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Blondeman rides again!

What can we say about Heseltine’s appalling stance against Brexit in the Lords?

Well, here’s a bit of Spitting Image made when he wanted to become the next PM – gawd help us! It really says it all about his attitude towards the ordinary voter!

May did the sensible thing and ignominiously sacked him from his cushy little advisory jobs with the Tories. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

It really is time the Lords was replaced with an elected Senate. I propose 400 members elected every 4 years with 200 elected at a time and two years spacing between elections. The changing composition might then actually reflect some semblance of public opinion? Well, I can hope so anyway!

One Lord down, only 799 more of the decrepit buggers to go. Bring it on…

Our ignoble Lords

Today there’s yet another attempt by the House of Lords to frustrate the will of the majority of the electorate – and this time it’s doing so by putting the rights of foreigners in the UK above it’s own citizens.

Already we’ve seen attempts in the Lords to handcuff the Prime Minister in her negotiations with the Fourth Reich. Earlier, peers voted by 299 to 136 against an amendment to the Brexit Bill demanding the UK retains membership of the European single market. Very sensible in my view. You can’t negotiate with constraints publicised to your opponents.

Today they’re expected to back a Labour amendment that would guarantee the rights of EU nationals who are already living in the UK to remain after Brexit. This is despite a clear undertaking by the government that they’ll get these rights anyway provided the same rights are offered to our own citizens living in the EU. This is fair and equitable and as it should be, so where’s the problem?

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has written to every peer saying that the Government would treat EU citizens living in Britain with “utmost respect” but warned that it could harm the interests of UK nationals living in Europe if Britain offered a “unilateral” pledge.

“They could end up facing two years of uncertainty if any urgency to resolve their status were removed by the UK making a one-sided guarantee,” she wrote.

I don’t particularly like or trust Amber Rudd, but on this issue she is quite right. This isn’t about the rights of UK or EU citizens, it’s about the Lords trying to scupper Brexit.

It’s despicable that they criticise the government for using EU citizens rights as a ‘bargaining chip’ when they’re doing exactly the same with UK citizens. Not only that, but they’re putting the EU before their own countrymen. In my book, that’s treason…

Tories 1, UKIP 0

So, no real surprises yesterday in the by-elections? Well, yes, I suppose there were one or two.

I expected the turnout to be dire, not least of all because of storm Doris. Let’s face it, would you have turned out to vote in that crap if you didn’t have to? I wouldn’t. Not for a by-election.

UKIP didn’t contest Copeland and Labour are anti-nuclear, so with the regions biggest employer being Sellafield, you can’t really see the locals voting for the party of the working man when that party wants to put all those working men out of work. The Tories are crowing over it – especially as it’s been over 30 years since a sitting government beat the opposition in a by-election. You can’t blame them but I reckon Labour lost the seat rather than the Tories won it.

Stoke was different. Project Smear was in full swing and the Nutter didn’t help himself with his nonsense over Hillsborough. The locals might be heavily Brexit, but the Tories are making all the right noises so why vote UKIP? There are also people in Stoke who would rather pluck their eyeballs out than see the shambles that Labour has become. “We vote Labour. We always vote Labour. We never vote Tory. Ever. Ever.”

And the Lib Dems were they’re usual bloody nuisance self by splitting the anti Labour vote thus assuring a victory for Snell – an odious little man if ever there was one. If this is best Labour can do for a candidate, then they really are in terminal decline. Yes, I know they won, but I refer you to the previous paragraph.

UKIP’s problem is a bit like Scotland where they want to stay in the EU and the UK. The two are contradictory. Stoke want to leave the EU, but they don’t want a UKIP MP.

So let’s see what happens next. Corbyn’s going nowhere and more MPs are sure to leave the sinking Marxist ship. Could be a lively few years coming up…

Screw democracy!

"Oh Tony! I love it when you talk dirty...!"

“Oh Tony! I love it when you talk dirty…!”

Unsurprisingly, yesterday’s speech on Brexit by the discredited ex-pM Tony Blair has been met with vociferous condemnation – except from other seriously deluded people like Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron of course…

So, let’s look at the main points he was making in an attempt to resurrect his political corpse :

(1) ‘We didn’t understand what we were voting for‘ – Well I don’t know about you, but I knew exactly what I was voting for, and that’s taking this country out from under the jackboot of the Fourth Reich and all that is entailed in that!

(2) ‘I can honestly say that during all my time as PM there was no major domestic law that I wanted to pass which Europe told me I couldn’t‘ was Blair argument about the ECJ. He claimed that no-one could possibly use the ECJ as an argument for leaving the EU. Trouble is, Mr Blair, that you’re deliberately misrepresenting the facts. The ECJ might have never stopped you enacting one of your laws, but they sure as hell prevented us from not implementing one of theirs.

(3) Migration is not, according to Blair, a major issue. Well he would say that wouldn’t he? He’s the guy that failed to implement interim measures to prevent a flood of immigrants from eastern Europe. He’s the guy that went out of his way to flood the country with immigrants so they would all vote Labour. We don’t want to ban immigration, we just want it controlled by the UK instead of Brussels!

