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Personally I’m getting sick and tired of the word “islamaphobia” being bandied around. It’s a nonsense word, just like “hate crime” and “racist” when applied to muslims.

Let’s examine the facts, rather than the rhetoric. Islam is a religion, it’s not a race. To apply the word ‘racism’ to criticism of Islam is a nonsense. It’s used by people who just don’t understand proper English. Ditto ‘hate crime’. What a load of rubbish. If I call someone who is white a cunt it’s OK, but if a call a Muslim a cunt then that’s a hate crime. No it isn’t. I don’t hate him, I just think he’s a cunt and his race, religion or skin colour is irrelevant. This is another PC phrase used against the indigenous people of this island. It’s one sided, discriminatory against straight, white, heterosexual, able bodied people.

But back to Islamphobia. A phobia is defined as “an irrational or illogical fear“. Last night a car was driven into people outside Westminster. Is it logical to fear someone deliberately driving a car at us? Of course it is.

A few months back I visited the 9/11 memorial in New York. It is illogical to fear islamic fundamentalists who hijack planes and fly them into tall buildings to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians? No, it isn’t. How about the July 7 attacks in London, the rampage in Borough Market, the hacking to death of Lee Rigby, tourists machine gunned on a beach, trucks driven into Christmas Markets, beheadings of aid workers? Do these events make you think that fear of the people who perpetrate these acts is “irrational or illogical”? Of course not. Yet when we talk about them and we’re white, we’re accused of islamaphobia.

Boris Johnson is being pilloried at the moment for making Islamaphobic remarks. Absolute bullshit! The guy was actually supporting the right to wear the burkha and saying it should not be banned, I actually think he’s wrong but that’s not the point. It is being pointed out that since this white anglo saxon male made these ‘islamaphobic remarks’ there has been a rise in ‘hate crime’. It wouldn’t surprise me if they blame him for encouraging last night’s attack in London.

So Boris said people in burkhas look like letter boxes. Well, be honest – they do, don’t they? Bit like walking bin bags too. That’s a fact, not ‘islamaphobia’.

He also said they looked like bank robbers. Well, explain to me why as a white man I am not allowed to walk into a bank wearing a crash helmet and yet a muslim is allowed in wearing a full face covering? And while we’re at it, remember that fugitive that tried to get out of the country by checking in at the airport wearing a burkha?

Of course, I will be described for writing this as a islamaphobic white supremacist. Well, I actually believe in treating all people equally regardless of their race and colour and reacting to them each individually depending on how they behave.

And I can’t be islamaphobic because there’s no such thing or racist because Islam is a religion not a race…


Take a good look and let’s nail this fucker

Seems to my week for getting wound up! I was going to write a piece about Charlottesville, but events overnight in Barcelona have pushed that onto the back burner.

More innocent people slaughtered and maimed, and what’s the response? The politicians wheel out their usual “We’ll all stand united” and “We will never give in to terrorism” bollocks. But what is the tangible, physical response?

Well, the French lost a few citizens, so we’ll turn the lights off on the Eifel Tower. That’ll show ’em we mean business!

The Spanish decide to declare three days of national mourning and hold a minutes silence. That’ll put the wind up IS!

The Moslem community, led by our very own London Mayor, Sad-dick Can’t, trots out the usual not all Moslems are bad people diatribe!

Well, what should we do? For a start we could stop picking the bastards up from out of the Med and bringing them to Europe. How about we pick them out of the boats, sink the fuckers, and dump the migrants back on a beach in Libya.

How about sealing the border with Turkey? How about stopping free movement for illegal migrants and sticking up a ‘great big beautiful wall’? How about bombing the fuck out of Islamic State? How about not letting people who join IS to fight back into the country by renouncing their citizenship? How about not being afraid to do anything in case it upsets the politically correct lovers of ethnic minorities?

But above all, how about stopping spouting bullshit and actually taking some action? What the fuck is the matter with this current generation? They’re in the middle of a terrorist attack and instead of running for their lives, the dumb fuckers are taking pictures of injured people on their phones!!! How sick is that? FFS, snowflakes, get real and do something!

