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Lies, lies and even more lies

This morning shortly after the confidence vote was announced, I received a pile of steaming bullshit letter from the Chairman of the Conservative Party containing Treason May’s statement about how she was doing a sterling job delivering on the Referendum mandate and pledging to fight on with every fibre of her being.

After throwing up reading this, it struck me just how much May really, really doesn’t get it…

Apparently she thinks that she is “Always serving the national interest“. Well that’s the first lie because selling us down the river to the EU is very definitely not in the national interest.

Lie number two : She thinks she is “securing a Brexit deal that delivers on the result of the EU referendum” Surely to God she can’t actually believe that his crock of a deal is delivering Brexit? She’s either lying or deluded!

Number three : “Taking back control of our borders, laws and money” – well by tying us to the Customs Union through the backstop she must know she is doing no such thing?

Four : “A change of leadership in the Conservative Party now will put our country’s future at risk” Why? The person putting it most at risk is herself with her stubborn determination to keep us tied to the EU and prevent us going out into the world.

Five : “We must – and we shall – deliver on the referendum vote” Lies, lies, lies! What we have been presented with does no such thing. 17 million people out there – and probably more – agree with me on this one. This deal definitely does NOT deliver on the referendum. Remember that no deal is better than a bad deal does not mean it is better to have a bad deal than no deal.

I could go on and on – and probably will – but her penultimate paragraph says it all really : “We must – and we shall – deliver on the referendum vote” Must – yes; shall – not with you at the helm!

And then there’s her last desperate attempt to remain in her bunker moving her fictitious armies around the map : Let me stay on and I’ll resign before the next election. FFS how desperate do you have to be?!? If she had a shred of honour she’d resign now and spare herself the ignominy of the confidence vote. Daft bitch!

I really and sincerely hope that this woman’s political career is consigned to the dustbin of history at 10pm this evening. It’s where it belongs…


Deal – or No Deal?

Three days in and still no further forward.

The Daily Mail has changed sides with its new editor in place and is now spewing out the latest Project Hysteria crap – including a pro-forma letter to your MP urging him/her to support the sell out deal. Number 10 has sent a card to constituency parties to be given to all members of the party to send to their MP to urge them to support the capitulation. Both of these moves are reprehensible. Geobels would be proud…

So now the bastards in Parliaments MPs are having a day off. The Prime Monster has sent ministers all over the country to bully the locals put the case to the people so they can pressure their MP to support the deal. They seem to have lost sight of the fact that most people voted Leave and that MPs have already made their minds up that no deal really is better than a bad deal. This is a very very bad deal indeed and just because it is the only one on offer, it doesn’t mean we should sign up to it.

So what of the backstop? Well, May says she’ll give MPs a choice on whether it ever comes into play. This is patent nonsense as it would require a rewording of the WA which the EU have already said they won’t do. So what else can we try?

Well, the choice is now offered to either enter the backstop – locking us into the EU in perpetuity – or to extend the transition period until a solution is agreed. The EU will therefore have no incentive to find a solution, the transition will be extended and extended and guess what? We will be locked into the EU in perpetuity. This, of course, is the treasonous plan all along.

I read an article yesterday written by a Remainer. He actually said that he accepted the referendum result – how grown up is that? – but then went on to say that if there is a betrayal of Brexit there could actually be a civil war in this country. A bit over the top perhaps, but I can see widespread civil unrest that will make the Poll Tax look like a picnic in the park.

And talking of parks, there are two conflicting marches starting at more or less the same in Park Lane on Sunday. One for a Peoples’ Vote (thought we already had one?) and the other rather appropriately called “Stop the Treason”. It’s going to kick off, isn’t it?

And which ever side starts the punch up, I can see the headline in the MSM on Monday right now – “Brexiteer thugs turn on innocent marchers peacefully expressing their democratic rights”

The sooner Tuesday comes around and we get rid of this treacherous, bullying arrogant, deaf Prime Minister the better…

Lies, lies and more lies…

“NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL” – remind me who said that. It seems to have been forgotten.

Yesterday, as a member of the Conservative Party – I received a ‘personalised’ letter from the Prime Minister as part of her ‘charm offensive’. I find it ironic that someone so devoid of charm could even contemplate using such an expression. However, the ‘offensive’ bit was spot on. Whoever wrote that letter for her clearly believes that I am pig ignorant fucking stupid!

Let’s dissect it one point at a time :

We will control our own borders and end free movement once and for all
No we bloody well won’t because we’ll be locked into the customs union by the ridiculous backstop that we can never escape from. The customs union includes free movement.

We will protect jobs with a deal that is good for our economy
Not while we have free movement – see above.

We will no longer send vast sums of money to the EU so we can spend more on our priorities, like investing in our long-term plan for the NHS
Yes we will. We will pay them £39billion for nothing and a further £10billion a year while we remain in the customs union.

