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The Royals and #Brexit



What a twat !

My regular reader might have gathered by now that despite not being in any way against the Royal Family, I make an exception for that jug eared twit, Charles.

Not content with being a bloody fool, he has to go and open his mouth and prove it. This week he has given an exclusive interview to Sky News about climate change / global warming. Apparently it’s responsible for all the ills in the world, and it’s all our own fault!

For example, Charlie reckons that the current situation is Syria is all down to climate change. So that’s simple then. It’s nothing to do with the uprising of the Arabs across the whole of North Africa being sick and fucking tired of being murdered and robbed by crooked power mad dictators. It’s all to do with the weather.

Charlie reckons that the Syrian war has been caused by 5 or 6 years of drought forcing the people to fight over scarcer and scarcer resources. Nothing to do with Assad or the Arab Spring. It’s water shortages that’s caused it. Thing is, Charlie, Syria is a fucking desert. There’s never been a lot of water there.

But never mind all that, because according to ol’ jug ears, the migrant crisis is caused by the weather too. Seems it’s just too hot down south so they’re all coming north. Nowt to do with economic migration or jihadists wanting to murder non believers. It’s the weather.

Charlie now says that the Pentagon agrees with him and, apparently, so does Charlotte Church. So he must be right, mustn’t he?

Every time this country has had a king called Charles, it’s been a total fucking disaster so why the fuck did Lizzy name this twat Charles? Did she know he was going to be mentally defective?

The only hope the monarchy has in this country now is that he dies before his mother, so let’s hope she lasts as long as her dear old mum and we can skip a generation because this bloke is definitely going senile…

Charlie Sugar

Now my regular reader will probably have worked out by now that whilst I support the monarchy, I am no fan of certain philandering, interfering, tree hugging jugeared heir to the throne.

So this week I was even less impressed when one of the richest men in the world decided that his charitable trust needed to shed 100 staff. Yes, that’s the Prince’s Trust – you know, the one that he set up to help young people start businesses and create jobs. Seems they’re a little short of funds.

The move comes after The Prince’s Trust suffered a £2.8million funding shortfall last year which forced it to dig into its reserves. It’s worth pointing out at this juncture that the trust still has £22 million in reserve after digging in.

Chief executive Martina Milburn, who is paid £150,000 a year, said the Prince of Wales, who founded the charity in 1976 and is still its president, was ‘well aware’ of the proposed cuts and had backed them to focus on the front line. The trust was set up to help 17 to 30 year olds who are unemployed. Well, after this there’ll be another 100 or so for it to help. I suppose they could join the 6,000 volunteers to whom the Trust pays fuck all?

Watch out Alan Sugar. Charlie’s after your catchprase!

Great. A charity for charities…

FFS! Old jug ears is at it again.

This time he’s decided that the way to cure the ills of the country is get young people off the streets and the dole queues by encouraging them to ‘Step Up 2 Serve’ and work for nothing. He believes – yes, he actually believes! – that the way to tackle street violence and gang crime is to encourage young people to do more work in the community.

Well, if you ever wanted a better example of just how completely out of touch our potential King is, then you needed look much further. And, more worryingly, he’s got the support of all three party leaders.

They’re all getting together to launch the strategy which effectively amounts to a charity to encourage people to get involved in other charities.

Charlie said: “I believe that such a long-term campaign, which is supported by all sectors of society and involving faith and political leaders, education, business, trade unions and the voluntary sector, has a unifying vision. That vision is that all of us, from all walks of life, will ‘step up’ and pledge, at #iwill, to help young people take every opportunity to be of service to others.”

Let’s get this straight. The way to tackle street crime and gangs is to get some growth back in to the economy to provide meaningful – note I say ‘meaningful’ – employment opportunities for people on the dole, to step up the standards of education and in-school discipline so that youngsters get a proper education, to stop criminal gangs having free access across our meaningless EU borders and to tackle the excessive benefits culture.

It’s certainly not to expect people to work for nothing when they can get paid to sit on their arses.

And it’s certainly not ‘supported by all sectors of society’ – so get a grip!


There’s been a complete load of horse shit spouted over the last few days regarding Cameron’s decision to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka.

This has been stirred up predominantly by the Labour party and the left wing press purportedly with respect to human rights (steam rises from ears at mention of phrase!) violations by the Sri Lankan government. The left will, of course, use any excuse to take a swipe at the Tories at the moment in the run up to the Euro and General Elections. Let’s face it – they’ve got no policies of their own to put forward so gutter politics on the American model seems their only option.

Cameron quite reasonably says that he’s attended the meeting as it would be ridiculous for the Britain – the head nation of the Commonwealth – not to be be there. Furthermore, he is aware of the Human Rights (more steam!) issue and intends to use the meeting to confront the Sri Lankan president. Seems to me he’s done this.

On Friday he met with the Tamil leaders in the north of the country. More flack resulted and it was pointed out that he met with them in an area where atrocities were allegedly committed during the civil war.

Now let’s step back from the rhetoric. The first question that needs to be asked is that if Labour are so shocked and outraged by the decision to hold the meeting in Sri Lankan, then why did they arrange it in the first place? It has been conveniently forgotten that the venue was agreed during their time in office.

Secondly just how stupid would it make us look if we send the heir to the throne to chair the meeting and then withhold the presence of our Prime Minister?

Like I said – a complete load of horse shit…