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Zak’s sacked

Personally I'd have preferred the bloke in the white suit...

Personally I’d have preferred the bloke in the white suit…

Well, that was a monumental waste of time and tax payers’ money wasn’t it? I refer, of course, to yesterday’s Richmond Park bye-election…

Zac Goldsmith, not content with being beaten by Citizen Khan for mayor of London decided to take a stand over the expansion of Heathrow by resigning the Conservative whip and calling a bye-election where he stood as an independent. Now, fair enough – resign the whip, cross the floor and sit as an independent. You’ve made your point, why labour it (no pun intended). But no. Zac decides to be a plonker.

The Tories in the meantime play a blinder by not bothering to field a candidate against him – which backfires because the Limp Dumps win the seat. Enter the arch idiot Farron, crowing about how it’s a revival for his bunch of idiots because they’ve overturned a 23,000 Tory majority. But you haven’t, Tim me old son, because you can’t take votes away from a party that isn’t standing.

Our Zac was convinced that the good people of Richmond Park would support his principled stand and vote him back in but miscalculated because nobody in Richmond gives a toss about a third runway at Heathrow. As it happens the Limp Dump shares Zac’s view so the only choice was between two tossers, one of who was wasting their money by calling an unnecessary bye-election. Is it any wonder they voted him out?

So Mr Goldsmith is now consigned to the dustbin of political history, and good riddance. Personally, I think Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope would have been a better choice than either of them…

Doing the cabinet shuffle [5]

Unbelievably, this is the fifth time this blog has commented on cabinet reshuffles. I’ve been criticised for not doing so this time, so here goes.

Seems our esteemed new Prime Monster has got the knives out. Frankly who could blame her? Would you want some of these backstabbing bastards in your team? I wouldn’t. Gove had to go, You couldn’t possibly have him and Boris in the same cabinet. Poor old Michael tried to be Francis Urquhart and failed miserably. Meanwhile, the Clown Prince gets to be Foreign Secretary and irritate the hell out of the entire EU dictatorship. I think that’s rather masterful…

And apparently Gideot decided ‘to resign from the government’ which is another way of saying that the arrogant son of a bitch was sacked – and deservedly so after his abysmal behaviour during the referendum campaign. Project Punish was just beyond the pale. He had to be consigned to the dustbin of political history and quite rightly so.

So what about the rest of the team? Amber Rudd as Home Secretary – strange appointment but then this is a nasty piece of work following on from another nasty piece of work. And at the risk of sounding like a mysogonist dinosaur, I’ve never really had much regard for Liz Truss or Justine Greening but I’ll keep an open mind.

The other clean outs have been interesting. Letwin – good riddance. Nicky Morgan – bloody useless. Whittingdale – lightweight.

As regards the Brexiteers, I find David Davis an interesting choice but he’s hardly likely to upset either side of the argument and is a bit of an unknown but with Fox at Trade and BoJo as Foreign Secretary there’s going to be a lot of scrutiny to keep him in line. I’ll watch developments here with great interest.

Meanwhile, the night of the long knives continues and I wait with baited breath to see what May does with Andrea Leadsom.

And in case you missed it, here’s another cabinet shuffle. I think I spotted Gove with a banana on his head, and Theresa in a chicken costume…

Altogether now : “That’s the way to do it…!

Andrea Leadsom

I can’t pretend that I am not disappointed that Andrea Leadsom has decided not to continue in the race for the Tory leadership. She is a woman who has shown that she has exceptional qualities to offer but it is clear that 60% of MPs will back her opponent and that if the party grassroots elect her then we end up with a similar position to the Labour Party – a leader who does not command the confidence of the majority of her MPs.

Leadsom has conducted herself admirably during the course of the contest and by withdrawing to avoid the ongoing Westminster vacuum, she is acting in the best interests of the country.

I said some time ago that I felt that Theresa May would be the next PM and I take no comfort in being proven right. May has been preparing for this fight for years whilst Leadsom has only had days I’ve been unimpressed with the way she hedged her bets during the referendum. I prefer politicians who show commitment rather than steering her way through troubled waters by playing safe.

Having said this, May’s speech this morning did show her coming off the fence – although it would be nice if I had more confidence that she was actually going to deliver on what she says. Time will tell.

Hopefully, Leadsom will get a place around the cabinet table. I think it would be a bad error of judgement if May excluded her. If you are looking to unify your party then you have to include people who have stood against you. Also, not being politically naive, I wonder whether Leadsom has already received a job offer in the new government.

I have been impressed by Leadsom and wish her the very best in the future. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her…

Another female PM

I’m delighted to see that the last two standing for the leadership of the Tory Party are both women. Michael Gove ran a terrible campaign, throwing it all away with the breaking news that his team were advising May supporters to vote tactically to keep Andrea Leadsom out of the race. Naturally he knew nothing about this – and, of course, we all believe that, don’t we?

As Micheal Dobbs said when interviewed earlier in the week : “When I wrote House of Cards it wasn’t intended to be an instruction manual!” I would add to that. “If you’re going to try and be Francis Urquhart, then you need to be a damn sight better at it than Michael Gove.”

The Mail will, of course, continue to lead the smear campaign against Leadsom. Frankly I’m getting sick of reading about their opinions of Leadsom. It would seem that the sun shines out of Theresa May’s arse according to the Mail. Frankly, there is something about the woman I find disturbing.

I don’t doubt that she is a competent and accomplished politician, but that’s not what the country needs. We need someone who is a conviction politician and as far as I can see the main convictions that May holds are to her own advancement. To paraphrase what Anne Widdecombe once said of Michael Howard “There is something of the night about her”.

Similarly, how about the remark thrown at Johnson thrown across the floor of the referendum debate. You could well say of May “She might be great to have around at the party, but would you want her to drive you home afterwards?”

It’s up to the party now to decide who gets the job. Clearly whoever wins, the other will get a prominent role around the cabinet table. To do otherwise would be to keep the Conservative splits wide open and that is something the country doesn’t need.

The other interesting thing about all this is that we face the prospect of a leader who is supported by the membership but not by the majority of their MPs in the House. Ask Jeremy Corbyn how that feels.

So is it to be May the experienced but uncommitted, or Leadsom the committed but inexperienced? We’ll soon know…