Silly old sod!

BELGIUM-EU-BRITAIN-POLITICS-BREXITJust when you thought the shower of bullshit spewing from the mouths of the Fourth Reich couldn’t possibly get any more ludicrous, along comes Jean Claude Drunker to prove you wrong…

The man responsible for single handedly draining the EU wine lake reckons that after next March UK planes will not be allowed to land at EU airports. Well, that should prove interesting on a number of fronts.

For a start, under current aviation rules, the European Union Open Skies Agreement allows EU member airlines, including those registered in the UK, to operate in each other’s countries. So in theory it’s possible to prevent non EU registered airlines accessing the EU. EasyJet is hedging its bets by setting up a subsidiary in Austria which would circumvent any blocking tactics. British Airways is already part of British Iberian so won’t have a problem. Expect more companies to follow EasyJet’s example. So problem solved.

Secondly threats like this cut both ways. The UK is a major transatlantic hub for Europe so that would give the EU a few problems.

Thirdly it’s difficult to work out how anyone in the EU is going to fly to the USA without crossing UK airspace. Or for that matter how anyone in Ireland is going to fly to Europe without crossing UK airspace.

No, I think that we can safely assume that this isn’t going to happen. It’s just another example of bullying scare tactics by a man who hasn’t got over the fact that Cameron opposed his appointment or that the UK actually has the audacity to dare leave his shitty, undemocratic, sordid little dictatorship.

Stick to the Chateaux Neuf non sewer Druncker and go fuck yourself you stupid little man…


3 responses to “Silly old sod!

  1. “…go fuck yourself you stupid little man…”

    Can’t really add to that, can I?

    • Staggering how anyone is expected to believe a single word that this odious self confessed liar comes out with.

      Why worry about letting facts get in the way when he knows that the thick gullible twats (otherwise known as Remoaners) will accept willingly any old bollocks he, his EU colleagues and fellow Remainers come out with.

      And they have the audacity to call Leavers uneducated racist bigots.

  2. Top stuff there Dio, keep up the good work. Enjoy reading your site and of course on ISAC