Fuck you, Virgin Media…

I’m a bit pissed off with Virgin Media. I came back from my holiday to find a snotty letter telling me that they are transferring my broadband account to TalkTalk and that if I don’t like it then I am free to fuck off elsewhere ‘without incurring a penalty’.

Why? Well it seems that Virgin only want customers who use fibre optic. I’d love to use fibre optic. In fact, I’ve received at least one letter a month from Virgin for the last two years telling me I should switch. So why haven’t I? Simple really. As it says in the aforementioned snotty letter, fibre optic is not available in my area. Duh? Why keeping mailing me then, Virgin?

I’m even more pissed off because I’m probably one of the few customers Virgin have had ever since broadband first became available. I’ve lived here nearly 10 years now and I was with them for some time before I moved. I even used them for dial up FFS!

So thanks a lot, Virgin. Have you any idea of the amount of work involved in telling everybody my new email address? No? Well, let’s face it – you really don’t give a fuck do you? Well, there’s banks, building societies, on line accounts with energy suppliers, anyone with whom I am signed up for paperless billing – the list is rather long and that’s without my friends, blogs I subscribe to, facebook, twitter, gravatar and fuck knows how many more. And then there’s all my wife’s accounts as well…

And the icing on the cake is that I have a web site on Virgin Webspace that will be deleted when they shove me over to TalkTalk which I will now have to find a new home for and in all likelihood I’ll have to rewrite big chunks of it.

But in fairness, I also got a welcome letter from TalkTalk who go to pains to point out that my new TalkTalk account will be cheaper than Virgin Media for the equivalent service – by a whole 4p per month FFS! What tosser decided to include that piece of earth shattering news in the letter, I wonder? Clearly they’ve been taking lessons in customer communication from Virgin.

So at the end of the day, it’s good to know that Virgin Media really value my loyalty to them after all these years.

Bloody wankers…!

* * * UPDATE * * * 
Seems that Virgin read my post and they’ve replied. Judge for yourselves the quality of the conversation by clicking [here]


11 responses to “Fuck you, Virgin Media…

  1. Don't you just love this type of shit? I used to be a Sky subscriber and was constantly bombarded with offers for cheap broadband, phone and TV packages. When I contacted them to sign up they said Sky broadband was not available at my exchange, so I said “why the hell do you keep sending me this crap then?” – they gave some half arsed excuse about the mailing system -wankers!
    My brother gets the same bollocks from various energy suppliers offering him great deals if he'll have both his gas and electricity supplied by the same company – only one problem – there's no gas supply to his village.
    As regards sudden announcements of change of supplier, just before Christmas I was informed by Amazon that they were discontinuing their reward credit card, “but don't worry we'll switch you to an MBNA card”. However they failed to point out that the new card does not include a reward scheme unless you were one of those customers who always ended up paying monthly interest – I was not one of them!
    Whilst I'm venting my spleen, and slighly connected with the theme of this blog, does anybody understand any of these modern day mobile phone, energy supply etc. contracts? I swear that the cunts who write these must have university degrees in how to devise the most confusing, convoluted bullshit ever!……Ah that feels better!

  2. I see you are up after a late night. Makes ya wanna burn stuff, be honest?

  3. Totally agree with you. I actually looked at BT Broadband as an alternative but frankly I couldn't work out what the hell I was getting and how much it would cost. Far as I can see I might as well just drift across to TalkTalk because they're all fucking useless?

    The fuckers that write this stuff have degrees in writing gobbledeegook.

  4. Getting shot of that 4 hour time delay. My body thinks it's 8pm when it's midnight. Just got work through it. Coming back from your pad was much worse…

  5. Actually that's bollocks – it's the other way around. Blame the jet lag!

  6. DON'T TOUCH BT with a syphilis infested knob.
    I was a BT customer for many many years, and in the end I was paying treble what new customer paid they phucked up my DD month after month taking it early, causing me huge agro with other bills and my tight monthly calculations and then my service didn't work properly for nearly 18 months they told me it was my PC when I knew it wasn't then when they realised it was them sent me a new router which still didn't solve the problem so they suspended my account and left me broadband less with no explanation until I called them at which point some one in down town Delhi told me very rudely to get another supplier if I didn't like it so I did. 12 years I had been with BT and that was the treatment I got.
    I have Virgin fibre roptic and I have to tell you they are fantastic and their customer services are fantastic, I know this doesn't help you coz you can't have fibre optic but I have to speak as I find.
    My daughter is with Talk talk and her connection sucks I gather plusnet are quite good and cheep and recommended by Which magazine. .

  7. Thanks Kath – kinda confirms my suspicions about BT…

  8. Have to second Kaths comments. BT are a complete pain, both with poor support and manipulative contracts. Talk Talk are staggering unreliable, especially if your local phone exchange has their own equipment installed.

    I've been with PlusNet for years, and although I never do recommendations I have no plans to change….

  9. Years ago i was stupid enough to become a customer of NTL, by fuck did i regret that, i won't bore you with the details but i happened across this letter to NTL one day, it's featured on the Derby Gripe and i have shamelessly given a link for your enjoyment.
    I hasten to add it's not written by me, wish it was, but you could easily substitute any of the modern non service providers names and it would apply equally.


    regards and fuck all of them


  10. This is perhaps a good time to point out that Virgin Broadband was originally a joint venture between NTL and Virgin until NTL bought Virgin out. Fuck knows what happened after that but it seems some other cunts now own it.

    Your link gave me a good laugh. Unfortunately I have no cats, but my daughter has two so perhaps I could borrow some droppings from her. On the other hand, one of my neighbours has two Wolfhounds which may come in handy as a substitute…

  11. I also have to say that my experience with TalkTalk was not very good to say the least. I've been with Plusnet for some years now – full package( (line rental, phone & broadband) – and like Mick Anderson above I don't do recommendations – but I've had good service from them thus far.