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Sturgeon to resign!

Nicola Sturgeon seems to have pulled off a master stroke with her letter yesterday to Theresa May demanding – yes, actually demanding – that Scotland be given a second independence referendum. The Prime Minister is, however, having none of it.

The block buster letter reveals that should the Prime Minister not bow to her demands, then she will call a Scottish Parlimentary General Election on the single issue of an independent Scotland remaining in the EU after Brexit. Sturgeon says that if the vote does not give her a clear majority, then she will resign as First Minister.

It’s a bold move, but she seems to have completely missed the point that most Scots don’t want to leave the UK and the EU won’t allow Scotland to remain after the UK leaves as it isn’t a member.

Sturgeon says she has had secret talks with the EU and that they are prepared to let Scotland remain to punish the UK for leaving the club. She’s confident that she can carry a Scottish Parliament majority in an election and lead Scotland in to a bold new future as a subservient to Brussels instead of Westminster.

I’d like to see it happen because we might actually see the back of her at last…


The great Scottish lie…

As we move towards Article 50 and todays vote in Holyrood, let’s see if we can educate Nicola Sturgeon on a few relevant facts…

First, Scotland can’t stay in the EU after Brexit because Scotland isn’t a member. The UK is a member. Scotland isn’t. Greenland was part of Denmark and therefore in the EU. When it separated from Denmark, it ceased to be an EU member.

Sturgeon is selling the lie that she believes Scotland can stay in a union it never belonged to by becoming an independent country. It’s not going to happen because it would require the agreement of all 27 countries to admit Scotland if it applied after independence. Spain has already said it would veto this, fearing an independent Catalonia.

Secondly an independent Scotland joining the EU would be required to adopt the Euro. Sturgeon wants to keep sterling, but the EU wouldn’t allow it. It’s a requirement of joining the EU that you take the Euro.

Thirdly the economy of Scotland isn’t strong enough to stand on its own. It gets money from England and it gets money from the EU. After Brexit, the UK would have more money to spend internally as it currently gives money to the EU part of which they give back to Scotland. The UK could match that quite easily after Brexit. Put simply, Scotland would be worse off outside the UK even if it was admitted to the EU.

In any case, Scotland on its own wouldn’t meet the economic criteria for membership – although I accept that those criteria have been fudged before, in Greece for example.

Finally, being part of the EU isn’t independence. If you accept your laws and economy being dictated by Brussels, then you’re not independent. You just swapped one union for another.

Sturgeon knows all of this, but doesn’t want the voters in Scotland to know it. For her it’s independence at any price – including not really being independent at all…

Well, there’s a surprise…!

Supreme court judges arrive in London to deliver their verdict...

Supreme court judges arrive in London to deliver their verdict…

Actually, it wasn’t a surprise at all was it? It was, however, a spectacular waste of time, effort and money…

Everybody knew well in advance that the Supreme Court would reject the Government’s appeal on triggering Article 50. It was probably the UK’s worst kept secret. So what can we take away from it?

Well, it was a split decision so interestingly not all of the learned judges agreed. That aside, the government will now have to introduce a bill to parliament and take a vote on it. Labour, of course, want to obfuscate by banging on about detailed plans and protecting workers rights whilst at the same time knowing damn well they ain’t going to get detail and that nobody is suggesting that there will be any erosion of workers’ rights. And in any case does anyone know what Jeremy Corbyn’s position on all this is anyway?

David Davies’ statement on all this was simple : “It will be a very short bill!”

The only good thing to come out of all this is the ruling by the Supreme Court that the devolved assemblies in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have no power over the UK government and cannot hold it to ransom. Sure, Westminster will listen to them but I’d like to be a fly on the wall in Holyrood when Sturgeon is told that there’s bugger all she can do to frustrate Westminster.

For me the whole sorry farce is worth it for that moment alone…


Eilean Donan castle on the Kyle of Lochalsh. I went there earlier this year...

Eilean Donan castle on the Kyle of Lochalsh. I went there earlier this year…

Following our illustrious new leader’s visit to Edinburgh yesterday, I feel it is time to reflect on Scotland…

I like Scotland. Lovely scenery. Went through Caledonia Canal this year and drove the 500 mile route around the coast in a camper van. Last year we spent a week just north of Glasgow and visited some Scottish friends. The year before we took a boat out of Leith round to Oban. Went to the Orkneys, Shetland, and the outer Hebrides.

It’s such a shame that a lovely country with such friendly people is being completely fucked up by people like Salmond and Sturgeon. I had some other friends (Scottish not English) who lived on Skye until they got a brick through their window for displaying a No poster during the independence referendum, after which they were ostracised and intimidated. They sold up and moved to England.

The SNP are systematically destroying Scotland with their left wing bully boy tactics and perverted socialism. They’re jumping up and down about Trident being built in Scotland but I’ll bet they’re not anxious to explain to the shipbuilders that the thousands of jobs it would create won’t happen because of the SNP. Oh no. They’ll blame that on the English.

Mind you, I’d still rather live there then Wales. They speak a dead language and elect cunts like Kinnock.

And given the antics in the Labour Party at the moment, Labour are trying to copy the SNP tactics – but at least they had the good grace to wish Cameron well on his departure from office. I’d welcome the opportunity to do the same for Sturgeon whose sole purpose in life seems to be to ‘give the fooking tories a good kicking’ – her words not mine.

No, I’m sad to say that Scotland is being royally buggered by the SNP whose one good point seems to be that whilst they hold the number of seats they do, there is no prospect of a Labour majority government for the next couple of decades at least.

Mind you, there’s not much chance of that any time soon anyway. Corbyn or Eagle is not much of a choice is it?

Scottish EU propaganda

One thing I noticed about my recent jaunt to Scotland was the proliferation of Fourth Reich propaganda. Every day without fail you’d see loads of signs proclaiming “This project was part funded by the European Union” particularly on road building. I’d say I saw around 50 or 60 during the week I was touring around.

Now I’m not against spending money on Scottish infrastructure. That’s all well and good, but the EU does seem to have a penchant for self promotion and half truths.

What actually happens is that the Scottish government puts up half the money but the money it puts up is heavily bolstered by the English contribution through the Barnett formula. The EU money that it puts up is 50% the money we’ve contributed in the first place that they’ve graciously decided to give us back.

It reeks of SNP hypocrisy that they claim to so hate the English and yet they are happy to take English money via Barnett and via the EU.

The truth is that these projects are 75% funded by the UK taxpayer and 25% by the EU. Wouldn’t it be so much better to fund these things ourselves and for our own government to decide which project the money would be spent on?

And it would save an awful lot of money on road signs too…