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Bercow and Grieve

Has there ever been a pair of more treacherous cunts in the history of modern British politics?

This morning it is revealed that John “Bollocks to Brexit” Bercow held a meeting in his plush taxpayer funded apartment with arch Remoaner Dominic Grieve the evening before Bercow completely rode roughshod over constitutional protocol by allowing Grieve to table an amendment to an unamendable bill..

Grieve’s comment on the meeting? “I often speak to the Speaker about all sorts of things. We’re fellow Buckinghamshire MPs. But I am not in the business of suborning Speakers. They make up their own minds. I tabled my amendment without speaking to the Speaker. How the Speaker decided to approach the amendment is a matter for him.” So it was all just a coincidence then? Like fuck do I believe that one!

Meanwhile in his Buckinghamshire constituency, the chair of the local party said he had been ‘bombarded’ with letters of complaint about Grieve calling for him to be deselected. He added: ‘We don’t want him to stay as our MP. If he tries to stand again I would personally hurl rotten tomatoes at him.’

Grieve’s comment? He said he was “unaware of any calls by local Beaconsfield Tory association members for him to be deselected over his actions last week and denied that he plans to stand down at the next Election.” Well, it’s in the national press this morning so I guess he’s aware of it now? I find his statement incredulous – but then he is a lawyer!

And as for Mr Bollocks to Brexit? A spokesman said “Meetings with parliamentarians are private and we do not comment on them.”

A pair of undemocratic, untrustworthy cunts if ever there was one…


Rail Fare Increases

So along comes the first of January and what’s all over the News channels? There’s going to be an increase in rail fares on 1st January. Shock! Horror!

Since when was this fucking news? I remember back in the late 60’s (yes I really am that old!) when rail fares went up on January 1st. It’s happened every year since. Now I appreciate that we’re in the dead zone for news until after the Christmas / New Year holidays that seem to go on for a fortnight, but this really isn’t news is it?

Al-BBC blames the increases on the rail companies and the fact that the increases are tagged to the Consumer Prices Index or is it the Retail Prices Index? Well, one or the other anyway. And they’re bleating that it’s linked to the wrong one.

Plus, as you can see from the graph above, rail fares over the last five years have risen by less than average earnings so even less cause for political points scoring and bleating.

What the lefties at the Beeb seem to be conveniently ignoring is that the drivers and staff wages are also linked to the same index. So if you are forced to pay your useless good for nothing staff – like the unnecessary guards – loads of extra dosh, then you have to put your prices up to cover the wage bill. Simples, in’it?

The real cunts here are the unions. They bleat about how the increases are hitting the poor old ordinary working man whilst paying drivers the sort of wages that most of us can only dream about. For example, a tube train driver in London can earn £100,000 a year.

Why the fuck did I bother to work my arse off for professional qualifications? Should have been a train driver. I’d have got free rail travel then too.

And none of this negates the fact that Chris Grayling is probably the worst transport secretary since Ernest Marples – as proven by his Brexit contingency plan where he is hiring ships from a company that as none at the moment, but might have soon!

You couldn’t make it up…

Why the Withdrawal Agreement is a bad deal

Firstly, congratulations to Sir John Redwood on his knighthood. John probably doesn’t know it but I used to live in his constituency and got to know him quite well over the years I lived. He’s a man of principal and highly intelligent – even if he couldn’t remember the words to the Welsh national anthem. But then again, Welsh is a dead language.

Anyhow, he’s unwavering on his opposition to the Withdrawal Agreement and his blog is well worth following on the subject of Brexit. Indeed, those who bang on about Leavers having put forward no alternatives to No Deal clearly have never read what he’s written over there.

A few days ago he published 8 reasons why the withdrawal Agreement is even worse than abad deal. I have taken the liberty of reproducing them below with embellishments of my own…

1. Signing the Withdrawal Agreement gives the EU what they want, taking away most of our bargaining power. Actually leaving us with no bargaining power at all. We just have to accept what they tell us.

2. The financial commitments are open ended, with some very long lasting. They will doubtless be much more than the Treasury £39 bn forecast. This is money given for nothing in return that we do not legally owe them. Indeed. This is thuth that Hammond and Co son’t want you to hear. It really doesn’t stop with the £39 bn.

3.We have to accept and follow any law they pass for the next two years or more, without any vote or voice to try to stop laws that damage our interests.Yep, we get to abide by their rules with no say about what they are. Mind you, they always outvotes anyway.

4. We cannot sign any trade deals with other countries all the time we stay in the so called Implementation period. Or in fact ever if we are locked int a Customs Union by a backstop we can never leave.

5.Under the Agreement we might be another 45 months stuck in the EU, making a total of 78 months or six and a half years from our decision to leave. Parliament promised to enact the decision of the People’s vote, not to delay it indefinitely. What? Only six and a half years. We can extend that easily using the backstop – and that ups the £39 bn payout again doesn’t it?

