Markets panic over Brexit!

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As ‘Project Fear’ rolls on and uncertainty and the impending economic catastrophe looms ever nearer, the UK stock market continues to suffer massive losses.


So, Mr Osbourne and Mr Cameron, take a good long look at the FTSE250 chart over the last five days and explain it to me please?

I can’t see it – and looking at the FTSE100 chart I can’t see it there either…


8 responses to “Markets panic over Brexit!

  1. Irrational exuberance?

  2. What I cannot figure out, is that if Cameron is bent on keeping us in the EU, then if the country votes to leave, will he be a fit person to lead the country? Or will Boris make a play?

    • To be honest, I can’t figure out Cameron’s agenda. Does he believe what he’s saying? And if we decide to leave, he’s really not the right guy to negotiate on our behalf given the farce that this last round has been.

      Still, he said he’s standing down before 2020 so maybe he feels he’s got nothing to lose?

    • Will he be a fit person to lead the country? Not unless the mere fact of a referendum changes him drastically – he has so far, never been fit to lead the country.

  3. Kath Lissenden

    Don’t know if you have spotted this Scaremongering Philip Hammond at his finest…I really believe they make it up as they go along. As for Camoron he has NEVER been fit to run this country so I don’t see even IF the vote to leave comes, that he will be any different. A personality transplant may help but I think even that unlikely to aid him.