Fuck You Amazon Prime!

The latest in my series of exposing piss boiling, underhand con merchants and general showers of shit is Amazon Prime!

Today I bought some toothbrush heads. A modest purchase. I failed to notice when I selected ‘Standard Delivery’ the devious little buggers were offering this product as a ‘prime option’ which isn’t an option at all. By buying this product you are automatically enrolled for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime which basically means on 3rd August they will charge my credit card with a £79 annual fee.

This is sneaky and underhand as I had no intention whatsoever of signing up to this ‘service’ and immediately went into my account and cancelled it. Except that I can’t actually cancel it until the 3rd August when it will ‘lapse’ unless I pay up.

Well, Amazon, it’s like this : I don’t want your bloody Prime service and I resent the lack of transparency you use to get people hooked into it with noticing.

I also have a screen print confirming I have immediately cancelled my ‘Prime subscription’ so I defy you to charge my credit card. You have NO authority to do so.

So fuck you, Amazon Prime…!


7 responses to “Fuck You Amazon Prime!

  1. Sorry to hear that you have been caught out too. It happened to me back in Nov 2014.

    What I did was immediately used their online chat facility and closed my whole Amazon account and cancelled all their card authorisations. This took me a few tens of minutes. The guy responding tried to dissuade me. I just kept asking if the account was closed yet – at about the third asking in 5 minutes, he got the message that all was lost.

    I required them to send me written confirmation, which they said they would do and did not do. However, I did cut and paste the whole chat session and still have a copy.

    I was not charged. They have lost all my business.

    Best regards

  2. Oh, dear, didn’t read the small print. This has been going on for ages. I always make sure I click the normal option and not the “free” one.

    Caveat Emptor and all that…

    • I did click the normal option for ‘standard delivery’ not free delivery under Prime but failed to notice that it was a prime only product. So why give you two options that are the same if not to mislead?

  3. Yes. I bought a couple of CDs at the weekend and got caught exactly the same way. I didn’t knowingly click any Prime options and I don’t want it. I try to avoid Amazon but sadly the item I wanted wasn’t easily available elsewhere. Like you I now have to cancel it ASAP.

  4. I just tried to buy something on Amazon and rather than wait a week for free delivery I ticked their Prime trial option. On going to checkout I noticed they were going to charge me for one day delivery. I called and spoke with some operative in the Philippines who after 10 mins understood my issue and advised me not to buy Prime but to go with standard delivery. I asked to discuss this with a Supervisor and am writing this whilst on hold. What a joke. I will just go with standard delivery and not use Prime. I have now been on hold for 20 minutes. What a joke.

  5. I purchased an amazon gift card for my son who was sitting right next to me at the time. Amazon charged my card and placed the order. It is 3 days later and he has still not gotten his e-mail with the card number so he can use it. On the website It has said scheduled to send for 3 days. I spoke to a support person but his accent was so thick I had no idea if he did something or not. E-mails should go out in 5 minutes like they promised. I will never shop at Amazon again…I am sure they are making interest money off my money why it sits in a queue some place. To hell with you Amazon and by the way AWS has a ton of security holes that is why the banks don’t use them to move money. They lie about this too.

  6. Pietro Muscat

    Amazon Prime = Economic segregation. Just now, Amazon Prime is offering sales of the Nintendo Switch but only to their Prime members. Fast forward into the future when food purchases will only be made possible online. You want grass fed beef? Too bad, you won’t be able to order it unless you are a “Super-Gold-Platinum-Prime” members who pays an extra 500$ a year. I think it’s a form of extortion.