Nurses not Nukes

Today sees the first round of the Tory leadership election and I have followed the campaigns of the two front runners with interest.

Some years ago I felt that Theresa May would be the next female PM. That was before the referendum and the emergence of Andrea Leadsom who conducted herself with level headed composure whilst Teflon Theresa decided to hide behind the sofa, waiting for her chance to leap out at the opportune moment and let slip the dogs of war against all who stood between her and Number 10.

Today I read that her top policy is to immediately commission the replacement for Trident. Hardly a pressing issue as it has cross party support anyway. We hear she supports the ECHR. We hear she refuses to commit to the security of those immigrants from the EU who have already made their homes here.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is waging a slur campaign on Andrea Leadsom. It is throwing the kitchen sink at her. How is she responding? By calmly refuting every piece of dirt thrown at her. She is explaining why she changed her mind on the EU, not denying that she has done so. She is being statesmanlike.

She is prepared to offer the olive branch and reassure those EU citizens currently living in our country that they will be able to continue doing so. She is promising to implement Article 50 as soon as she is in power.

In fact, she is doing everything that Saint Theresa isn’t. She is addressing the issues that are most pressing and that are most worrying for ordinary people. She is, in a word, showing that she might actually make a pretty damn good Prime Minister.

What she is not making noises about is spending billions of pounds on a nuclear deterrent which is not a contentious issue anyway. Basically, she’s not muddying the waters and trying to deflect attention.

I sincerely hope that she has the courage of her convictions and fights this contest to the bitter end. If so then I believe there will be two female candidates on the final ballot and I think Mrs Leadsom might just be surprised with the level of respect and support she commands in the rank and file.

I certainly hope so, because this country needs nurses not nukes – and I know which should come higher up the priority list, even if Theresa May doesn’t…


9 responses to “Nurses not Nukes

  1. I was disappointed to see David Davis throw his weight behind Mrs May. I always had a lot of time for his opinions……..until now. I guess he must be hedging for a return to a cabinet position now Cameron has handed in his notice.

  2. Wheatybarkid

    May giving audience to Branson so he can further dilute or even rescind Brexit! Speaks volumes.

    • A man who resides on a private island in the tax haven of BVI certainly doesn’t speak in the best interests of the UK. It’s himself he’s interested in. Disgraceful…

  3. Wheatybarkid

    Crabb out and backing May! The fix is in! Brexit-lite at best.

    • What we really need now is for Gove to back out in favour of Leadsom and let it go to the party grass roots. They need to remember that 150,000 members of the party need to decide on the leader NOT 330 conservative MPs. To do otherwise is, in my view, undemocratic.

  4. Kath Gillon

    I hope Leadsom wins I really think she could be excellent, and May has sunk in my estimations recently (say the last 18 months/ 2 years) May is not up to the job. Leadsom could be with the right team behind her.

  5. Kath Gillon

    I tried to share this video link over at Is A C*** but it appears to be down …this video is so worth a watch