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Words fail me…


Never underestimate the ability of people to be stupid…


Antidemocracy in action

There really are some very stupid people out there as was proven this Saturday afternoon by 40 odd thousand of them marching through London in an attempt to overturn a democratic referendum result that many of them didn’t even bother to vote in.

Read your own banners FFS! “We are the 48%” he proudly proclaims. Yeah – that’s right. You lost. The 52% won you thick git!

And how about this guy :


He’s so dumb he hasn’t worked out that New York isn’t in Europe.

Take a listen to this guy. He’s talking a lot of sense. And he’s a millennial…

Honestly, if this is what getting an education does for you, I think we might as well all give up now.

The unwashed ain’t happy!

I love bullshit in all its forms and by now I can smell it a mile off!

After the Brexit cote was over, the yoof descended on Downing Street to protest that that their wishes were being ignored and that they vehemently opposed the Leave vote. Diddums! The claim that the ‘millenials’ (feral yoof) where stitched up by the ‘baby boomers’ (people with a bit of experience of life) and in todays Daily Fail they’ve published a YouGov poll to support the argument.

YouGov – one of the pollsters that got the result wrong – published figures that say 75% of 18-24 years olds voted to remain in the EU compared to 39% of over 65s. How do they know this? It was a secret ballot – and even if we accept that you could link the numbers on the ballot papers to the electoral role, it would take a good few days more yet to analyse 35,000,000 ballot papers. So how did they do it?

Well, it seems YouGov did an opinion poll! FFS, you couldn’t make it up, could you?

In any case, percentages are the biggest bullshit indicators of the lot. Think about it. I give you money : would you rather have 1% of £1,000 or 10% of £100? And that’s what makes percentages liars. The remain campaign tried it with the trade figures. They claimed that 44% of our exports go to the EU whereas only 5% of EU exports come to us. So on the face of it, there’s a huge trade imbalance. But actual money shows that the EU sell us more than we sell them – the exact opposite of the percentages.

But there’s one percentage that I am sure of. The people peddling this nonsense can 100% fuck right off…

Ed needs educating on fees…

The great thing about Miliband is that even when he announces a policy that’s a blatant bribe to young voters, he still can’t get it right. Even people inside his own party disagree with his ‘red line’ pledge to reduce tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000…

The plan is to raid the tax relief on rich peoples’ pension funds – rich being defined as anyone hitting the higher rate tax band – to fund the reduction. Unfortunately, because of the way the fees are repaid through the student load scheme this simply means that higher earning graduates will pay off the loans quicker and save money. Lower earning graduates under the current system end up with part of their loans being written off after a predetermined period, so they’ll end up paying the same.

Sound like a policy that might have been dreamed up by the Tories rather than Labour when you look at it that way.

The Universities don’t like the idea because they think they’ll get less money. Paul Johnson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies said “the group who will benefit from this are the higher earning half of graduates. So those graduates who go on to the best jobs will find that their repayments go down, whereas those graduates who go on to less good jobs will not find any difference in the repayments.”

The Tories say it’s uncosted and infeasible. Chancellor George Osborne said: “Ed Miliband’s sums don’t add up because the universities would get less money and there would be fewer students so it’s bad for students, bad for universities, bad for the taxpayer and bad for the British economy.”

And the Lib Dems – who promised no increase in tuition fees and then went back on their promise – have now done a complete U-turn and come out against the reduction. Business Secretary Vince Cable attacked the proposals as “fraudulent” and a “tax on pensioners”.

And within Labour itself Ed Balls, the shadow Chancellor; Chuka Umunna, the shadow Business Secretary and Tristram Hunt, the shadow Education Secretary have all expressed concerns about the plan.

Poor old Ed. I almost feel sorry for him.


FFS! It’s a phone!

Say hello to 17 year old student Gary Harari.

Gary is shown playing with his MacBook in a makeshift tent outside the Apple store in Regent Street, London. He’s been camping out there with a mate since Sunday so he can be the first person to buy the new iPhone5S when it goes on sale this morning.

Now my first thought was ‘Get a fucking life, Gary!’ never mind that fact that he’s supposed to be attending lectures. Then I thought ‘How the fuck does a student afford a MacBook never mind a £709 phone?’ Steam started to come from my ears at this point…

But read on – because maybe Gary isn’t as fucking green as cabbage looking. There are a load of complete cunts out there would like to do exactly the same to get hold of a new phone but are too lazy to put themselves out. So Gary is holding out for a grand – yes that’s one thousand fucking pounds – for his place in the queue. He’s already turned down a couple of hundred.

What the fuck is the matter with people? It’s a bloody phone FFS!!! Are you all completely fucking mad???

( Retires for lie down in darkened room… )