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Personally I’m getting sick and tired of the word “islamaphobia” being bandied around. It’s a nonsense word, just like “hate crime” and “racist” when applied to muslims.

Let’s examine the facts, rather than the rhetoric. Islam is a religion, it’s not a race. To apply the word ‘racism’ to criticism of Islam is a nonsense. It’s used by people who just don’t understand proper English. Ditto ‘hate crime’. What a load of rubbish. If I call someone who is white a cunt it’s OK, but if a call a Muslim a cunt then that’s a hate crime. No it isn’t. I don’t hate him, I just think he’s a cunt and his race, religion or skin colour is irrelevant. This is another PC phrase used against the indigenous people of this island. It’s one sided, discriminatory against straight, white, heterosexual, able bodied people.

But back to Islamphobia. A phobia is defined as “an irrational or illogical fear“. Last night a car was driven into people outside Westminster. Is it logical to fear someone deliberately driving a car at us? Of course it is.

A few months back I visited the 9/11 memorial in New York. It is illogical to fear islamic fundamentalists who hijack planes and fly them into tall buildings to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians? No, it isn’t. How about the July 7 attacks in London, the rampage in Borough Market, the hacking to death of Lee Rigby, tourists machine gunned on a beach, trucks driven into Christmas Markets, beheadings of aid workers? Do these events make you think that fear of the people who perpetrate these acts is “irrational or illogical”? Of course not. Yet when we talk about them and we’re white, we’re accused of islamaphobia.

Boris Johnson is being pilloried at the moment for making Islamaphobic remarks. Absolute bullshit! The guy was actually supporting the right to wear the burkha and saying it should not be banned, I actually think he’s wrong but that’s not the point. It is being pointed out that since this white anglo saxon male made these ‘islamaphobic remarks’ there has been a rise in ‘hate crime’. It wouldn’t surprise me if they blame him for encouraging last night’s attack in London.

So Boris said people in burkhas look like letter boxes. Well, be honest – they do, don’t they? Bit like walking bin bags too. That’s a fact, not ‘islamaphobia’.

He also said they looked like bank robbers. Well, explain to me why as a white man I am not allowed to walk into a bank wearing a crash helmet and yet a muslim is allowed in wearing a full face covering? And while we’re at it, remember that fugitive that tried to get out of the country by checking in at the airport wearing a burkha?

Of course, I will be described for writing this as a islamaphobic white supremacist. Well, I actually believe in treating all people equally regardless of their race and colour and reacting to them each individually depending on how they behave.

And I can’t be islamaphobic because there’s no such thing or racist because Islam is a religion not a race…

Stupidity at the RNLI

Why would anyone want to slag off the RNLI you might ask? The selfless unpaid volunteers risk their lives on a regular basis. They’re heroes in the true sense of the word and should be praised!

Well, quite. But it would appear that the management are a bunch of humourless, PC snowflake cunts. They’re the ones I’m after.

Cue Whitby lifeboat station. Enter stage left RNLI manager (female, of course) who spots a couple of comedy mugs with – God forbid – a picture of a naked woman on the front. Shock! Horror! Seems the men had given each other Secret Santa gifts including a mug which featured a photo of a nude woman with the face of one crewman superimposed on top.

Humourless twat from RNLI decides that said mugs could have been found by schoolchildren, which posed a ‘safeguarding risk’.

So the two lifeboat men are sacked. By telephone ‘natch. Snowflakes don’t do confrontation after all. I’m just surprised that she didn’t do it by text, or Facebook, or Twatter frankly.

And the reaction to this load of OTT PC bollocks? Well, it seems that four fellow crew members have told the RNLI to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Reportedly, three more have quit this morning. Two of the crewmen who quit are said to be women. A petition has been raised locally demanding that the men are reinstated. So far 500 locals have signed it.

So has the RNLI backed down? Has it fuck! A spokesman said “We want to stress that this was not a trivial matter. The lifeboat station should be an environment where people can expect to be treated with dignity and respect.

We cannot allow bullying, harassment or discrimination in what should be a safe and inclusive environment and there will be serious consequences for anybody who demonstrates this behaviour within the RNLI. By challenging this behaviour, we are standing up for the thousands of volunteers who are committed to doing the right thing as they operate our 238 lifeboat stations, saving lives at sea around the clock, 365 days of the year.

Our dedicated volunteers represent the values and principles of our organisation and we will not allow any behaviour that brings the work of the RNLI and our people into disrepute.

So I would suggest to the RNLI that the correct way to treat people with dignity and respect is not to sack them by phone. And if you don’t want the RNLI to fall into disrepute, then I would suggest that you don’t behave like a bunch of over officious, humourless, feminazi idiots! And yes, I’m afraid it really is a trivial matter.

Interestingly, I have tried in vain to find out the name of the fool who sparked all this off in the first place.

Now there’s a surprise…

So they died in vain then…

Just once in a while I am appalled by the state of the nation – especially in regards to the ignorance and general stupidity of the average Brit. Such an occasion was earlier today when the results of a survey into World War II were published.

The study of 2,000 adults commissioned by TV’s History Channel found that despite 53 per cent claiming to be ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ knowledgeable about the second world war, 36 per cent are unaware Britain’s allies included France and the US.

One in twenty even believe we were on the same side as Germany, Italy and Japan.

More than a third have no idea that the Battle of Britain took place during World War Two, and despite its name, 43 per cent didn’t know it happened in British airspace.

Thirty-two per cent were also unaware Pearl Harbor took place in Hawaii, with one in fifty believing it happened in Britain.

