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What price honour…?

For some years the New Year Honours List has been tasking a lot of flack – and deservedly so – for some of the people that have had gongs handed out for the most bizarre reasons, so I suppose that it’s not much of a surprise that this year is no exception.

Nick Clegg is to get a knighthood. Bad enough when they knighted total non-entity Vince Cable who, as business secretary in the coalition – a position if you will recall that was held by Peter Mandelson under Blair, so hardly low profile – became known as ‘The Invisible Man’. But now we’re going the whole hog for the poor old rump of the Lib Dems by knighting Clegg.

You might recall that a short while back I suggested he should be tried for treason? after he traipsed off to Brussels to hold secret talks on how to overturn the wishes of the electorate and sell his own country down the river over Brexit.

This is a man who has written a book on how to overthrow Brexit – effectively this means how to overthrow the elected government of Britain.

This is a man who commanded such great respect as Deputy Prime Minister – the role he is now being knighted for – that he lost his own seat at the General Election. Even his own constituents don’t want him.

He is needless to say a remoaner, and as Nigel Farage pointed out this week every single one of them has received recognition, CBEs, knighthoods. Not poor old Nigel though because he won the referendum campaign for Leave. We don’t reward the deserving in this country any more.

At least they’re not suggesting that Clegg be knighted for his services to charity after stitching us up for pissing 0.7% of GDP up the wall on foreign aid, whether it was needed or not. That would have been the final insult.

Whatever happened to the good old days when people like this were thrown into the Tower? I seem to remember quite a few of them were Knights of the Realm, so maybe there’s hope yet…


Get the message!

As you will have guessed by now, I’ve been on holiday for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been in the Med looking for little rubber boats to sink off the coast of Sicily. To be honest I saw no sign of any so we sailed north round Sardinia, across to Minorca, Gibraltar and ended up in Madeira. Europe is now well and truly behind us and we’re home again.

We missed the excitement of UKIP meps battering each other, the incompetence of the Labour leadership election and the Tory conference. All of this was rather nice to be honest…

So this week’s excitement would appear to be Theresa May’s first full EU council meeting as Prime Minister on the 20th. This should prove interesting on a number of fronts. Firstly the Merkels and Junckers of this world really don’t seem to have grasped that we’re leaving. Merkel seems convinced she can force us to accept free movement – on which point she seems clearly deluded – whereas Juncker seems to have totally lost interest in the whole business.

Meanwhile Donald Tusk is telling us that the only alternative to ‘hard Brexit’ is ‘no Brexit’ so he can go and get stuffed for a start. And the EU grandees seem to be asking what May is doing to persuade the UK to change its mind. The answer to this is, of course, fuck all! What planet are these people on?

And then back home we have Nick Clegg saying he’ll do everything he can to subvert the will of the lectorate by using his little rump (pun intended) in Parliament to prevent us leaving. He doesn’t seem to have got the message that he got decimated at the last election because people realised that the Limp Dumps really don’t have any workable policies, so why the hell does he think anyone gives a toss what he thinks now?

Then there’s the mistaken premise that the Fourth reich can treat May like Cameron and that she’ll just sit there and suck it all up. You would have thought by now they’d have realised this is a different animal.

They seem to think that if they procrastinate long enough then we’ll back down. Maybe they can even force a second referendum? After all, it’s worked before. Just keep stalling long enough until you wear down the opposition…

May needs to use this meeting to set them straight. Do a Thatcher and give the buggers a damn good handbagging! I’ve often asked where Maggie was when we need her. Well maybe this week we’ll find out.

I sincerely hope so…

Official: Clegg is a wanker!

Well, party time is nearly over.

We’ve had the Labour conference with Ed forgetting his lines, UKIP trumpeting the peoples’ army, the Greens promising pie in the sky and the Tories purring over their economic miracles. Now there’s only the Limp Dumps to come over this weekend.

I’ll be glad when it’s all over and will most certainly be glad to see the back of Nick Clegg. The man has been pathetic during the course of this coalition, second only to the invisible man – Vince Cable. So impressive has Cable been that I genuinely couldn’t remember his name there for a moment and just for once, it wasn’t old age setting in.

Do the Lib Dems actually have any policies that make sense? They languished so long in the political winderness that they got used to promising the Earth knowing that they’d get a few votes on the back of it and would never have to put any of it to the test in power. Then the 2010 election happened and really stuffed them big time. They got a seat at the top table that finally revealed just how hopeless and unfit for purpose they are.

So this will be Clegg’s last conference as party leader. I’d put money on that. After next week’s by-elections will he even still be leader by the end of the month? After all, if they want to dump him, they’re going to have to do it quickly or it’ll lose them what few votes they have left next May.

