grace not to be hypocrites by turning up.

Putin isn’t coming. The second largest pollutor on the planet isn’t being a hocrite either. At least that’s something.

Biden is coming. The third largest pollutor on the planet is keeping up its side by flying in no less than 1,500 delegates spewing out greenhouse gasses all the way across the Atlantic.

All to be met in Glasgow by striking garbage men and giant rats which, according to Sturgeon, is no worse than any other large city anywhere. We’ll, not in this country darlin’ so get back in your box.

But Boris will be there, waving the flag and showing the world the way to net zero by driving us all off the road and into electric cars that will cut emissions by standing idle because there’s nowhere to charge them up.

Electricity has to be generated. That just moves the pollution point up the supply chain. Wind farms only works when the wind blows. Solar only works when the sun shines. Turbines and panels all have a production process that’s emits carbon. But let’s build loads and pretend we’re making a difference, bearing in mind that we qare responsible for less than 1% of the global total. So, it’s all worth while and we should remember that when the lights go out.

COP26 will achieve fuck all other than to cause a hole in the ozone layer when all that hot air hits the atmosphere. Remember that humans breathe out CO2, a greenhouse gas.
If you really want to cut emissions, stop fucking breeding!

COP26 is an opportunity for photo ops and showboating. That’s why Biden is coming and why the Queen has had the good sense to avoid the megaspreading Covid conference.

If this is what the world’s greatest leaders have to off, then the human race is truly fucked..

One response to “COP-OUT26

  1. Yep, if Russia and China wont come to the table, what’s the point. The way to the future is nuclear power. Yes there are safety issues, but after previous disasters surely we can build safe containments. As for the airy fairy so called wind, tide and wave power. Go ahead and try to power a modern city with these diffuse and unpredictable power generating modalities. In New Zealand we are lucky as we have a low population and where hydroelectric power supplies our power needs. You would think that this form of power would come cheap to the consumer. No fucking chance. Electricity prices here are high. Just another way the government fucks the populace. In fact, nothing is cheap here. Now why is that the case, you might ask? I wish I fucking knew.