Stupid, stupid woman…

Frankly, words cannot express the outrage and anger I feel at this….

Some stupid, ignorant snowflake bitch – unsurprisingly the President of the Students Union – at Southampton University has vowed to deface and paint over a mural painted in 1916 to honour the volunteer and conscripted students of the university who were killed in the Great War never returning to finish their degrees.

Why? Well, in the true spirit of multiculturalism, it’s because there aren’t any BLACK PEOPLE in it. Christ on a fucking bike, Emily – you’re supposed to be amongst the brightest of your generation but this outburst just goes to show how really, really stupid you are.

The reason there are no black people in it isn’t because it’s racist. It’s because there weren’t any black people to represent. FFS please tell me you’re not reading history!

So there we have it. A true example of the neo-fascist, Labour voting, remoaning, new age liberal idiot in action.

You stupid, stupid, stupid woman. Your parents and grandparents must be really proud of you…


5 responses to “Stupid, stupid woman…

  1. On this occasion words fail me.

  2. I saw this story and the nominations over at ISAC. Typical of the privileged racists who spout identity politics. All she can see is the skin colour of the people in the painting. No thought about the thousands of working class people who died in the First World War.

    Having said that, I am concerned about the direction Remembrance has taken in the past few years. I stopped wearing a poppy when it started to become almost compulsory and a form of what some might term ‘virtue signalling’ in other contexts. Freedom is nothing if there is not the freedom to disagree with the majority.

    The battlefields and memorials of the Western Front are extremely moving. Remembrance should above all be dignified and inclusive of all who died. The likes of Emily Dawes should beware of imposing their 21st century shibboleths on the past.

  3. Unbelievable shit Dio. Btw, like Mike I too stopped wearing a poppy a couple of years ago for similar reasons, though always buy one from the seller outside Sainsbury’s. Felt compelled to mention that here as I chickened out of posting same on ISAC, due to a couple of vehemently committed poppy fascists there whose views I otherwise have enormous respect for…

  4. Loved the post keep it up!

  5. Grumbler of KIlljoys

    Perhaps if they were soldiers from the African colonies then, yes, there might be a few black people in it. It’s recognised that black and Asian soldiers from all over the Empire fought against the Germans twice.

    But in the England of the time there were almost no black people whatsoever. They only started really arricing in the 1950s, and even now, they make up 3% of the UK population. The South Asians make up more of the population than black people.