Meanwhile Cleggy is still doing his man of the people bit over on LBC and getting rather hot under the collar by all accounts about comments made by the person hotly tipped to be our next female PM. Apparently Teresa May upset him with the comments she made in her speech to the Tory conference. She accused the Lib Dems of ‘outrageously irresponsible’ behaviour for torpedoing the legislation which she claims has put children at risk.

The row centres on the Communications Data Bill, which would give police access to a person’s full internet history and who they have contact with on social media websites. The Lib Dems blocked it.

Clegg demanded an apology on air over what he described as the ‘new low point in coalition relations’. His complaint was ridiculed by one source at the Home Office who simply said: ‘Nick Clegg is a wanker.’

So there you have it. It’s official and, for once, the Home Office have got something right…

Limp Dump posturing

Anyone would think that there’s an election or two in the offing by the way Nick Clegg and his pathetic cohorts are ‘positioning’ themselves.

After several attempts to persuade voters that ‘we’re part of the government, but we’re not the Tory party’ they seem to have finally found themselves an issue that might have some legs in it in the person of Michael Gove.

Now let me say straight away that I don’t consider Mr Gove to be one of my favourite cabinet ministers. Somehow whenever I think of him, he conjures up some kind of caricatured cartoon image in my head. He just doesn’t look right. A bit like William Hague in that famous baseball cap picture. But Mr Gove seems to be the Clegg target of choice at the moment.

The Lib Dems and Tories have previously clashed over the employment of classroom staff without formal teaching qualifications and Mr Gove’s decision not to re-appoint Labour peer Sally Morgan to watchdog Ofsted.

Now Mr Gove has been accused by Clegg of diverting millions of pounds away from creating school places in state schools to his favourite ‘pet project’ of free schools. He claims this will mean the loss of 30,000 local authority places.

This, of course, brings us to the thing that Lib Dems seems to be rather good at: plucking figures out of the air. This worked well for them when they were in opposition because they never had any chance of being in government and could say what they liked. Trouble is, they found themselves in power. Oh dear!

Clegg said Mr Gove was “ideologically obsessed” about backing free schools. Tory education sources called the Lib Dems “pathetic”, saying more school places were being created overall. And that’s the nub of it. The places will still be created. They’ll just be in a different system.

Basically, all this has nothing to do with the Lib Dem integrity about education. After all, who could forget their pledge not to introduce tuition fees? What is has to with is distancing themselves from the Tory party in the run up to elections.

Let’s face it, they’re facing consignment to the dustbin of political history which, in my humble opinion, is long overdue…

£2bn in aid when this country’s in the shit!!!

FFS, what’s the matter with this dipstick government? I think this one might well qualify for my ‘Piss Boiler of the Year’ award…

Yesterday, Chancellor Georgie Porgy Osbourne stood up in the House of Commons and had the bare faced gall to tell us that we are even deeper in the shit than he thought and that he’s goes to have to dump more spending cuts and tax increases on us. Well, OK. I could swallow that given the state the last bunch of wankers left us in, but not after I saw this announcement in the Daily Telegraph :

Britain yesterday pledged almost £2 billion in “climate aid” to help finance foreign projects including wind turbines in Africa and greener cattle farming in Colombia.

Each household will contribute £70 to schemes to tackle climate change in developing countries before March 2015, under plans championed by Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary.

Conservative MPs were furious last night at the scale of the bill, which was unveiled as George Osborne prepares to announce a series of tax rises and spending cuts in today’s Autumn Statement.

Lord Lawson of Blaby, a former Chancellor, also criticised the “appalling waste of money” at a time when household budgets are already squeezed.

Senior Conservatives were also dismayed at the timing of the announcement, but Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, hailed the cash as “fantastic news”.

What a cunt!

Contrast this with another article yesterday on the BBC website speculating on the Autumn Statement :

“One measure he may take in the Autumn Statement is to freeze more benefits, preventing them from rising in line with inflation. Working tax credit and child benefit have already been frozen. Freezing all benefits could save the government £2.5bn a year, according to the IFS.”

Well, it could be worse because Georgie actually allowed a minimal increase of 1%, but overall the benefits budget will still be chopped by £3.5bn but he could still have allowed an inflation linked increase if he wasn’t funding African bird mincers! I notice that nobody asked him how the fuck he justifies this crock of shit when he was answering questions in the House yesterday…

So this is how it works: We chop benefits to the needy in our own country to save a couple of billion pounds a year then we give the money to some loony, Lib Dem lefty to piss up the wall in the third world.

If that’s not a piss boiler, then I have never come across one!