(4) ‘The two great achievements of British diplomacy of the last decades in Europe – namely the single market and European enlargement – are now apparently the two things we most regret and want to rid ourselves of.’ Well, he got that one spot on. These are exactly why many of us voted to leave. We don’t mind the single market and you don’t have to be in it to trade with it. China and America aren’t in the single market but it doesn’t stop them selling into it. And we definitely don’t want to be a region of Federal Europe.

(5) Scotland will go their own way – Well, to be honest, if the whole of the UK had had a say, Scotland would already be on it’s own way. Scotland voted to remain in the EU AND the UK. Give Sturgeon her second referendum. Polls in Scotland now reveal that less people support independence that last time round so go on. I dare you!

(6) ‘[Brexit] will not mean more money for the NHS but less‘ – absolute bollocks! We’ll be billions better off without the EU so how the hell does he work this one out? And let’s bear in mind that it was Blair who gave away the rebate that Thatcher fought so hard to get…

(7) ‘Negotiation should include the possibility of Britain staying in a reformed Europe‘ – Get real Mr Blair. The EU is NOT going to reform. You know that perfectly well and so do we.

(8) Brexiteers ‘will say leaving is inevitable. It isn’t.’ Er, yes it is Tony because once Article 50 is triggered, we on our way. There is no mechanism for cancelling it.

(9) Remainers should ‘rise up‘ against the government. Well, I thought we had laws against incitement to riot in this country and calls to overthrow the elected government were treason last time I looked, so Blair needs to watch his words carefully. We know Heath lied when he took us in and it seems to me that Blair’s interpretation of the facts is somewhat debatable?

Interestingly, the latest ICM polls reveal that there is a clear majority of 68 per cent of voters wanting ministers to get on with implementing the EU referendum result. Significantly, more Remain voters agree than disagree, at 42 per cent compared with 33 per cent.

A separate survey showed 74 per cent of the public view Mr Blair unfavourably, compared with just 14 per cent who like him. Remain supporters are also heavily against him. This would seem to indicate that Mr Blair’s scantily concealed launch of a new political party with him as it’s head brooks little popular support, but then that never did stop Teflon Tony.

There was a great comment from Caroline Lucas – a person with who I cannot recall a single solitary occasion of agreeing with until now. She said ‘To be perfectly frank it would be better if Blair butted out and left this debate to people who haven’t betrayed the trust of British people‘ Quite so!

But my final word on this goes to Norman Tebbitt, who simply said ‘Tony Blair should go back to doing what he does best – making money and crawling up the backsides of foreign governments.’ I think that sums it up nicely, Norman…

The Battle of Stoke

Thursday next week could prove an interesting day for British politics with by-elections in Stoke-on-Trent and Copeland in Cumbria. Labour have held onto both these seats since before WWII, but according to latest news WWIII is erupting in Stoke…

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, a working class grass roots scouser, is contesting the seat hoping to upset the Labour monopoly – and according to the latest polls he has a good chance of succeeding. In the referendum, 70% of the Stoke electorate voted to leave the EU. The incumbent MP Tristram Hunt is baling out of the Corbynistas to take up a post at the V&A in London. Presumably he doesn’t reckon much of Labour’s chances at the next election and like many others is quitting now whilst a lucrative job is in the offing. Who could blame him?

So Labour’s militant left is responding in the way it knows best. There have been violent demonstrations at UKIP meetings, the house that Nuttall is using in the constituency has had it’s address published on the internet – prompting hate mail and two break ins. In one case a female UKIP worker was terrorised when she was alone in the building. Death threats have been made against Nuttall and only today it has been reported that Farage and Nuttall were egged in the street on their way to a meeting. Typical Momentum tactics that we’ve seen before.

And just to prove that Labour really doesn’t have a clue, their candidate Gareth Snell is a rampant Europhile who has described Brexit as a “massive pile of shit” in a rant on Twitter. This is a clear vote winner in a heavily Eurosceptic constituency. In fact Labour are so out of touch that they’ve told their own leader to stay away because they think he’s “not an asset on the doorstep”. You couldn’t make it up…

In Copeland it’s a bit more laid back – but not a lot. The biggest employer in the region is the Sellafield nuclear plant. Corbyn’s Labour opposes the expansion of nuclear power. Another vote winner there then? And ironically the by election has been called because the sitting Labour MP Jamie Reed is leaving to take up the post of Head of Development & Community Relations at none other than Sellafield. Reed is a vociferous Corbyn critic and clearly realised his chances of deselection are pretty damned high.

I doubt we’ve seen the last of Labour MPs getting out while the going is good. With Corbyn in charge, they know the party is unelectable so why hang around waiting for the chop either from their own party or the electorate?

Nuttall should win Stoke easily whereas Copeland looks a little closer with the Tories hoping to take the seat. Whatever happens, it looks dismal for Labour. So are we watching the first death throws of a once major party? With the shift of UKIP to targeting traditionally Labour strongholds in the north of England, things ain’t exactly looking rosy…

and they’ve only themselves to blame!