An open letter to Ian Hislop

Dear Ian,

I assume that the comment you published in the Eye issue 1273 is in response to my previous two – unanswered – e-mails regarding the gratuitous filching of material from this blog to help swell the pages of your esteemed journal.

[ For the benefit of readers, this comment read : “Visit our website and have your say, which we can then put in the newspaper tomorrow in our ‘What the Bloggers Say’ column, which replaces the old news section which we had to pay people to write.” ]

As I have previously stated, I find it flattering that you find my stuff worth plagiarising and am not seeking remuneration for my creativity. However, I do feel you could at least do me the courtesy of awarding a by-line by way of acknowledgment.

In future, I shall feel free to return the compliment by filching your stuff. I shall also be embellishing my modest publication with the logo “As featured in Private Eye” as this seems only fair…

Yours sincerely,



One response to “An open letter to Ian Hislop

  1. Since I never cast me eye over this publication I remain ignorant orf its contents. For the many members orf the reading public in a likewise position may I presume upon your creativity by asking you sir to post a few examples orf the aforementioned fliched material so that our opprobrium may be brought to bear.

    Yours ect ect.