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An occasional series highlighting people talking bollocks about Brexit.

Jean-Claude Junker
”It will cost you £60billion to leave the EU” – met with laughter by the PM

Gina Miller on the General Election
“An elected dictatorship is not a democracy” – but apparently an unelected one is just fine!

Vince Cable
“We are heading towards a dangerous one party state” – thankfully not the Lib Dems?

Nicola Sturgeon
“Scotland can remain in the EU” – even though the majority of Scots don’t support a new referendum

Richard Branson, billionaire tax exile
“The referendum was just an advisory referendum. Once people see the terms and the consequences of what’s happening, things could change”

The Independent
“Majority of British voters believe Brexit was wrong decision, poll finds. Figures reveal 45 per cent of electorate oppose leaving the EU”
So, the 48% are now 45% and that supports the view we should remain?!? Duh…!

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Brexit Negotiator in Chief…

The problem with this Brexit negotiation thing is that we’ve not got the right man in charge.

I’d like to offer my services and set out my stall as follows :

(1) We’re quite happy with WTO tariffs on the basis that we’ll make money out of it. Our currency is lower so even after applying the tariffs, our goods are cheaper while yours are more expensive.

(2) We’ve taken legal advice and owe you nothing so that’s what you’re getting. If you want to argue, we’ll withdraw our funds from the ECB

(3) We’ve got GCHQ so if you don’t want our intelligence, that’s fine. Your loss.

(4) Our people have the right to remain in the EU after 5 years residency, but we’re pulling out so yours get no such protection. Want to sign a deal or not?

(5) We’re not even going to consider discussing Gibraltar until the Spanish give Ceuta back to Morocco

(6) You want free movement? No. You can come here to work if you get a work visa. You want to live here, apply for a residency visa.

(7) The UK Supreme Court is the highest recognized court in the UK. The ECJ is irrelevant to us. We’ve left the EU.

(8) Common fisheries policy no longer applies. We’ve left the EU. Get your trawlers out of our waters.

(9) Refugees are supposed to stop in the first safe country, so we’re not letting any in. The EU border stops at Calais.

(10) You need to use the NHS while you’re in the UK? Fine. Bring a credit card and pay up front.

(11) Do you want Scotland? If so, tell them and then they can vote on it.

I understand the word ‘No’ and know how to use it and stick to it. Thatcher knew that as well.

I think I could do a pretty good job. I’ll even do it for no wages. Can’t say fairer than that, so how about it?...


An occasional series highlighting people talking bollocks about Brexit.

Sky interviewing a remoaner
”I see myself as European firstly and English secondly” 

Angela Merkel
“We have a lot to learn from asylum seekers”

Alistair Campbell
“The 48% are a significant majority”

Nicola Sturgeon
“There is no mandate for this Brexit”

Tim Farron
“We can stop Brexit by shouting from rooftops”

Alistair Campbell
“It’s not too late to stop this madness. Article 50 can be reversed”

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The great Scottish lie…

As we move towards Article 50 and todays vote in Holyrood, let’s see if we can educate Nicola Sturgeon on a few relevant facts…

First, Scotland can’t stay in the EU after Brexit because Scotland isn’t a member. The UK is a member. Scotland isn’t. Greenland was part of Denmark and therefore in the EU. When it separated from Denmark, it ceased to be an EU member.

Sturgeon is selling the lie that she believes Scotland can stay in a union it never belonged to by becoming an independent country. It’s not going to happen because it would require the agreement of all 27 countries to admit Scotland if it applied after independence. Spain has already said it would veto this, fearing an independent Catalonia.

Secondly an independent Scotland joining the EU would be required to adopt the Euro. Sturgeon wants to keep sterling, but the EU wouldn’t allow it. It’s a requirement of joining the EU that you take the Euro.

Thirdly the economy of Scotland isn’t strong enough to stand on its own. It gets money from England and it gets money from the EU. After Brexit, the UK would have more money to spend internally as it currently gives money to the EU part of which they give back to Scotland. The UK could match that quite easily after Brexit. Put simply, Scotland would be worse off outside the UK even if it was admitted to the EU.

In any case, Scotland on its own wouldn’t meet the economic criteria for membership – although I accept that those criteria have been fudged before, in Greece for example.

Finally, being part of the EU isn’t independence. If you accept your laws and economy being dictated by Brussels, then you’re not independent. You just swapped one union for another.

Sturgeon knows all of this, but doesn’t want the voters in Scotland to know it. For her it’s independence at any price – including not really being independent at all…

Blondeman rides again!

What can we say about Heseltine’s appalling stance against Brexit in the Lords?

Well, here’s a bit of Spitting Image made when he wanted to become the next PM – gawd help us! It really says it all about his attitude towards the ordinary voter!

May did the sensible thing and ignominiously sacked him from his cushy little advisory jobs with the Tories. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

It really is time the Lords was replaced with an elected Senate. I propose 400 members elected every 4 years with 200 elected at a time and two years spacing between elections. The changing composition might then actually reflect some semblance of public opinion? Well, I can hope so anyway!

One Lord down, only 799 more of the decrepit buggers to go. Bring it on…