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Dioclese is a forum that supports free speech

Comments policy

Comments are open on any article for 30 days from the publication date.

I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress because there is the right to free speech and there is the abuse of that right. You can say what you like here as long as you respect the right to reply…


If you abuse that right by launching slanderous or libellous attacks, trolling, or generally using the site as a personal soapbox for your own personal hobbyhorse which has nothing to do with the topics being posted, then you are not welcome here. Simples

In order to avoid a shed load of spam, especially from our far eastern friends, first comments must be approved and after that further comments will go straight through.

I expressly and absolutely take no responsibility whatsoever for the content of any comment or post which I do not originate. Your views are your views and you are liable for them, not me. I do not necessarily agree with what you say and I reserve the right to tell you so.

Guest posts

Occasionally, I will accept guest posts but this is not a co-authored or collaborative blog. Guest posts are clearly marked as such and the content is the exclusive responsibility of the contributor.

If you want to submit a guest post, then send me an e-mail. You can do this by clicking the e-mail logo – duh! I never publish your real name or e-mail address – unless you want me to, of course. It’s not recommended. There are some odd people out there!

Small Town Man

Once upon a time there was a blog called ‘Small Town Man’ set up by me and authored by a bloke I know who lives in a small town in rural England. It’s a fascinating place full of lunacy, inconsistency, lack of logic and that Wodehouse factor that’s so hard to define. If you don’t believe that such places really still exist in the 21st century, then I’m here to put you straight.

Small Town Man was got at and quit blogging, so as nothing has been posted there for some time, I decided to transfer it over here and carry on his tradition. If there are things in your small town that drive you mental, please share them with me in the spirit of Small Town Man and let’s keep his memory alive…

7 responses to “How we do things…

  1. Love some of your comments on the cruise – particularly the lady with the 85,000 different dresses….Bob the Builder from down under. on

  2. Surely you mean ‘libelous attacks’ only –
    Slander is the act of making a false, negative spoken statement about someone. In law, the word slander is contrasted with libel, which is the act of making a false written statement about someone.

    • Yup, slander is spoken libel is written.

      All in all, a sensible and proportionate policy.Mine is pretty much the same. I only remove spam (hardly ever get any now) and trolls.

  3. Luckily, I can stay on Blogger, as everyone who comments on my site are very well behaved and courteous and rarely call me a cunt…..

  4. Dio mate can you explain a couple of things to me out of curiousity:

    1. how does wordpress help with the free speech thing where blogger didnt?

    2. what do you mean by the term Small Town Man was “got at” – do you mean by the trolls?

    • 1. Much better moderation to keep idiots abusing comments

      2. STM was picked on by one particular idiot that WP blocked when I moved it. He was a mate of mine who just said sod it don’t need the agro so I moved it to Dioclese and shut the old site down. Seemed a shame to let it die!

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