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Daily Brexit Scares

I’m indebted to my friends over at ISAC for running a series of daily Brexit scare stories to frighten all us ill informed people who are so thick we didn’t know what we were voting for and will believe any old bullshit that Project Fear II puts our way.

Here’s a summary of the last few days :

Ex-pat pensioners could return to the UK for free NHS treatment after Brexit and, according to a report by the Nuffield Trust, this could cost the NHS an extra £1billion per year. This figure does rather assume there isn’t a corresponding saving in no longer treating EU nationals in the UK for free and there is no mention of some of the report’s other conclusions, including that Brexit may make another £5billion per year available to the NHS, or the potential benefits in adopting more flexible working practices.

BBC devoted prime news time to the chaos that will ensue if we leave Europol. Now we were in Interpol for fucking years without being in the EU but now it is Europol and leaving the EU will expose us to terror and chaos.
Why the fuck this should be was not explained although I suspect layer upon layer of bureaucracy has taken over rather than coppers etc pooling info.
The remoaner interviewed was of course a Brit employed by Europol. He didn’t mention terrorists crossing borders with impunity but that was no surprise.
So, Brexit scare of the day – uncontrolled crime and terrorism.

We won’t be able to staff the NHS. So called BBC News at 6.
I wonder how non EU countries manage to attract and employ skilled workers? Could it be that they have a points system and priority occupations?
Of course this could never work for Remoaning Britain. Better to admit every fucker from the EU – and of course far beyond thanks to Frau Merkel – without control or checks.

First minister of some tin pot principality called Wales, Carwyn Jones, tells the BBC news website ‘Trade deals with the US etc cannot replace EU trade deals.’
No reason why they should. The deficit is in the EU’s favour so any tariffs will hit them harder than us. Trade will continue in both parties interests.
Fact 1. Wales voted Leave.
Fact 2. This gravy train riding cunt knows better that his constituents.
Fact 3. The Welsh assembly is the biggest collection of tossers and misfits outside of Brussels.

Yes, Project Fear has risen from the grave and boy, does it stink…


Words fail me…


Never underestimate the ability of people to be stupid…

Unite’s new poster…

Today McCuntsky’s lefty boys have launched a new post campaign in north of England to persuade people to “come home to Labour” on the 8th June.

They say ‘only Labour will protect jobs, the NHS, education and pensions’ – but I prefer a more honest version.

Labour will flood the country with immigrants – banging up class sizes, push taxes through the roof to pay for their ridiculous schemes, raid your pension fund, and destroy your jobs by raising corporate taxes and driving away investment.

So the real truth is that voting Labour on 8th June will wreck the country and the prospects for you and your kids. Come home to Labour on 8th June – and the next day you can come home to poverty and destitution.

That’s the real truth behind Labour…

The era of ‘post-truth’

I was appalled to hear a politician talking the other day about ‘the post-truth era’ in relation to all the hoo-hah going on across the pond about Trump’s protestations regarding fake news.

‘Post-truth’ is not a new phenomenon. Wikipedia defines it as “a culture in which debate is framed largely by appeals to emotion disconnected from the details of policy, and by the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are ignored.” It’s been going on for years and, ironically, it has taken the ascendancy to the presidency of a man who does the exact opposite to bring it to a head.

You might not like Trump, but the fact is that when he was campaigning he promised, amongst other things, to build a ‘great big beautiful wall’ across the Mexican border, suspend immigration from countries linked to terrorism ‘until we figure out what the hell is going on’ and to repeal Obamacare. He did all three of these in his first week and people are up in arms about it even though he did exactly what he said he was going to do – something unheard of in the era of post truth politics.

I remember recently having a spat with a fellow blogger about Cuba. Whatever I said made no difference. His opinion was his opinion no matter how I rebutted his arguments and answered his direct questions. He regards me as a pig he was trying to teach to sing. This is a classic reaction to post truth. The ‘facts’ I was being shown were to say the least unsubstantiated and politically motivated. They may well have been true, but the truth is that nobody really knows and if they were true then the reaction was still emotional rather than rational.