We will be able to strike free trade deals around the world
No we won’t because we can’t while we’re in the customs union.

We will take back control of our laws, ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK
Partly true. The withdrawal agreement states that the ECJ will have jurisdiction in matters that effect EU citizens.

We will keep people safe against crime, terrorism and other threats by working closely with European countries
We provide more security information to the EU than the other way around. They’d be fools to throw that away and both sides know it. This is designed to make us feel warm and safe. It’s waffle and bullshit. And while we have free movement the terrorists can still come and go as they please.

And we will protect the integrity of our United Kingdom
How? Oh yes – by remaining in the backstop, Ulster will stay in the UK when they weren’t planning to leave anyway. Nobody wants a hard border in Ireland so the answer is simple. Don’t put one up.

And now the biggest lie of all : “Backing this deal … will honour the referendum result
No it fucking well doesn’t. It’s the worst capitulation since Chamberlain came back from Germany with that piece of paper. It’s the biggest national humiliation since Suez. It’s a deal written by the EU and ‘negotiated’ presidential style by a quisling. It’s a punishment deal.

The only thing in this letter that is believable is that it’s the best deal we’re going to get. The trouble is that being the best deal doesn’t make it a good deal. It’s a very very bad deal indeed.

Let’s get an email campaign going. Write to your MP. Write to the PM. Likely they’ll both ignore it but at least you’ll have done something and it might make you feel better. However, if the PM can ignore 17.5 million voters, the House of Common and her own Cabinet, ignoring a few thousand emails should be easy. But then again why roll over and make it easy for her. That’s her style, not mine!

You can email the PM at and
She won’t answer you if you’re not in her Maidenhead constituency, but it should piss off her local office.

To send a message to Number 10, you need to use

Make your feelings known. It’s time to get angry…

Why I voted Leave…

Some people think I’m thick. Some people think I don’t know what I’m doing (possibly true some of the time), but what really annoys me is that people say I don’t know what I was voting for in the EU referendum…

So what was it I voted for? Was it the the end of free movement? Exiting the single market and customs union? Was it an end to the jurisdiction of the ECJ or foreigners making our laws? Was it keeping more money for ourselves instead of giving it to a load of unelected bureaucrats who might then deign to grant us the crumbs from their corrupt and corpulent tables that we paid for in the first place??

Well, all of those things of course. But they’re not the main reason. The main reason is…


Yes, I really am that shallow. We were forced to take these useless continental cisterns with the push buttons on because “they use less water so they’re better for the environment”. Well, are they fuck!?!

The UK syphon cistern can’t leak. These Eurotwat things leak continually. Also how many times do you have to flush the bloody things? I’ve never managed to get rid of that final elusive piece of toilet paper or lingering floater yet without using the full flush (forget the useless short flush) at least twice. Sometimes three times.

So please don’t tell me they use less water. They’re bloody useless. Nearly as bad as those oil damped toilet seats I have to hold up with my knee every time I take a piss. Cock choppers, I call ’em. Don’t get me started.

No. To me, the ultimate symbol of EU dictatorship is the button flushing toilet cistern. And it’s symbolic too – because just like the EU, it’s full of shit that you just can’t get rid of…

Silly old sod!

BELGIUM-EU-BRITAIN-POLITICS-BREXITJust when you thought the shower of bullshit spewing from the mouths of the Fourth Reich couldn’t possibly get any more ludicrous, along comes Jean Claude Drunker to prove you wrong…

The man responsible for single handedly draining the EU wine lake reckons that after next March UK planes will not be allowed to land at EU airports. Well, that should prove interesting on a number of fronts.

For a start, under current aviation rules, the European Union Open Skies Agreement allows EU member airlines, including those registered in the UK, to operate in each other’s countries. So in theory it’s possible to prevent non EU registered airlines accessing the EU. EasyJet is hedging its bets by setting up a subsidiary in Austria which would circumvent any blocking tactics. British Airways is already part of British Iberian so won’t have a problem. Expect more companies to follow EasyJet’s example. So problem solved.

Secondly threats like this cut both ways. The UK is a major transatlantic hub for Europe so that would give the EU a few problems.

Thirdly it’s difficult to work out how anyone in the EU is going to fly to the USA without crossing UK airspace. Or for that matter how anyone in Ireland is going to fly to Europe without crossing UK airspace.

No, I think that we can safely assume that this isn’t going to happen. It’s just another example of bullying scare tactics by a man who hasn’t got over the fact that Cameron opposed his appointment or that the UK actually has the audacity to dare leave his shitty, undemocratic, sordid little dictatorship.

Stick to the Chateaux Neuf non sewer Druncker and go fuck yourself you stupid little man…