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Trump in the UK

I’ve avoided writing on this subject until now. So what prompted the change of heart? Well, the hypocrisy of the Left in this country…

Emily Thornberry, our illustrious Shadow Foreign Secretary, just tweeted “How dare you insult our country? You’re here as our guest. Did your mother teach you nothing?” in response to Trump speaking his mind on the Brexit deal at the NATO conference. Well, that’s a bit rich isn’t it Emily?

The Labour Party has campaigned to downgrade Trump’s visit from a State Visit to a working visit. They got their way. How dare you insult the elected leader of our greatest and nearest ally, Lady Nugee? Did your mother teach you nothing?

Then there’s Sadiq Khan. Trump and Khan don’t like each other. Khan’s doing a terrible job and Trump just out and says so. Well, you might think that’s rude, until you see what Khan has said about Trump. In January, when Trump was due to open the new US Embassy in London, Khan said that Londoners “have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here.” He added “what a mistake it was for Theresa May to rush and extend an invitation of a state visit in the first place.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What is not excusable is when Khan authorises the dreaded Trump baby blimp. Can he not understand that this is seen as a joke by Trump and as pathetic and childish by the majority of Brits? He needs to grow up, spend more time getting crime in the capital under control and less time throwing his toys out of the pram.

It is a sad state of affairs when the Russians and the North Koreans give Trump a better welcome than the United Kingdom. It says a lot about the state of this country today.

We are capitulating to the EU over Brexit – and while we’re talking about the EU, why were they represented at the NATO summit? The EU is not a country – yet. It contributes nothing to the NATO budget, so why were they attending?

Trump says May has failed to tackle Brexit. We’ve met them three quarters of the way there and still they stonewall us. Trump would have told them to fuck off. He’d be right.

Frankly I’m ashamed of the disrespect we are showing to the POTUS. Honour the office even if you don’t like the man. Frankly we need a strong leader like Trump not a weak useless pushover like May.

At this point in time, I’d rather be the 51st state of America then the 28th state of Europe. At least they have a leader and made our PM welcome when she went to Washington. We could learn a lot from Donald Trump – not least of all about how to conduct a negotiation from a position of strength.

Welcome to the UK, Mr. President…

10/10 Tango Man

Houston Texas is truly fucked by Harvey. Even more fucked than New Orleans by Katrina. Even more than Haiti.

Hang on! What’s Haiti got to do with it? Well, I started this blog in January 2010 because I was so incensed with the response to the massive earthquake that hit Haiti – particularly the way a bunch of so called ‘Christian’ Evangelists couldn’t get out of the country quick enough when the airport reopened. Then there was a ray of light…

The next day former US President Bill Clinton was spotted at Haiti airport helping to unload relief supplies from a cargo plane. No fanfare, no photo opportunity, no press announcement – just an ordinary bloke doing his bit who happened to be an ex-president of the USA. That’s the way to do it.

The other day Trump donated $1 million of his personal money to the relief fund. Now I realise that Trump has got a lot of money, but nevertheless it’s still a million dollars and it’ll help do some good. But Trump isn’t the richest guy in America by a long chalk, so where are rest of these preening posturing so-called philathropists? People like Gates and Zuckerberg who have one fuck of a lot more money that Trump.

Of course his opponents will say it’s posturing. After all, they’ll slag him off anyway whatever he does, so if he gave nothing it’d be wrong too. So why did he bother?

Well, it’s called leading by example and maybe, just maybe, it’ll shame some other filthy rich fuckers in America to follow his lead?

I’m not holding my breath…

Words fail me…


Never underestimate the ability of people to be stupid…

Who? Oh, Labour…

I dunno, I turn my back on this country for a couple of weeks and it all goes down the shitter!

The EU are playing silly buggers with Brexit, Prince Philip retires, May is getting out of her pram, and Labour make big gains in the local elections proving to everyone that they’re the only party that can lead this country to a glowing future.

Oh, hang on a minute! I seem to have got that last bit wrong…

As today progresses, it’s becoming increasing evident that the only party this country has any confidence in whatsoever is the Tories. Poor old delusional Timmy’s Lib Dem resurgence doesn’t seem to be happening at all – there’s a surprise – and UKIP’s internal squabblings and general lack of leadership since Farage’s departure have wiped the party off the political map. Let’s face it, now we’ve had the referendum, UKIP no longer has a purpose and the voters are deserting it in droves.

But back to Labour. They have a leader who has lost a vote of confidence by his own parliamentary party, a front bench of unknowns, a Marxist IRA sympathiser as shadow chancellor and a shadow home secretary who can’t even do basic maths. What could possibly go wrong? Electing Labour on June 8th would set this country back to the 1970’s, hand sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels, and bankrupt the nation overnight. The voters realised this yesterday and have deserted them in droves.

John McDonnell this week said that he would reverse the Tory cuts on death duties thus, at a stroke, screwing his own core voters. And then, just to add to that, he wants to increase taxes on the rich – who he defines as any family with an income over £72,000 per annum. This screws middle England and again hits his core vote.

Labour is an absolute fucking unelectable shambles. FFS they’ve even lost the seat that their founder, Keir Hardy, held to the Conservatives. If the Welsh Labour heartlands will vote Tory, then anyone will.

And Labour have lost control of Glasgow – a council they’ve held since time immemorial. To the SNP? No. They’ve lost it to the Tories. Heartland Labour has had it’s heart ripped out of it by Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott.

Theresa May made a shrewd decision calling an election for June 8th. I predict a landslide and a ‘bloody difficult woman’ telling the EU bullies to go fuck themselves royally. Whatever you might think of her, she’s no mug and an accomplished politician. And the alternative is Farron, Corbyn and Sturgeon in some fudged up, unworkable and unholy triumvirate reminiscent of the three witches in MacBeth. “Hubble, bubble toil and trouble…

So are you going to turn out and vote Tory on June 8th? If not, then you must be seriously losing the plot…

Sturgeon to resign!

Nicola Sturgeon seems to have pulled off a master stroke with her letter yesterday to Theresa May demanding – yes, actually demanding – that Scotland be given a second independence referendum. The Prime Minister is, however, having none of it.

The block buster letter reveals that should the Prime Minister not bow to her demands, then she will call a Scottish Parlimentary General Election on the single issue of an independent Scotland remaining in the EU after Brexit. Sturgeon says that if the vote does not give her a clear majority, then she will resign as First Minister.

It’s a bold move, but she seems to have completely missed the point that most Scots don’t want to leave the UK and the EU won’t allow Scotland to remain after the UK leaves as it isn’t a member.

Sturgeon says she has had secret talks with the EU and that they are prepared to let Scotland remain to punish the UK for leaving the club. She’s confident that she can carry a Scottish Parliament majority in an election and lead Scotland in to a bold new future as a subservient to Brussels instead of Westminster.

I’d like to see it happen because we might actually see the back of her at last…