During the Brexit campaign we were constantly fed unsubstantiated opinion and speculation presented as truth. In the end, Project Fear turned out to be wholesalely wrong, but that didn’t prevent organisations like the BBC – which used to pride itself on being politically unbiased – presenting it as truth. We see the media across the globe doing exactly the same thing.

And now fake news is bring weaponised in all sorts of fields, political, diplomatic, and economic. Listen to CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and Russia Today relating the same news story and you get totally contradictory presentation of the so called facts. I suspect that none of them are actually presenting facts at all – just opinions and spin. As a wise man once said – ‘There are three sides to every story : your’s, mine and the truth!

Facts are facts. The problem is that nobody actually knows what they are any more…

Project Punish…

If you're hoping that red spot is from a laser sight, then you're going to be disappointed!

If you’re hoping that red spot is from a laser sight, then you’re going to be disappointed!

Having moved from Project Fear to Project Panic, within the course of 24 hours they’ve moved on again – this time to Project Punish!

Having completely and utterly lost the plot, Osborne yesterday announced that if we have the audacity to defy him and Vote Leave on the 23rd, he’ll introduce an emergency budget to punish us all for not doing what we’re told. Here’s his plan :

  • add 2p to basic income tax and 3p to the higher rate
  • increase duty on fuel, fags and booze by 5%
  • raise inheritance tax by 5p
  • cuts to the police, the NHS, pensions and defence

Staggeringly, whilst cutting public spending in important home grown areas, he’s proposing to leave the foreign aid budget untouched!

The Britain Stronger in Europe campaign said this would mean ‘a £2.5 billion-a-year cut to the health service, a £1.2 billion cut to defence and a £1.15 billion cut to education. Pensions spending could be cut by £2 billion a year.’ Spending in other areas, including the Home Office and policing, transport and local government, could take a 5 per cent cut, saving £5.8 billion.

So why exactly is all this ‘necessary’ because if we vote Leave on the 23rd, fuck all is going to happen overnight. Where’s the ’emergency, George?

According to Osborne, ‘Quitting the EU would hit investment, hurt families and harm the British economy.’ What he actually means is “Do what I tell you or I will hit investment, hurt families and harm the British economy”

Senior Tory MP Steve Baker said: ‘I am shocked that the Chancellor is threatening to break so many key manifesto pledges on which all Conservative MPs were elected. The In campaign are panicking – but no one will believe these hysterical prophecies of doom any more.’ His colleague Michael Fabricant added: ‘These fear tactics are desperate and despicable.’

Ex-Cabinet minister Liam Fox said: ‘A punishment budget would be rejected by both sides of the House of Commons. It would damage the Chancellor’s credibility and would be putting his own position in jeopardy. I think the British public would react adversely to such a threat based on the Chancellor being afraid they will vote the wrong way in his opinion.’

Labour MP John Mann said: ‘This is more scare tactics from the Remain side. If we vote to Leave and take control of our money we will have more to spend on the priorities that matter to us.’

And ironically, Osborne is announcing all this today alongside Alastair Darling who he is presenting as a former Chancellor and credible economic expert. He seems to have forgotten that it’s not so long ago that he was rubbishing his predecessor for fucking up the UK economy and leaving the country in a Godawful financial mess that Genius George had to inherit!

Ignoring the fact that all this is ‘absolute cobblers’ to quote James Dyson, it’s totally unnecessary and it would never get through the House of Commons so here’s my message to George Osborne and the other purveyors of Projects Fear, Panic and Punish –

Just fuck off and stop using your bullshit to bully and control us. Win or lose, you’re finished politically and you’ve only got yourselves to blame…

( and if you’re wondering about that red spot, it was while he was visiting a Hindu temple yesterday – presumably praying for a miracle to make him sound credible )