Project Smear

One thing I love about this country is that politicians and newspapers never learn.

First there was Project Fear. Worked in Scotland so we’ll do it again but the public saw through it in the EU referendum. But just in case, they threw in Project Panic, Project Punish and Project Armageddon for good meassure. The public saw through it all and voted to Leave the Fourth Reich.

Then comes along a candidate to oppose Theresa May and Brexit Lite, Andrea Leadsom. “Oh shit! She’s credible. We’re in trouble. Roll out Project Smear!”

And that bastion of unbiased freedom, the Daily Mail, throws its full weight behind it using every piece of even remotely feasible nonsense it can get its hands on. Amazingly, a newspaper that campaigned to leave the EU is now attacking shamelessly the one person who is able to deliver it.

The Mail makes much this morning about ‘exagerations’ in her CV. They roll out people we’ve never heard of to say ‘I worked there and I never heard of her!’ They say things like Deputy Director and Head of Compliance is ‘hardly a senior roll’ although it sounds fairly senior to me.

Then they attack her tax affairs. Apparently her Guernsey based brother employed her for two years after she took time out for children. Wow! A bloke that lives in the Channel Islands runs an offshore fund. Well it is a tax haven and it’s perfectly legal. The Mail seems to have forgotten what Camerons father did for a living.

And then they lambast her because of the fully declared donations her family made to the Tory party which apparently amounts to her buying a place in the House. What a load of tosh! Surely nobody in Parliament would ever do such a thing would they? They’re so upstanding and squeaky clean aren’t they?

Hopefully the rank and fi!e party voters will see straight through this nonsense and take Project Smear for exactly what it is…


11 responses to “Project Smear

  1. Kath Gillon

    funnily enough I was just going to post a comment about this on the last post. Gove is such a backstabber what a nasty little man he has proved to be and clearly does not deserve to be leader let alone PM. for someone who “Never saw himself as Prime minister” he is making a damn good attempt at undermining the competition. Having campaigned for Brexit one would think the last person he wanted was Mr May.
    What a toad.

    • Actually, I have some sympathy with Gove. Having decided to back Boris, he then realised that the man he backed was entirely unsuited. When he should have been preparing his campaign, he was playing cricket and going to a barbecue. Gove had no choice but to withdraw his backing.

      If he stabbed him, it wasn’t in the back. And, frankly, it was well deserved.

  2. Stonyground

    Was that a typo, or did the Daily Mail use the word ‘roll’ when they meant role?

  3. The Mail should now be called the “Daily May.” I’ve stopped buying it and changed to the Express while it boosts the godawful/mass immigration/no border control/asylum madness/surveillance state and anti free speech/ useless/anti Brexit, May. What is Dacre playing at?

    • I don’t blame you. The paper campaigning for Brexit seems to be backing the candidate least likely to provide it. They seem to have lost the plot and the muck they’ve been spreading would be right at home in the slurry tank…

  4. Years ago, the Daily Mail was perhaps if not acceptable, then less unacceptable that most of the others. Unfortunately today, I can’t find a newspaper that I could actually recommend as worth buying. The Rothermere stable has totally list the plot, Murdoch’s multitude are utter dross, the less said about the rather odd Barclay brothers the better, Dirty Desmond’s rags are a no-go area for any intellect, and the Grauniad just provides comic relief. The fourth estate is well and truly buggered.

    I didn’t include the Mirror, as it’s been decades since that could be called a newspaper.

  5. *lost the plot.