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It’s nice, is ice…

upthorpe-lodges-news-ice-rinkA Small Town Man post…

Christmas is a-coming and the geese are getting fat, but this year here in Smalltown we’re going to be missing one essential ingredient from the festive jollity – we’re not getting our ice rink! Oh dear!

What could have gone wrong? Every year we have an ice rink in the shopping centre, specially installed so that the local residents can enjoy the fun of watching other residents fall on their bums. It’s all a great laugh and such a jolly jape. Trouble is that it seems there’s no money for it this year – which is odd considering that our Smalltown Opportunities for Business head honcho, Mark Tyme, has spent the entire year telling us what a boom town we’re living in and how well off we are.

He commented “Unfortunately last year the weather was just too nice and the ice melted. Ticket sales were down and the company we used to set it all up went bust! We’ve found an alternative but they just want too much money! We expect to get it all sorted out for next year though!”

So in the meantime, the only ice we’ll be getting this Christmas will be in our G&T on Christmas morning.

We’re so lucky to live here…

Food and Drink

A Small Town Man post…

Here in Smalltown we’re very proud of our annual Food and Drink Festival which happens every August bank holiday – and this year is no exception. In fact, this year’s festival has been a rip roaring success story. Just like every year! Oh, yes!

Things don’t fail here because we Smalltowners just don’t permit it. This year, the festival was attended by 80,000 people and the guest chefs and the stall holders were exceptional, showcasing their skills to an ever appreciative audience of Smalltown foodophiles. We asked ‘Smalltown Opportunities for Business’ chief executive, Mark Time, how he felt it went this year.

The S.O.B. replied “It’s been a resounding success all round. The turnout has been exceptional and the weather has been kind to us as well. It just couldn’t have gone better.”

We’re so confident in the success of our annual food fest that the local paper could even have written it up in advance. It’s that predictable. In fact, that’s exactly what they did – because it doesn’t finish until tomorrow and tonight it’s pissing down with rain. But that doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm one little bit.

In Smalltown we just don’t allow facts to get in the way of good solid local reporting.

We’re so lucky to live here…

Foodie heaven!

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Some wonderful news this week for people who love their food – and here in Smalltown we’re very very fond of our food indeed. Oh yes! We’re seriously gastronomic which is why we’re blessed with so many first class eateries. Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge, Carluchios, Weatherspoons, Ember Inns and many more. They’re all here and just waiting to titivate our pallets with their extra fine fare.

And we’re delighted that Smalltown has no less than three restaurants in the top 100 in the UK as voted in a recent survey. We’re so lucky to live here!

I recalled my visit to the one at the very top of the list. It was a truly unique experience. One I shall never forget. It’s the only restaurant I’ve ever been into where Mrs STM and I were asked to leave. Seems I committed the ultimate sin by complaining that my food was cold! Shurely not in such a high class nationally renown establishment.

We both ordered duck. It was cold so we sent it back. It came back on a warmer plate but still cold. We send it back again. The owner was not amused. Oh no! She explained in her charmingly Gallic way that “You order de duck pink, this is ‘ow eet comes. We do not apply so much ‘eat!” Mrs STM was intrigued to know how that explained the cold vegetables as well? We were shown the door.

Seems the reviewers who voted for this palace of the French art of food just have considerably lower standards than us. Oh dear!

Wot! The council tax is going up!?

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Nobody likes to have to pay more on their Council Tax. It’s not nice. Oh, no it isn’t! And here in Smalltown we’re always diligent in bringing our elected representatives to book when they suggest such a thing.

So last week, when they announced the unthinkable, questions were asked in the Council chamber by our top independent representative, Cllr David Thrifty. “How do you justify this outrageous increase” he demanded to know, “when you’ve held the bills down for the last three years with only a few unavoidable major cuts to front line services!?!”

Well, quite so! The debate raged for several days. The whole town was up in arms, and none more so than Cllr Thrifty.But it seems that there just no more money to be creamed off the top of the budget, so we’re just going to have to grin and bear it. How bad can it be?

Well, it’s an extra £3.42 a year for a band D property.


Doing the brown bin shuffle

6025282-largeA Small Town Man post…

Here in Smalltown we’re very big on being green – or even brown as it happens! Oh, yes. When it comes to recycling and what’s good for the environment we’re never forwards in going backwards.

Which is why we were quite upset when Smalltown council announced that it was going to do away with compostable waste collections and restrict our brown bins to garden waste only. And then we got really upset when they said that they were going to charge us £40 a year for a reduced service. Let’s face it, here in Smalltown we don’t like paying for anything we used to get for nothing. Or paying for anything at all really, if we’re honest.

But we digress. What are we supposed to do with the bins if we’re not going to pay the charges? We asked local councillor, Dusty Brown. He said “We are encouraging those that don’t take-up the subscription service to keep the brown bin. Experience from elsewhere has shown that people make alternative use of them or decide, perhaps at a later date, to opt for the convenience of a garden waste service. Clearly, we are seeking to avoid the cost to the council tax payer of collecting large numbers of bins, storing them and then re-delivering them

In other words “Do what you like. We don’t care. We don’t want them. Your problem”

We asked whether we should take them to the local recycling centre? “Unfortunately the Household Waste Recycling Centres will not accept our bins at their sites.” Their sites? I though they were operated by the council? Never mind. Here’s another idea.

Why not cut up the brown bin and put it in the black bin? Surely that would work? Well, no – because we don’t actually own the bins. They belong to the council so we could be charged for destroying council property!

So one of our locals has come up with a brilliant idea. He’s written to the council saying that if they don’t remove their property from his land, he’s going to charge them £40 a year for storing it. Watch this space!!!

Personally, we reckon there’s going to be a lot of abandoned brown bins in the council car parks any day soon…