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Rail Fare Increases

So along comes the first of January and what’s all over the News channels? There’s going to be an increase in rail fares on 1st January. Shock! Horror!

Since when was this fucking news? I remember back in the late 60’s (yes I really am that old!) when rail fares went up on January 1st. It’s happened every year since. Now I appreciate that we’re in the dead zone for news until after the Christmas / New Year holidays that seem to go on for a fortnight, but this really isn’t news is it?

Al-BBC blames the increases on the rail companies and the fact that the increases are tagged to the Consumer Prices Index or is it the Retail Prices Index? Well, one or the other anyway. And they’re bleating that it’s linked to the wrong one.

Plus, as you can see from the graph above, rail fares over the last five years have risen by less than average earnings so even less cause for political points scoring and bleating.

What the lefties at the Beeb seem to be conveniently ignoring is that the drivers and staff wages are also linked to the same index. So if you are forced to pay your useless good for nothing staff – like the unnecessary guards – loads of extra dosh, then you have to put your prices up to cover the wage bill. Simples, in’it?

The real cunts here are the unions. They bleat about how the increases are hitting the poor old ordinary working man whilst paying drivers the sort of wages that most of us can only dream about. For example, a tube train driver in London can earn £100,000 a year.

Why the fuck did I bother to work my arse off for professional qualifications? Should have been a train driver. I’d have got free rail travel then too.

And none of this negates the fact that Chris Grayling is probably the worst transport secretary since Ernest Marples – as proven by his Brexit contingency plan where he is hiring ships from a company that as none at the moment, but might have soon!

You couldn’t make it up…


Love Labour’s Loss

One might have been forgiven for thinking that last weekend’s great festival of ‘Music, art poetry, dreaming, fun, happiness’ was indeed ‘a great day out.’ After all, the great messiah of the working classes, Jezza himself, said as much – so it must be true!

But it’s not true is it? The fact is that Labour Live was a monumental flop. Not that you will have heard that on the TV news, a situation which would not be unexpected on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, but what about Sly News, or Idiot TeleVision? No. Not a dicky bird. Nothing. But what did you expect? Did you hear them report earlier in the week that six members of the Labour front bench resigned en masse? No, of course you didn’t…

The press were marginally less biased about Jezfest, but not a lot. Even the more recognisable Labour rags were a bit scathing. Even the Grauniad declared “If walking around JezFest is anything to go by, the Tories have little to fear!”

It started badly for Labour when some idiot snowflake at HQ suggested that they could build on Comrade Corbyn’s ego trip at last year’s Glastonbury by holding their own mini version in the north London Labour heartland. It was a bad idea. First, they couldn’t find any committed socialist bands to pay for free. Socialist principals have their price, after all.

Then they couldn’t sell the tickets. £35 to hear a speech from the great Catweazel. Surely a bargain? Well, no. 30,000 on sale, only 2,000 mugs, so just to piss off the 2,000 they slashed the price to £10. And for just ten quid you get to talk to the great McClusky himself in the Unite marquee. Who could refuse that? Well, loads of people actually.

Not that this deterred the organisers. Unite bought 10,000 tickets at the full £35 and provided free transport to bus them in. Of course several of them were there already because they were bullied into working as stewards for free – pretty hypocritical for a party which condemns interns working for free!

But even that didn’t work. Even in a Momentum stronghold, they couldn’t attract people who wanted to listen to the likes of Eddie Izzard and Owen Jones telling them what they should be thinking. To be fair, I suppose that’s understandable. What would your traditional Labour core voter make of a transvestite alternative comedian with fake tits? Hard to say, but we could probably guess. But as one reporter revealed, when he got to the door determined that he wasn’t going to pay more than the discounted £10 for a ticket, he was told that ‘locals get in for free’. What a shame they forgot to tell the locals!

And then there was the moment the great man appeared – only to be met with a group of protesters proclaiming ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ seeking to ‘democratically overturn Brexit’. Well, they were ejected by a bunch of momentum heavies (denied by the organisers despite video evidence) because they were ‘blocking the view with their banner’. Democracy in action, presumably? Where did we see this sort of tactics before? Nazi Germany during the rise of Hitler perhaps?

