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Play the white man…!

Say hello to Anne Marie Morris, the Tory MP for Newton Abbot. Apparently Ms Morris is a racist who has been suspended for the use of unacceptable racist terminology.

So what did she actually say? Well during a discussion on Brexit she used the appalling expression ‘nigger in the woodpile’. Shock! Horror! Not exactly BNP terminology is it or particularly offensive. But this is the 21st century PC where we banned the golliwog on the front of the Robertson jam jar, got rid of the nigger brown paint that my late father-in-law liked to paint his garage with, banned the black and white minstrels and renamed Guy Gibson’s dog in his bio-pic.

It’s bloody nonsense and frankly the so called ‘grown ups’ running this country should be ashamed of themselves for pandering to such nonsense.

I wonder what action they would have taken if Sajid Javid had said that the EU were being unreasonable and should ‘play the white man’? Would that have been unacceptable racist terminology?

No of course it wouldn’t. And why would that be?

Well, quite possibly because he’s not white – and only white people are racists.

To call a spade a spade, I think she’s been sold down the river by a bunch of cretins. There. That’s three racist expressions in the same sentence. Anybody spot them? No – thought not…

PC Pissboiler of the week

Now let’s make this perfectly clear before we start : I condemn all acts which lead to the indiscriminate targeting, killing and maiming of anyone regardless of colour, class, race or religion. As far as the Finsbury Park attack was concerned, Darren Osborne was a total cunt. He was NOT, however, a terrorist.

And that’s the piss boiler. This morning as I was doing the weekly shop with Mrs D, it was announced there would be a one minute silence “in memory of the victims of the Finsbury Park terror attack”.

As muslims were coming out of the mosque, a nutter in a van ploughed into them. Yes, he’s a nutter. Not a terrorist. The Met confirmed after the attack that it was not ‘terror related’ so why are we ramping up the rhetoric to turn this incident into something it isn’t?

Three people wearing fake suicide vests and hacking people to death in Borough Market shouting “Allah ahkbar!” is a terrorist attack. A bloke driving a van into people on Westminster Bridge as part of a jihad is a terrorist attack. The IRA blowing up the Grand Hotel in Brighton was a terrorist attack.

Like Jo Cox’s killer, Derren Osborne was a lone fruitcake, not religiously motivated and not connected to a terrorist group.

So hold your minute’s silence if you want – but don’t try and sell it to me as a terrorist act, because it bloody well wasn’t!

The Ministry of Truth

I was interested to read this morning an article in the Daily Fail by Katie Hopkins about the infiltration of our schools by snowflakes and libertarians who are brainwashing our children.

She’s quite right when she says that it’s fine for teachers to teach our children to think, but goes on to point out that that what’s increasingly happening is that teachers are teaching our children what to think. By pushing their own agenda and their biased view of the world, they’re brainwashing an entire generation – and that’s not only wrong, it’s dangerous as well.

The anti-Trump protests are a visible example of this insidious practice. I worry when I see 9 year old kids carrying banners saying things like “Not my president” or “Immigrants welcome” or “No hate, No racism!” because my grandson is 9 years old and is certainly not au fait with the complicated goings on in world politics. He simply doesn’t understand it. And why should he? He’s 9 nine years old and enjoying his childhood. Plenty of time later for worrying about the state of the world!

When kids start coming home and telling their parents that Mr Trump is a racist and wants to do bad things, I seriously wonder how young children could have arrived at this opinion unless it was rammed down their throats by teachers with their own political agenda. I doubt my 9 year old knows very much about the new President of the USA or, for that matter, about Brexit. Somebody is filling their heads with this stuff.

Now I’ll admit that some of this might be down to the political leanings of the parents and that’s been going on for generations. My political leanings might have been considerably different if my father had a different job to the one he actually had. He never rammed his political opinions down my throat, but at the same time we are all heavily influenced by our upbringings. I’m not defending it – it’s just the way it is and has always been. But it is worrying when out teachers do it.

We send our kids to school to be educated, not molded; taught to think not what to think; to behave not how to behave. It’s a school, not the ministry of truth. They’re there to be educated, not re-educated.

Orwell got it right – he just got the year and venue wrong…

Bono bollocks

My regular reader might have worked out by now that I’m not a great advocate for political correctness, particularly amongst the know-fuck-all snowflake generation, but last week it hit new height of ridiculousness when Bono was awarded ‘Woman of the Year’!

Now even the great (?) man (?) himself recognised that awarding Woman of the Year to someone who isn’t a woman was bloody ridiculous. “This is ridiculous” he said. “And if I didn’t know it was ridiculous then there’s the internet to remind me!” Well, Bono me old mucker, I wouldn’t want to be the exception to that particular piece of your wisdom. What we need to ask ourselves tho’ is that if he knew it was ridiculous, then why didn’t he just say “Don’t be silly – I’m a bloke!” and decline the award?

Well, that’s just not the publicity hungry Bono’s self important way is it?

Then he got serious – well, serious by Bono standards anyway. “2016 might be the year I stop believing north stars are always visible, even through a layer of fog. This year, the north star looked like a neon sign, fizzing and crackling, ‘hate for hire,’ ‘girls for rent,’ ‘women need not apply,'” he said. “I say to the president-elect, look across to women. Make equality a priority. It is the only way forward. The train is leaving the station, be on it or be under it.”

So the latest in a long line of celebs lining up to give Donald Trump lessons in how to be President. Among them Mylie Cyrus who wants, from her vast experience in life, to explain to Trump “all the things he doesn’t understand.” What a twat…

Bono’s award was presented by Amy Poehler, a leading light in the womens’ right movement. Unfortunately, Amy doesn’t seem to apply the same sentiments to racism or sexism. Here’s what she said : “We are gonna spend the next four years watching white men congratulate themselves.”

White men like Bono, then, eh Amy?…

The blame game

I probably won’t be very popular for writing this, but since when did that ever stop me. I’m going to write about the Hillsborough verdict…

15 April 1989. What were you doing on 15 April 1989? Can you remember because I can’t. So can we really expect crystal clear recollections about that fateful day when 96 people died? Especially when you’re required to recount them at an inquest?

The original inquest recorded a verdict of accidental death. Subsequent investigations revealed that the police had been somewhat economical with the truth and the words ‘cover up’ were mentioned. Certainly it seems that they were covering their backsides and there’s no excuse for that. But does it makes the deaths any less misfortune? Nobody set out that day to deliberately kill 96 people.

The officer in charge is clearly traumatised by the events of that day. PTSD has struck him down and he’s very frank about how remorseful he feels that he couldn’t have done better. But we can all be wise after the event. Does that mean he should be prosecuted for his actions? Or should he be pitied for the witch hunt to find somebody to blame?

The culture of the 21st century is very different to that of 1989. We live in a world of ambulance chasing lawyers and the inherited culture of America where nothing is ever an accident and somebody has to be blamed. If we walk down the street and trip over a paving stone then it’s not our fault for not looking where we’re going. It’s the fault of the council for not maintaining the pavement or the poor sod who laid the stone. It’s always somebody else’s fault.

And that’s what I find so unpalatable about the Hillsborough verdict. Even the jury couldn’t agree more a more than 7-2 majority verdict of unlawful killing. Reading the report, there were many factors involved and many lessons to be learnt from that day. And it’s not so much that we have to wheedle out somebody to blame, but the fact that the supporters themselves are exonerated of any part they played.

After all, they were there too. But remember – in 2016, it’s always somebody else’s fault…