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Buying your first home…

This weeks announcements about the ‘housing crisis’ and the plight of the poor snowflakes who can’t get on the housing ladder has caused me to think back to the ‘bad old days when I were a lad’ and how it was so much easier for my generation. Not.

Here’s how it used to work :

(1) You can’t afford to start with a four bedroom detached house in the same street where your parents live. You have to start with a one bedroom flat in a cheaper area and commute. That’s reality. Get used to it, snowflakes!

(2) You can’t afford to buy it on your own as a single person. In our day you decided to get married and bring two incomes to the table.

(3) You haven’t got a deposit so you have to save for one. This means you and your future partner opened a joint building society account and went without the simple things in life like going out every night with your mates, eating out instead of cooking at home, buying your coffee in Starfucks – that sort of thing. It’s called ‘making sacrifices’.

(4) After three years of saving, you went grovelling to the building society to apply for a mortgage. This was based on joint incomes, not a single income, and you had to prove by saving regularly that you (a) had a deposit and (b) could make the repayments. If you were very very lucky then you could get away with a 95% mortgage. 100% or higher was unheard of! 90% was the norm.

That’s how easy it was for us – which is why it makes by piss boil when I hear the entitlement generation whinging and bitching on about how it was so much easier for us and how they’re never going to be able to afford a home of their own. Reality seems to be something that simply doesn’t impinge on their view of the unfair, harsh cruel world that they’re living in.

In this life, you don’t get ought for nought. You have to earn it like we had to.

Get used to it…!

Rotten Boroughs : Greenwich

I am reproducing this from the BNP Bolton website, so I think you need to bear that in mind when you read it. It nevertheless makes a very valid point :

This is a kick in the teeth and a total injustice for the family of Lee Rigby, and it’s also a kick in the teeth for the British people that was outraged at the murder of Lee Rigby by the two Somalian Muslims who in broad daylight ran him over, and then started to hack away at his body and tried to behead him

A Memorial for Lee (who was White) has been refused, which is an outrage. Lee was a soldier who had served in Afghanistan, and on his own soil in England was butchered. He left the barracks wearing an Help For Heroes sweat shirt, as he was crossing the road, he was knocked down and hacked to death, by two Muslims who said they were fighters for Allah.

The Labour run Greenwich council has point blank refused a Memorial in honor of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Stephen Lawrence (who was black) was a gang member and a drug dealer, he was attacked by some White youths and was stabbed, but was it one of the White lads that stabbed him? it has been said that it was a friend of Lawrence who stabbed him and then ran off. The friend (who was also black) was not allowed to go to the funeral, why not? does the family of Stephen Lawrence know his friend had stabbed him, but kept their mouths shut, we may never know.

Stephen Lawrence who was a drug dealer and in a black gang, is to get a Memorial and his Mother has now been made a Baroness!!! EH. What?

So. Lee Rigby, a young man who fights for his country and had a family of his own, who is ran down and hacked to death by two black Somalian Muslims, gets nothing at all, in fact since his murder, nothing else has been said, it’s all been hushed up, but they never stop talking about the Stephen Lawrence case, but had he been White, they would have stopped talking about him two weeks after he had been killed.

But a black drug dealer and gang member who was killed, get’s to have a Memorial, and his Mother is made a baroness. This is disgusting, it just goes to show that the soldiers who fight for our country are worth nothing in the eyes of the government. The government should hang their heads in shame.

It should be pointed out that the Lawrence memorial is in Eltham and the Rigby one was proposed for Greenwich, but nevertheless whilst not condoning the language or message of the BNP, if you commemorate Lawrence then surely Rigby deserves the same treatment?

In the words of Ali G “Is it ‘cos I’s black?”

Here’s a nice little graphic if you feel the same way…

European Alternatives

The logo above says it all really.  ‘Beyond the Nation State’ to me is just another metaphor for the sort of Europe envisaged by Adolf Hitler.

But this one is different. Why? Because you’re paying for it!

European Alternatives Ltd has published a 145 page manifesto – and EU taxpayers have kindly donated £95,000 to them to help fund it. Here’s a few of their proposals :

  • Increased right for all non-EU migrants in Europe including illegal, sorry ‘irregular’, migrants.
  • Greater powers for the European Parliament to enact binding legislation.
  • No more detention centres for migrants or forced eviction of Roma people
  • An outright ban on fracking
  • A universal income paid to everyone set at 60% of average national pay, even if they are not working
  • Increased VAT on luxury goods to be used to fund increased benefits
And, irritatingly, this is not the only such EU taxpayer funded organisation of its type. Take for example the Education, Audiovisual, Cultural Executive Agency which manages a programme called ‘Europe for Citizens’ to promote a greater sense of European identity and citizenship.
With a budget almost as grand as its name, it has received no less than £154,000,000 over the last six years.
Absolutely bloody scandalous? I think so.  Puts the result of yesterdays by-election into focus doesn’t it? I think so.
Time to quit the EU and let them get on with it? Definitely!

The Winter of Discontent

Remember 1974 and the three day week? Well, I do and I can see we’re building up to it again!

Now my regular reader will know that my view of Grocer Heath was that he was a bloody disaster for this country, not least of all by his traitorous actions selling this country down the river to the Fourth Reich. And then, worst of all, he went to the country after the miners’ strike turned the lights off and was stupid enough to ask the voters who ran the country – him or the unions? The voters said “Not you, matey!” and who could blame them.

This time round things are a little different because we have a fixed term parliament. Unfortunately, this gives all parties the opportunity to plan ahead knowing when election 2015 will be held.

And the Labour party and unions seem to have started early.

The teachers are going on strike because they don’t like being inspected and supervised and because they want better working conditions and more pay. Well, don’t we all? Same there’s no money to pay for it.

Then there’s the Post Office workers who don’t like the fact that a privatised Post Office might just be a little less inclined to roll over to their demands.

And let’s not forget about the Probation Officers and, this week, the refinery workers at Grangemouth.

Yes, it’s all building up nicely towards a new version of the winter of discontent. We’ve seen it all before from the lefties : stir everything up with a nice wave of industrial action and blame it all on the wicked Tories. With a bit of luck the public will be sick to the back teeth with it all by the time they get to ballot box. Result? Labour government! Job done.

And then they can get back to fucking up the country just like they did last time they were in power…

Greedy bloody teachers

I feel for our teachers. 

All they want is more money, less work and a better pension. Who amongst couldn’t sympathise with that?

Yesterday saw a partial teachers’ strike in an ongoing dispute with the government and – as the above picture shows – Michael Gove in particular. So what is it exactly that they’re getting all steamed up about?

Well, for a start, there’s their workload. They want smaller class sizes and shorter hours. And then there’s the stress of the job. They want fewer inspections by Ofsted in order to take some of the pressure off.

And they don’t like being told they’ll have to retire later before they get their index linked taxpayer funded pensions. And they don’t want to have to contribute more towards them either.

Then there’s pay. Performance related pay? No thank you. The ability to have their pay set by the head teacher? Absolutely not. They should all get the same regardless. On a national pay scale.

And while we’re at it, how about a big increase in regional allowances. Oh, and a pay rise.

But at least they’re happy about their three months annual holiday – so that’s something.

So, to summarise they want more money, better pensions, less work and less scrutiny. Or to put it another way, they want to opt out of everything the rest of us have to put up with. All for the sake of our children, of course.

As I said – I feel for our teachers. Highly educated but not highly intelligent they are being led like lambs to the slaughter by politically motivated left wing unions who want to bring the government down.

And these left wing unions couldn’t give a flying fuck about our children or their members…