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That Brussels dinner…

Proving that John Redwood really does have a sense of humour, I reproduce this from his website. It really does say it all about the EU’s attitude and makes some good points…

Prime Minister
It is a pleasure to be here with you today for dinner. I come to renew my friendly proposals about our future relationship. The UK wants a comprehensive and deep partnership with the EU. We will offer you tariff free access to our market with no new barriers. We will continue our substantial contribution to European security and intelligence. We will carry forward joint working on space , science, academic life and much else. We will continue our welcome for all EU citizens legally settled in the UK

Mr Juncker
Thank you for coming. I do hope you have brought your cheque book. You must understand that we cannot keep on meeting like this unless the UK pays the bills for the dinners and much else. The EU is getting cross with the UK for not being realistic, so I hope this evening we can make some progress on the divorce settlement.

Prime Minister
As I have made clear the UK will pay anything it owes, but you have to understand UK Ministers do not have powers to send money to the EU after we have left. We need to look at all the issues together including our future relationship.

Mr Juncker
I don’t think you understand. The UK has signed up to a soup course for future meals which is going to cost billions of pounds. Doubtless you want coffee, which does not come cheaply either. I have explained before to you that we decided to order drinks right through to the next decade, so that will be another big bill. The UK cant expect to get away without paying

Prime Minister
I can do without the soup course, and coffee late in the evening keeps me awake at night. In the UK we accept we have to pay all the time we remain in the EU but not after we have left. You should cancel the drinks for us for when we have gone and save some of your cash. As to this dinner I thought you had invited me, and I have had the cost and inconveneience of coming to you here in Brussels.

Mr Juncker
You British are so unreasonable. You cant just walk out and leave us short of cash. There is a big bill to pay.

Prime Minister
So how much is the bill, and what is the legal base for the items you want to charge

Mr Juncker
There’s no need to get legal with us. We want you to make a realistic offer. Its all about European solidarity, about setting the right tone for our future relationship. We dont have an itemised bill backed by a legal base.

Prime Minister
When we joined the EEC we did not get a discount or a payment to deal with all the spending commitments the others had decided on before we joined, so why would there be any bill for future spending after we left?

Mr Juncker
You agreed then to join on the terms available. That is different.

Prime Minister
Are you also saying that if a country left the EU now that gets money out, the EU would go on paying it after it had left?

Mr Juncker
There’s no point in getting clever wth the EU. The rest of the EU expects you to pay a large sum. I do hope you understand we cannot possibly talk about trade any time soon given the UKs stubborness.

Prime Minister
That is a pity, as it hugely in the EUs interest to have continued tariff free access to the UK market. We have to go ahead and plan for WTO tariffs on EU food and goods without sensible discussions.

Mr Juncker
The EU has other priorities.

Prime Minister
So the EU does not care about all its exporters to the UK?

Mr Juncker
The impact on the EU is containable

Prime Minister
May I suggest we talk about something else, like Iran, where we may agree and put out a statement on that?

Mr Juncker
That’s the best we can do


Sold down the river

Well, what a speech that was, wasn’t it? Only an accomplished liar politician could delivery a crock of shit dressed up as a bouquet of roses and get away with it. What an achievement.

So to be certain I understand it all clearly, we’re now leaving the EU in 2019 but not until 2021 or possibly later. During this time we continue to pay billions into a budget we will have no say over, accept free movement despite not being part of the EU, have access to a single market that we would have had access to anyway under WTO rules which would have added billions to our treasury, and will implement any new laws that we have no say in whatsoever. Apparently, this is defined as ‘delivering the will of the people’?

So what happened to ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’? What happened to ‘go whistle’? What happened to the ‘bloody difficult woman’?

The EU has not budged one single inch in the course of these farcical negotiations, so what do we do? Well, seeing who blinks first would have been my way of doing things, but not our Treesa. Oh no, she goes for the full eyelash fluttering capitulation never mind blinking first!

A little while back we had a general election. One of the justifications for this was so that we didn’t have an election in 2018 when Brexit was looming large. So now we offer to delay things for two years so that we have a general election in 2020 just before Brexit in 2021. Maybe there’s some logic in there somewhere, but I can’t see exactly where it might be.

This speech was a backslide of monumental proportions from a Prime Minister with no backbone clearly out to defy the referendum result and keep us in the Fourth Reich at any cost. Fuck knows what she threatened Boris and Gove with in order to get them to support this, but it must have been pretty damning for them to not only to let her get away with it, but to say it was a great speech and openly support it.

There are no negotiations in reality. Barnier and his gang aren’t interested in a deal. They want to punish us and rob us blind. And thanks to Treesa, we really are being sold down the river and flogging a dead horse…

The Junckers are coming!

Yes, it’s the Battle of Britain all over again. Fire up that bulldog spirit! Arm the defenses! The Third Reich is threatening your freedoms!

