Will Brexit ever happen?

Tony Blair - wrong then, wrong now...

Tony Blair – wrong then, wrong now…

Frankly, I’m beginning to have my doubts about whether Brexit will ever happen. As Nigel Farage said earlier today, there is a cesspit of politics in Westminster with an administration dominated by politicians who want to stay in the EU.

Earlier, it was mooted by the Fourth Reich that even after we have left we will have to accept freedom of movement and continue to contribute to the EU budget for a further 10 years. Exactly how the fuck do these people work out that after you have resigned from a club, you have to keep on paying your subscription!?! The question is not only where they find the these lunatics (I know. They’re in Brussels!) but how in hell did they reach that conclusion? I can only assume it’s Project Fear yet-a-bloody-gain!

And now UK President-elect wannabe Tony fucking Blair is sticking his oar in. Reportedly bankrolled by, amongst others, Richard Branson, he’s returning to front line politics in order to shape the UK response to Brexit – or in other words to pressure the UK government into doing what he wants and finding ways to defy the will of the British people expressed in a democratic referendum. A Whitehall source revealed Mr Blair has already held meetings with George Osborne, the former Chancellor, to discuss post-Brexit “political climate.”

So two discreditted has-beens are sticking their beaks in. It’s becoming clear to me that the lunatics really are in charge of the asylum…

So if we’re going to go completely off the rails, here’s a suggestion for Donald Trump : how about you make Nigel Farage the US ambassador to the EU? That should wake the fuckers up!


4 responses to “Will Brexit ever happen?

  1. If nothing does happen in the not too distant future re Article 50 it’s sure to make the election in 2020 a very interesting prospect, that’s if things pan out that far.

    • Quite. The people who voted out are not best inclined to being ignored especially when we’ve made our point on the matter! On the plus side, having Tiny effing Blur against us is a positive for us. He is so reviled and so hated, that I reckon most peeps would vote the opposite way to the way he wanted us to vote just to annoy him.

      If they don’t sort this stuff soon, 2020 is going to be a bloodbath.

  2. Something very wrong is going off, Cameron was supposed to trigger Article 50 the day after the referendum, not cry like a little baby because he did not get the result the elite wanted. The Leave vote was not supposed to happen.

  3. ” and continue to contribute to the EU budget for a further 10 years.”

    Pay attention remainers, these are the kind of people that you are cosying up to, people that will rob you blind as far as they can.