Well, here’s a storm in a bean can! The Advertising Standardz Authority has banned an advert from Heinz on the grounds of health and safety. FFS! Seems that some namby-pamby dogooder complained that someone might cut their finger on the can…

Another example of the nanny state gone mad? Well, it seems that Heinz have form for this sort of stuff. Here’s a remake of the Psycho shower scene using Heinz Ketchup that they banned…

Well, bad taste shurely but so what? Anyway, just to prove that Heinz are a bunch of wankerz, take a look at this one…

On the other hand, Heinz got more publicity from getting this banned than if it had been shown – plus they don’t have to pay the TV companies to put it on. So maybe, Heinz ain’t such cuntz after all!


9 responses to “Bollockz

  1. Apparently 9 people complained. NINE! Out of everyone in the country that saw the advert. Talk about pandering to the few thin skinned twats. Cut yourself! They ain’t sharp enough.

  2. I’d have banned the Bean Song advert months ago simply because it’s infantile. Just an excuse to slap the brand on telly.

    On facts. Any effing can makes the same racket.
    On taste. So, so.
    On value for money – pretty piss poor.

    And I prefer any of the supermarket own brand stuff. Or HP.

  3. I suppose an orange box nailed to a plank, fitted with two wonky sets of old pram wheels, steered by a frayed length of string down a hill at 30mph is not going to cut it with the health and safety zealots then?

  4. Heinz don’t do healthy meals but if they did…the NHS would have billions more to squander on consultants.

  5. I dont think its about the beans, but the H & S aspect. So MTG get real.

    • I understood the topic. Do explain ‘get real’ for the fair skinned..If English is not your first language, please opt for illustrations to accompany another sample of vague Caribbean idioms.

  6. Elf and safety will be the death of us all. Arse.

  7. Of course if they hadn’t banned it nobody would have noticed…