No, at the end of the day you can spin this any way you like – and be assured they will – this was an ill conceived vanity project and a comprehensive failure. Even some of the photographs on Facebook bore a remarkable similarity to Glastonbury 2016. Presumably that was just a mistake rather than a deliberate lie? Of course it was.

So how do we sum up Labour Live 2018? Let’s be honest – if a major political party can’t even make a profit on a fundraiser, how the hell can you expect them to handle the economy?

“Labour – for the few, not the many”

Unite’s new poster…

Today McCuntsky’s lefty boys have launched a new post campaign in north of England to persuade people to “come home to Labour” on the 8th June.

They say ‘only Labour will protect jobs, the NHS, education and pensions’ – but I prefer a more honest version.

Labour will flood the country with immigrants – banging up class sizes, push taxes through the roof to pay for their ridiculous schemes, raid your pension fund, and destroy your jobs by raising corporate taxes and driving away investment.

So the real truth is that voting Labour on 8th June will wreck the country and the prospects for you and your kids. Come home to Labour on 8th June – and the next day you can come home to poverty and destitution.

That’s the real truth behind Labour…

UNITE-ed we stand…

It’s filthy dirty lies spread by the fookin’ Tories! Everybody knows that Labour is the party dedicated to democratic socialism. How could you possibly believe any different when Comrade Jezza tells you so…?

Well, it’s actually quite easy. Not content with having the Labour leadership in it’s pocket and shoehorning one of McCuntsky aides into the Liverpool Walton constituency, today they announced that Shite’s chief of staff, Andrew Murray, is being drafted into the Labour team to help them lose win the election.

Proudly announcing the appointment – and at the same time seriously pissing off staff at Labour HQ – Jezza praised Murray’s immense organisational abilities and added “I don’t believe that Andrew is anything other than a democratic socialist and a member of the Labour party, like me.” So quite way did he find it necessary to add that comment?

Well, until the end of last year, Andrew Murray was a card carrying member of the Communist Party. In his own words, “I’m a member of the Communist party. That’s where I am. Communism still represents, in my view, a society worth working towards – albeit not by the methods of the 20th century, which failed.” Presumably the 21st century method is to take control of the Labour party, or am I just being cynical?

He’s also a buddy of Jezza. He’s been a political ally for years and worked with him in the ‘Stop the War’ coalition. Murray was also reported to have been among those present at a top-secret summit held at Shite’s training centre in Surrey last summer. Others in attendance included Mr McCluskey, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Mr Corbyn’s top spin doctor Seumas Milne, journalist Paul Mason and Momentum chief, Jon Lansman. Draw your own conclusions as to the political leanings of that particular grouping.

One senior Labour figure commented “I had hoped it was Andy Murray, but this appointment probably nails it game, set and match for the Tories.” Another insider said: “They’re using the election as a means by which to take over Labour HQ.”

So if you want to live in a communist country that’s run by McCuntsky and Momentum then the message is pretty clear – vote Labour on June 8th. UNITE-ed they stand and, with any luck, UNITE-ed they’ll bloody well fall.

Otherwise, we’re all right royally fucked…

“Cheers, Jezza. Have 4.5 million quid…”

News just in that Len McCluskey aide Dan Carden has been selected for the safe Labour seat of Liverpool Walton. It’s completely unrelated to Unite having given £2 million to the Labour Party’s election campaign.

In another absolutely unrelated event, during a meeting of its executive council on Monday Unite voted to release a further £2.5 million from its political fund of members’ contributions. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with the Labour NEC steamrolling Carden into Liverpool Walton constituency against the direct wishes of the Constituency Party.

As a result of these completely unrelated events, the Secretary of the CLP, Ben Williams, has resigned his post. He commented “When I’ve finished in work I will be tendering my resignation as CLP Secretary in protest at this disgraceful undemocratic stitch-up.”

Liverpool mayor, Joe Anderson, announced his disgust at the appointment, but didn’t have the balls to either resign from the CLP or stand against Carden as an independent Labour candidate. He did go as far as to say “We are reminded that Labour is not a meritocracy. But we will continue to campaign for the general election after which there will be more to say.” Whoa! Consequences! More to say!

It seems to me that principles are bought cheaply in the Labour party.

Is there anyone out there who still believes that if you elect Corbyn, McCuntsky won’t really be running the country? If so, then I suggest you question just how unrelated these totally unconnected events really are…