More Boris bashing

I’m appalled that the media – and the Daily Mail in particular – has decided that we really should be carrying on with bashing Boris Johnson.

However, I’m delighted to see that he seems to have really pissed off the grandees of the Fourth Reich big time. Seems the poor darlings were expecting remainer Hammond to get the job. Clearly they thought he’d be a pussy cat in the Brexit negotiations. But no. They got Boris – and they’re throwing their toys out of the pram.

Just to prove their maturity about being faced with someone they can’t actually push around, they’re slagging him off, ridiculing him and threatening to cancel a dinner on Sunday night. Diddums! Just goes to prove to me that if this is the standard of diplomatic relations we can expect from the EU, then it’s a bloody good job we voted to leave. Go piss ’em off, Boris! You’ve got my backing!

The man goes to the French Embassy on Bastille day, sings the French national anthem in perfect French (Boris speaks four languages) and they respond by heckling him for ‘telling lies during the referendum’ – which is, frankly, a bit rich given the bullshit the remain side gave us about economic armageddon.

And today our new PM is going to Edinburgh to reassure Sturgeon about Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom after Brexit – or to put it another way, “I’m the fucking Prime Minister not you so don’t try and push me around like you did with Cameron!”

All in all, it seems Saint Theresa is off to a pretty damn good start as far as I can see…


5 responses to “More Boris bashing

  1. She should have summoned Sturgeon to No:10 and told her to get knotted.

  2. “told her to get knotted.” I’d have been less polite. Fishwoman and her acolytes are the nearest anyone has ever got to making me want to hide my accent.

  3. Giving Sturgeon the kicking she so richly deserves will increase her respect in the eyes of most of the British people, but definitely amongst the English non-Grauniad readership.

  4. Indeed, a fairly good start. Pissing off all the right people…

  5. I thought putting Boris in is a touch of genius. If it back fires she’ll look good, if it doesn’t she still wins. And to be honest Boris, truly is the best bloke for the job. He knows his history better than most, and where the skeletons are hidden too….