Doing the cabinet shuffle [5]

Unbelievably, this is the fifth time this blog has commented on cabinet reshuffles. I’ve been criticised for not doing so this time, so here goes.

Seems our esteemed new Prime Monster has got the knives out. Frankly who could blame her? Would you want some of these backstabbing bastards in your team? I wouldn’t. Gove had to go, You couldn’t possibly have him and Boris in the same cabinet. Poor old Michael tried to be Francis Urquhart and failed miserably. Meanwhile, the Clown Prince gets to be Foreign Secretary and irritate the hell out of the entire EU dictatorship. I think that’s rather masterful…

And apparently Gideot decided ‘to resign from the government’ which is another way of saying that the arrogant son of a bitch was sacked – and deservedly so after his abysmal behaviour during the referendum campaign. Project Punish was just beyond the pale. He had to be consigned to the dustbin of political history and quite rightly so.

So what about the rest of the team? Amber Rudd as Home Secretary – strange appointment but then this is a nasty piece of work following on from another nasty piece of work. And at the risk of sounding like a mysogonist dinosaur, I’ve never really had much regard for Liz Truss or Justine Greening but I’ll keep an open mind.

The other clean outs have been interesting. Letwin – good riddance. Nicky Morgan – bloody useless. Whittingdale – lightweight.

As regards the Brexiteers, I find David Davis an interesting choice but he’s hardly likely to upset either side of the argument and is a bit of an unknown but with Fox at Trade and BoJo as Foreign Secretary there’s going to be a lot of scrutiny to keep him in line. I’ll watch developments here with great interest.

Meanwhile, the night of the long knives continues and I wait with baited breath to see what May does with Andrea Leadsom.

And in case you missed it, here’s another cabinet shuffle. I think I spotted Gove with a banana on his head, and Theresa in a chicken costume…

Altogether now : “That’s the way to do it…!


3 responses to “Doing the cabinet shuffle [5]

  1. Well, that answers that one : Andrea Leadsom goes to Agriculture (DEFRA) which is not a bad move if you need someone to stand up for the farmers as they transition from EU to UK based subsidies.

    Shrewd appointment IMHO and gets her into the cabinet…

  2. The only thing that really confuses me is Hunt continuing in Health. For God’s sake – Why?