Except that this time it’s the Fourth Reich that’s attacking and the Juncker in question is dear old Jean Claude – the insignificant former premier of the piss pot little principality of Luxembourg – with his rousing Nuremburg clone speech on the ‘State of the Union’.

This unelected megalomaniac eurocrat wants to have a United States of Europe with a single all powerful President – presumably unelected like him and possibly even himself – a single army, a CIA clone, a single currency across all member states, enlarged membership, open borders, more immigration and fuck knows what else he’s got up his sleeve.

Now it’s been suggested by a number of Remain dickheads that we didn’t know what we were voting for. Well I don’t know about you but avoiding being ruled by unelected foreign dictators was pretty high up on my list of reasons. What Juncker is proposing is not a United States of Europe, it’s the European Soviet Social Republic and if that’s not what you want then tough titties because one of Juncker’s dictats is the removal of your country’s veto.

This would mark the end of any EU country’s sovereign parliament and right to decide just about anything. All decisions would be taken at a ‘federal’ level by unelected and unaccountable eurocrats. Bye bye freedom, hello The Democratic Republic of Europe!

Nigel Farage summed it up nicely in his response to the speech. He said “…that was the most open, honest and most worrying speech I ever heard. What you’re saying is: Brexit has happened, full steam ahead!”

Most worrying was Juncker’s proposal to ban extremist parties from elections, presumably the definition of ‘extremist’ would be ‘anyone who might not agree with us’? I’d be willing to bet that if the UK weren’t leave then that definition would include UKIP.

Let there be no doubt : this speech represents the great assault on democracy since Adolf Hitler. As Farage so aptly put it “Thank God we’re leaving!”

The return of “Les Bosches”

Today, the French people chose occupation of their country by the Fourth Reich over freedom. Ironically, the freedom offered was by someone that the media and their cohorts branded as ‘far right’ and ‘nazi’. President elect Macron even stooped so low as to use photo calls at Jewish holocaust sites to ram home that impression. You can’t get much lower than that when it comes to cynical exploitation. Goebels would have been proud of the propaganda campaign to keep Le Pen from gaining power.

Macron is about as pro-EU as it is possible to be. Like Marshall Philippe Pétain during World War II, he will now preside over a Vichy style government ruled from Berlin. France is occupied in all but name, just like it was in World War II.

Le Pen got it right last week when she said “On Sunday, France will elect a female president. The only question is whether it will be me or Frau Merkel!” Now we know the answer.

I’m not surprised that Macron won. The EU couldn’t possibly allow any other result. Britain must be punished for having the audacity to walk away from Greater Germania; for standing alone as we did in 1940. France has surrendered again. There will be no Frexit and Macron will help with the punishment. Expect queues of ‘peaceful’ people camped the other side of the English Channel.

It’s time to seal the tunnel. Time to erect the barricades. Time to wake up to the threat that is the EU.

In June 1944, British soldiers died on the beaches of Normandy in order to lift the German jackboot off the chest of France. The French people have chosen to throw all that away and submit to rule from Berlin, albeit in the thin disguise of Brussels. I am confident that they will come to regret their decision.

But this time we must remember not to bail them out…

The great Scottish lie…

As we move towards Article 50 and todays vote in Holyrood, let’s see if we can educate Nicola Sturgeon on a few relevant facts…

First, Scotland can’t stay in the EU after Brexit because Scotland isn’t a member. The UK is a member. Scotland isn’t. Greenland was part of Denmark and therefore in the EU. When it separated from Denmark, it ceased to be an EU member.

Sturgeon is selling the lie that she believes Scotland can stay in a union it never belonged to by becoming an independent country. It’s not going to happen because it would require the agreement of all 27 countries to admit Scotland if it applied after independence. Spain has already said it would veto this, fearing an independent Catalonia.

Secondly an independent Scotland joining the EU would be required to adopt the Euro. Sturgeon wants to keep sterling, but the EU wouldn’t allow it. It’s a requirement of joining the EU that you take the Euro.

Thirdly the economy of Scotland isn’t strong enough to stand on its own. It gets money from England and it gets money from the EU. After Brexit, the UK would have more money to spend internally as it currently gives money to the EU part of which they give back to Scotland. The UK could match that quite easily after Brexit. Put simply, Scotland would be worse off outside the UK even if it was admitted to the EU.

In any case, Scotland on its own wouldn’t meet the economic criteria for membership – although I accept that those criteria have been fudged before, in Greece for example.

Finally, being part of the EU isn’t independence. If you accept your laws and economy being dictated by Brussels, then you’re not independent. You just swapped one union for another.

Sturgeon knows all of this, but doesn’t want the voters in Scotland to know it. For her it’s independence at any price – including not really being independent at all…