Another female PM

I’m delighted to see that the last two standing for the leadership of the Tory Party are both women. Michael Gove ran a terrible campaign, throwing it all away with the breaking news that his team were advising May supporters to vote tactically to keep Andrea Leadsom out of the race. Naturally he knew nothing about this – and, of course, we all believe that, don’t we?

As Micheal Dobbs said when interviewed earlier in the week : “When I wrote House of Cards it wasn’t intended to be an instruction manual!” I would add to that. “If you’re going to try and be Francis Urquhart, then you need to be a damn sight better at it than Michael Gove.”

The Mail will, of course, continue to lead the smear campaign against Leadsom. Frankly I’m getting sick of reading about their opinions of Leadsom. It would seem that the sun shines out of Theresa May’s arse according to the Mail. Frankly, there is something about the woman I find disturbing.

I don’t doubt that she is a competent and accomplished politician, but that’s not what the country needs. We need someone who is a conviction politician and as far as I can see the main convictions that May holds are to her own advancement. To paraphrase what Anne Widdecombe once said of Michael Howard “There is something of the night about her”.

Similarly, how about the remark thrown at Johnson thrown across the floor of the referendum debate. You could well say of May “She might be great to have around at the party, but would you want her to drive you home afterwards?”

It’s up to the party now to decide who gets the job. Clearly whoever wins, the other will get a prominent role around the cabinet table. To do otherwise would be to keep the Conservative splits wide open and that is something the country doesn’t need.

The other interesting thing about all this is that we face the prospect of a leader who is supported by the membership but not by the majority of their MPs in the House. Ask Jeremy Corbyn how that feels.

So is it to be May the experienced but uncommitted, or Leadsom the committed but inexperienced? We’ll soon know…


11 responses to “Another female PM

  1. “…there is something about the woman I find disturbing…”

    There is rather a lot about Ms May which I personally find deeply disturbing.

  2. Mick Anderson

    I have realised that the reason I prefer Mrs Leadsom to Mrs May boils down to knowing about some of the things Mrs May has (or hasn’t) done as Home secretary. It’s a negative feeling, and I rather wish it wasn’t. I would far rather be able to point to a reason for someone, not against.

    The idea that Mrs Leadsom is preferable because she hasn’t been in Parliament for long enough to be tainted too badly makes me just a little uncomfortable.

  3. ‘To paraphrase what was once said of Michael Portillo “There is something of the night about her”. ‘

    Just being pedantic: Anne Widdecombe famously said that about Michael Howard. I don’t recall it ever being said about Michael Portillo.

  4. ‘To paraphrase what was once said of Michael Portillo “There is something of the night about her”’

    I think that was Anne Widdecombe referring to Michael Howard.

  5. Actually it was Michael Howard who had something of the night about him

  6. Thank you gentlemen. One stands humbled and corrected!!!
    (and I’ve updated the post accordingly…)

  7. And while we’re at it, let’s get on with it.
    Here’s a petition to force Article 50 to be invoked immediately :

  8. Stonyground

    Signed it. It really needs to be publicised until all of the 52% have signed it. they need to be left in no doubt that we will not stand for anything less.

  9. Signed it too. 52%? I bet in reality it is nearer 58% how many of the postal ballot was honest?

  10. Bernard from Bucks

    If we trigger Art.50 immediately, we shall end up with Dave starting the negotiations. It will be up to the new PM to immediately do that upon taking up office. ie September 10th sounds like a good date?