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Brexit treachery

On this Valentine’s Day, this day of love, this day of harmony and accord, we naturally turn our thoughts towards those amongst us who would seek to deny the basic right of democracy to the people of this country.

It’s the week when we explore, according to the Prime Minister, the ‘Road to Brexit’ and set our vision for the future; a future that many of our elected representatives want to deny us because they know better than us common or garden scum.

So as we’ve had one vote already, it seems only right that we should have another.

Click this link and take part in a poll to tell us who you think is the 2018 answer to Lord Haw Haw. The poll has been open for nominations since the beginning of the month and today is open for a vote on the seven who got the most nominations.

So many traitors, so little democracy – so let’s try and restore a little…


What price honour…?

For some years the New Year Honours List has been tasking a lot of flack – and deservedly so – for some of the people that have had gongs handed out for the most bizarre reasons, so I suppose that it’s not much of a surprise that this year is no exception.

Nick Clegg is to get a knighthood. Bad enough when they knighted total non-entity Vince Cable who, as business secretary in the coalition – a position if you will recall that was held by Peter Mandelson under Blair, so hardly low profile – became known as ‘The Invisible Man’. But now we’re going the whole hog for the poor old rump of the Lib Dems by knighting Clegg.

You might recall that a short while back I suggested he should be tried for treason? after he traipsed off to Brussels to hold secret talks on how to overturn the wishes of the electorate and sell his own country down the river over Brexit.

This is a man who has written a book on how to overthrow Brexit – effectively this means how to overthrow the elected government of Britain.

This is a man who commanded such great respect as Deputy Prime Minister – the role he is now being knighted for – that he lost his own seat at the General Election. Even his own constituents don’t want him.

He is needless to say a remoaner, and as Nigel Farage pointed out this week every single one of them has received recognition, CBEs, knighthoods. Not poor old Nigel though because he won the referendum campaign for Leave. We don’t reward the deserving in this country any more.

At least they’re not suggesting that Clegg be knighted for his services to charity after stitching us up for pissing 0.7% of GDP up the wall on foreign aid, whether it was needed or not. That would have been the final insult.

Whatever happened to the good old days when people like this were thrown into the Tower? I seem to remember quite a few of them were Knights of the Realm, so maybe there’s hope yet…


So the debacle of Brexit rises to even greater heights as Labour decide that the will of people counts for nothing in their vision of a Marxist driven, dictator appeasing, totalitarian Utopia…

Keir Starmer has announced that under a Labour government, the UK would continue to abide by the EU’s free movement rules, accept the jurisdiction of the European court of justice on trade and economic issues, and pay into the EU budget, under the pretense of lessening the shock of leaving to the UK economy. That’s the UK economy that would be destroyed by McDonut anyway if Labour ever got into power.

Labour will also leave open the option of the UK remaining a member of the customs union and single market for good, beyond the end of any transitional period.

In other words we pretend to leave but actually nothing changes and we don’t actually leave at all.

Is treason too strong a word to use for this?

I don’t think so…

Well, there’s a surprise…!

Supreme court judges arrive in London to deliver their verdict...

Supreme court judges arrive in London to deliver their verdict…

Actually, it wasn’t a surprise at all was it? It was, however, a spectacular waste of time, effort and money…

Everybody knew well in advance that the Supreme Court would reject the Government’s appeal on triggering Article 50. It was probably the UK’s worst kept secret. So what can we take away from it?

Well, it was a split decision so interestingly not all of the learned judges agreed. That aside, the government will now have to introduce a bill to parliament and take a vote on it. Labour, of course, want to obfuscate by banging on about detailed plans and protecting workers rights whilst at the same time knowing damn well they ain’t going to get detail and that nobody is suggesting that there will be any erosion of workers’ rights. And in any case does anyone know what Jeremy Corbyn’s position on all this is anyway?

David Davies’ statement on all this was simple : “It will be a very short bill!”

The only good thing to come out of all this is the ruling by the Supreme Court that the devolved assemblies in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have no power over the UK government and cannot hold it to ransom. Sure, Westminster will listen to them but I’d like to be a fly on the wall in Holyrood when Sturgeon is told that there’s bugger all she can do to frustrate Westminster.

For me the whole sorry farce is worth it for that moment alone…

Big Brother is an American

Seems there’s a bit of a row going on about the Americans tapping in to telephone conversations over there in the Fourth Reich. Apparently the Fuhrer accepts it as part of the job but is rather pissed off that the Yanks seem to be monitoring ordinary German citizens as well.

After all, that’s her job!

I don’t know why any of this should come as a big surprise. As you can see from the above picture that I shamelessly nicked from the interwebz thingy, there’s nothing new about it. They’ve been at it for years.

And it seems there are suggestions that GCHQ have been joining in and passing the info to America. An investigation has been called for. Which, of course, will do no good.

I once worked at GCHQ and was poisoned by a fish cake that I had for lunch in the canteen. I was rather pissed off at this because I had to take a day off being violently sick. This meant I lost a day’s pay – so you can imagine how ill I must have been!

The next day I tackled the catering manager and asked him what the hell was in that fish cake. “It’s classified!” he replied. Now being even more pissed off, I threatened him with environmental health. “Go ahead” he replied. “They won’t get through the gate.”

So if you think you’re going to get a straight answer from the government about what’s been going on as GCHQ then you’d better think again. Nobody knows what goes on at GCHQ. Not even the people who work there.

And in any case it beats me what all the fuss is about. Do these guys seriously expect me to believe that they’re not spying on the USA just like they’re spying on us?