Three in ten had no idea the Blitz was a World War Two event, while 32 per cent didn’t know VE Day marks ‘Victory in Europe’ at the end of war.

But despite being widely recognised as the battle that ended the second world war, more than six in ten couldn’t name 1944 as the year D-Day took place.

Others believe the Battle of the Somme, the Treaty of Versailles and even the sinking of the Titanic were events which took place during the second world war.

Around one in six were also left stumped by the dates of the second world war, which started in 1939 and ended in 1945.

In order to understand the present it is essential to understand the past. I despair at what is being taught to our children these days if they have no knowledge of the events of the 20th century. To suggest that Germany and Britain were on the same side is an act of such appalling ignorance as to beggar belief and to nullify the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of our forefathers who fought to keep this country free of the tyranny of Nazi Germany and the ruthless dictatorship of Japan.

Of course the cynical amongst us might wonder whether such a propaganda victory and dumbing down of history could in any way be attributed to the political correctness that dictates we must not offend our friends in the EU – those same friends in Berlin that want to screw us for having the audacity to leave their sphere of influence; the Fourth Reich in all but name.

If a deep rumbling is heard across the country tonight, it will be thousands of betrayed soldiers, sailors and airmen turning in their graves.

We should be deeply ashamed…

Destroying our heritage

Frankly, I was a pissed off when a rather stupid Rhodes scholar wanted to tear down a statue of Cecil Rhodes – the man who’d just funded his university education – because he was a racist. For an intelligent ( sorry, well educated not intelligent ) Oxbridge student to come out with such rampant bollocks left me speechless. Speechless is not an easy thing to achieve in my case!

And after the bullshit in the States where the non-whites want to tear down statues of confederate war heroes, we’ve now got the same bollocks over in this country. It’s been suggested that Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson was a white supremacist and therefore Nelson’s Column – a landmark of the Capital city and massive tourist attraction – should be torn down.

So what idiot is proposing this nonsense? Afua Hirsch is a 36-year-old half-British, half- Ghanaian journalist brought up in London who, until this week, scarcely anybody had heard of. Her attention focuses on Nelson’s friendships with West Indian slave traders, and his description of the ideals of abolitionist William Wilberforce as ‘a damnable and cruel doctrine’.

Notably, Nelson treated all his sailors equally – black and white – chastising those who screwed up and commending those who performed their duties well. He was a man of his time. He would undoubtedly have opposed women getting the vote, but this would not make him a misogynist. He hated the French because we were at war with Napoleon not because he was a xenophobe.

Cecil Rhodes was by all accounts an unpleasant man, but he served his country diligently and did his bit for the empire. And let’s not conveniently forget that Britain was the first country to abolish slavery.

These men and their attitudes were of their time. We don’t expect the Japanese or Germans to apologise for their actions in WWII despicable as many of them were. The modern generation were not the ones responsible, and yet idiots like Hirsch think we should be atoning and apologising for the actions of our ancestors.

These people are the real racists. And let’s not forget that racism is only white on black and never the other way around. Personally, I’m proud to be English and refuse to apologise to anyone for what my grandparents did. I object strongly to calls for Rhodes statue to be torn down, Nelson’s column to be demolished and – let’s not forget this one – Waterloo Station to be renamed because it’s offensive to the French.

These things are part of our heritage and are what make Britain British. In New Zealand there are calls for the statue of Captain Cook to be torn down because it offends the indigenous people of that country. And yet in the UK it’s open season on the indigenous peoples whose culture is being eroded on a daily basis.

To those people who espouse such things, I have a simple message : Fuck off and live somewhere else..!

VJ Day

Sometimes, I get a bit pissed off and just have to let off a bit steam. “Shurely not!” I hear you say, but I’m afraid that this is one of those times.

Yesterday was VJ day. 72 years ago Japan surrendered and the second world war came to an end. Why does that piss me off? Well, it’s because nobody noticed. Not a single mention in the media or on TV that I could fine, not even on the Yesterday channel.

The Japanese regarded non Japanese as sub-human. To the Japanese there were three type of humans – male Japanese, female Japanese, and everybody else – who basically don’t count. I worked for them for six years. Luckily my Dad was cremated otherwise he would have turned in his grave. I can honestly say that if I live to 1,000 years old, I will never understand their thought processes.

I shared an office with an anglicised Japanese called Henry (not his real name obviously). He was scared shitless when his boss called him from Japan. He would sit to attention while talking to him on the telephone. I asked him once if his told him to go to the roof and jump off, would he do it? He replied “Of course”. I asked him if he would want to know why. He replied “Not ask unless have good reason”.

He asked me what I would do in the same circumstances. I said “I’ll tell him to fuck off!” Like I said, you’ll never understand them.

It took two atomic bombs to force the surrender. Two. Any other country on Earth would have surrendered after the first one. Not the Japanese. Facing an imminent invasion, they were training children to clamber under tanks with explosives on their backs and detonate them. And this was years before the jihadis thought of the idea. Ahead of their time, or what?

If you want to know why my father always reckoned they should have dropped a few more big ones until they wiped Japan of the face of the planet, then read “1,000 days on the River Kwai” by Col. Cary Owtram OBE, a senior POW commander on the death railway. His memoir was written in secret on scraps of paper and hidden inside bamboo poles until after the war. It’s taken 72 years to get it published because no publisher would touch it.

No, I’m angry about VJ Day being ignored in the interest of political correctness. We don’t want to upset our friends in the east.

But, frankly, if North Korea nuked Tokyo tomorrow then I wouldn’t give a rats arse. It should have happened 72 years ago in my book…