Eilean Donan castle on the Kyle of Lochalsh. I went there earlier this year...

Eilean Donan castle on the Kyle of Lochalsh. I went there earlier this year…

Following our illustrious new leader’s visit to Edinburgh yesterday, I feel it is time to reflect on Scotland…

I like Scotland. Lovely scenery. Went through Caledonia Canal this year and drove the 500 mile route around the coast in a camper van. Last year we spent a week just north of Glasgow and visited some Scottish friends. The year before we took a boat out of Leith round to Oban. Went to the Orkneys, Shetland, and the outer Hebrides.

It’s such a shame that a lovely country with such friendly people is being completely fucked up by people like Salmond and Sturgeon. I had some other friends (Scottish not English) who lived on Skye until they got a brick through their window for displaying a No poster during the independence referendum, after which they were ostracised and intimidated. They sold up and moved to England.

The SNP are systematically destroying Scotland with their left wing bully boy tactics and perverted socialism. They’re jumping up and down about Trident being built in Scotland but I’ll bet they’re not anxious to explain to the shipbuilders that the thousands of jobs it would create won’t happen because of the SNP. Oh no. They’ll blame that on the English.

Mind you, I’d still rather live there then Wales. They speak a dead language and elect cunts like Kinnock.

And given the antics in the Labour Party at the moment, Labour are trying to copy the SNP tactics – but at least they had the good grace to wish Cameron well on his departure from office. I’d welcome the opportunity to do the same for Sturgeon whose sole purpose in life seems to be to ‘give the fooking tories a good kicking’ – her words not mine.

No, I’m sad to say that Scotland is being royally buggered by the SNP whose one good point seems to be that whilst they hold the number of seats they do, there is no prospect of a Labour majority government for the next couple of decades at least.

Mind you, there’s not much chance of that any time soon anyway. Corbyn or Eagle is not much of a choice is it?


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  1. It gets worse. Mrs May having started so well after hitting the ground running looks to have fallen at the first hurdle.

    • Bullshit from the Telegraph. This is exactly what May said :
      I have already said that I won’t be triggering Article 50 until I think that we have a U.K. approach and objectives for negotiations. I think it is important that we establish that before we trigger Article 50.

      No mention in there of Scotland and no change from what she’s said before. Pure speculation based on the Telegraph’s interpretation and extrapolation.

      • Bearing in mind Mr D that Mrs May went to see Sturgeon and not the other way round, given the fact that May is a known Europhile I don’t suppose it’s possible that she would be looking for an excuse for a delay in implementing the Brexit process.

  2. I agree with your point about the Welsh. A small group of us were up in Corwen a month ago and we popped into a cafe and all the old people in the corner suddenly started speaking Welsh.

    Like these crusties actually had anything interesting to say or that we wanted to listen to anyway! Rude fuckers. They taint thier whole country with smug, self important crap like that.

  3. yvonnebones

    Scotland is stunningly beautiful and sadly been shafted by governments and their own people through the centuries. It has been absolutely criminal how their fishing industry was decimated and now the tourist industry will go the same way as they litter the country with wind turbines.
    It is tragic that those SNP supporters have few supporting arguments and thrive on anti-English rhetoric. .

  4. Being contrary, I rather like Wales. Wonderful scenery and amazing motorcycling roads.

    Oh, you mean the Welsh…. Ah…

  5. Say what you like about the Welsh, but they did vote “Out” in the referendum, unlike the porridge wogs. I live in a Welsh speaking area, and I’ve had all that “start speaking Welsh when an Englishman comes in” crap. It doesn’t bother me, but then I’m not that sociable anyway. I’d rather live in South Wales than South London any day though. And, be careful about criticizing the Royal Family down here.

  6. “I had some other friends (Scottish not English) who lived on Skye “.

    I assume they were not Skye born and bred. Indeed I suspect they were not from the Highlands either.

    Basically the rules are you keep your opinions to yourself and thank He on High that the polling booth offers some degree of privacy.

    However if it’s of any consolation, there’s still massive bad blood about the indy referendum – and many people, even those in large towns, had best hope they don’t ever need to ask a neighbour for help.

  7. I’m still in two minds about Scotland, which I suppose sums the place up really. It is a beautiful country, especially around the islands and some of the people are friendly, whereas others are decidedly anti-English and vocal about it. If I’d had a quid for every time and anti-English epithet was expressed I’d be a millionaire. There are many Scots who aren’t like that at all and presumably they were the ones who voted to say No. They probably consist of a large number who voted to “Leave” as well. Where Scotland really loses out is its “Government”, and I use that word advisedly. Time after time they continue to vote in rabid extremist socialists of either the Labour or SNP hue, and nothing ever improves – have you noticed that? The grim housing estates in Glasgow are still grim, there is still the hopelessness, and the alcoholism. Then again if you had to live in a place like that you’d be a raving alcoholic too. Part of me wants Scotland IN the Union and part wants them to go, get on with it, find your own way, where at least when it does end up like a dog’s breakfast they will only have themselves to blame and not the English (though no doubt they’ll find a way to pin the blame on us as per fucking usual)

  8. Staggeringly wee Krankie Sturgeon reckons Scotland can remain in the EU AND in the UK. Is the woman totally fucking delusional?
    On this basis she has to be…

  9. About the bullying. A relative of mine moved south from the Dundee area because, even though he’s a semi professional piper and lover of all things Scottish, because his accent was too ‘educated English’ (Dundee University) local intimidation forced him to head south.

    Like Wales, Scotland is a great place to be from, but the smart ones always move out.

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