6.The Irish backstop splits the UK up. It also ensures that we can never leave without a trade deal in place and the EU is never going to give us one.

7. The Withdrawal Agreement is legally binding. The Political Declaration is a vague wish list including the contradiction of a possible free trade agreement and a possible customs partnership. The Political Declaration is a nonsense and not worth the paper it is written on.

8 Far from ending business uncertainty it prolongs it and makes it worse, as it makes a good outcome for the UK less likely. If we enter into a legally binding agreement based on a non legally binding addendum then we are committing economic suicide. There is no real business uncertainty, just a hyped up publicity stunt orchestrated by big businesses which, we should remember, are in the main not British and have their own interests at heart.

“NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL” and this is a very bad deal. It must be rejected and I sincerely hope that there more people in the House who are as resolute as Sir John in their opposition and less like the recent turncoats Leadsom and Fox…

Lies, lies and even more lies

This morning shortly after the confidence vote was announced, I received a pile of steaming bullshit letter from the Chairman of the Conservative Party containing Treason May’s statement about how she was doing a sterling job delivering on the Referendum mandate and pledging to fight on with every fibre of her being.

After throwing up reading this, it struck me just how much May really, really doesn’t get it…

Apparently she thinks that she is “Always serving the national interest“. Well that’s the first lie because selling us down the river to the EU is very definitely not in the national interest.

Lie number two : She thinks she is “securing a Brexit deal that delivers on the result of the EU referendum” Surely to God she can’t actually believe that his crock of a deal is delivering Brexit? She’s either lying or deluded!

Number three : “Taking back control of our borders, laws and money” – well by tying us to the Customs Union through the backstop she must know she is doing no such thing?

Four : “A change of leadership in the Conservative Party now will put our country’s future at risk” Why? The person putting it most at risk is herself with her stubborn determination to keep us tied to the EU and prevent us going out into the world.

Five : “We must – and we shall – deliver on the referendum vote” Lies, lies, lies! What we have been presented with does no such thing. 17 million people out there – and probably more – agree with me on this one. This deal definitely does NOT deliver on the referendum. Remember that no deal is better than a bad deal does not mean it is better to have a bad deal than no deal.

I could go on and on – and probably will – but her penultimate paragraph says it all really : “We must – and we shall – deliver on the referendum vote” Must – yes; shall – not with you at the helm!

And then there’s her last desperate attempt to remain in her bunker moving her fictitious armies around the map : Let me stay on and I’ll resign before the next election. FFS how desperate do you have to be?!? If she had a shred of honour she’d resign now and spare herself the ignominy of the confidence vote. Daft bitch!

I really and sincerely hope that this woman’s political career is consigned to the dustbin of history at 10pm this evening. It’s where it belongs…

Deal – or No Deal?

Three days in and still no further forward.

The Daily Mail has changed sides with its new editor in place and is now spewing out the latest Project Hysteria crap – including a pro-forma letter to your MP urging him/her to support the sell out deal. Number 10 has sent a card to constituency parties to be given to all members of the party to send to their MP to urge them to support the capitulation. Both of these moves are reprehensible. Geobels would be proud…

So now the bastards in Parliaments MPs are having a day off. The Prime Monster has sent ministers all over the country to bully the locals put the case to the people so they can pressure their MP to support the deal. They seem to have lost sight of the fact that most people voted Leave and that MPs have already made their minds up that no deal really is better than a bad deal. This is a very very bad deal indeed and just because it is the only one on offer, it doesn’t mean we should sign up to it.

So what of the backstop? Well, May says she’ll give MPs a choice on whether it ever comes into play. This is patent nonsense as it would require a rewording of the WA which the EU have already said they won’t do. So what else can we try?

Well, the choice is now offered to either enter the backstop – locking us into the EU in perpetuity – or to extend the transition period until a solution is agreed. The EU will therefore have no incentive to find a solution, the transition will be extended and extended and guess what? We will be locked into the EU in perpetuity. This, of course, is the treasonous plan all along.

I read an article yesterday written by a Remainer. He actually said that he accepted the referendum result – how grown up is that? – but then went on to say that if there is a betrayal of Brexit there could actually be a civil war in this country. A bit over the top perhaps, but I can see widespread civil unrest that will make the Poll Tax look like a picnic in the park.

And talking of parks, there are two conflicting marches starting at more or less the same in Park Lane on Sunday. One for a Peoples’ Vote (thought we already had one?) and the other rather appropriately called “Stop the Treason”. It’s going to kick off, isn’t it?

And which ever side starts the punch up, I can see the headline in the MSM on Monday right now – “Brexiteer thugs turn on innocent marchers peacefully expressing their democratic rights”

The sooner Tuesday comes around and we get rid of this treacherous, bullying arrogant, deaf Prime Minister the better…