And I don’t mean starting a fucking hashtag…

The show won’t go on

On the 19th January 2010, I started this blog with a post about the earthquake in Haiti and how the first people out of the country when the airport reopened were a group of American religious hypocrites who, when God called to them to help the afflicted, couldn’t run away fast enough back to their nice comfortable safe havens in the good ol’ U. S. of A.

On Monday night a religious lunatic blew himself and loads of helpless civilians – mainly children – to bits in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert. But – as the old show business saying goes – “The show must go on”.

Except that it isn’t.

This is, after all, the snowflake generation. They don’t display a stiff upper lip and carry on regardless. They griefjack and run away and hide. My grief is bigger than your grief. Let’s hold a vigil and read poetry because that’ll show the murdering bastards just how strong and united we are. That’ll frighten them into stopping…

So what does the snowflake ‘superstar’ do in the wake of this atrocity? Posts about how broken she is, cancels her tour, and buggers off back to her nice comfortable safe haven in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Sound familiar? 7 years on and the ‘leaders of the free world’ are still showing us the way by buggering off and feeling sorry for themselves.

What she should be doing is saying loudly and strongly “Fuck you! I defy you! I’ll set an example! The show must go on!” But that’s not the way for the snowflake generation is it?

Still, I’ll bet her album is number one by the weekend. That’ll show ISIS we won’t be cowed…

Happy bloody Christmas

Yet another religious fanatic has murdered a bunch of innocent people who don’t agree with his version of worshiping God, this time by driving a truck into a Berlin Christmas market.

This latest atrocity raises several questions, especially in relation to German immigration policy and free EU movement. Could it happen here? Well, the honest answer is not will it happen here but when will it happen here. I was listening to a security ‘expert’ on the TV this morning saying we were doing all we can to prevent a repeat in the UK but that it was inevitable that someone would slip through the net eventually. We seem to have conveniently forgotten the 7/7 attacks in London or even the IRA campaign all those years ago. It will happen again.

In Germany they have been quick to try and deflect attention by saying that attacks like this encourage the right wing who have been vocal in condemning Merkel’s open door immigration policy that has allowed over 1 million migrants – I’m reluctant to use the word refugees – into Germany in the last year. It was inevitable that IS sympathisers and other jihadists would take advantage of the policy and sneak in by hiding in plain sight.

But let’s think for a moment about being right wing. Is it right wing to encourage homophobia, racism and religious hatred? Yes of course it is – but it’s not right wing to be afraid of somebody trying to attack and kill you.

Merkel is up for re-election this coming year and she’s under pressure. Her open door policy is proving to be deeply unpopular. Even her supporters are condemning it and, let’s be honest, it’s been a disaster. You can’t blame ordinary Germans for turning against her because of it. At the same time let’s not start talking about the rise of right wing neo-Nazis in the wake of this attack because that’s just another incarnation of Project Fear and it won’t do Merkel any favours at the ballot box.

Here in the UK we’ve been opposed to free movement and lack of controls over immigration for years. It’s one of the major reasons for voting to leave the EU. Unfortunately, whilst Germany has these lunatics within their borders, there’s nothing to stop them coming her.

So is a similar attack inevitable in the UK? I’d say so. Thanks a lot, Frau Merkel…

Cultural sensitivity

Oh dear! According to Liz Truss, we need to take action in our prisons to increase awareness of cultural diversity and therefore help to reduce radicalisation of potential Islamic terrorists.

Bollocks, Liz! We don’t need training courses. We need an action plan! Here’s what going on in our prisons :

“Extremists are aggressively attempting to encourage other inmates to convert to Islam” so the simple answer is to keep them in solitary – except we’re not allowed to do that because it violates their human rights!

“Friday prayers were left unsupervised and staff pressurised to leave” WTF! Who is in charge in these places? The staff should just tell them to fuck the fuck off!

“Literature in chaplaincy libraries promoted extremism” so police the fucking libraries! How difficult is that exactly?

“The intimidation of prison imams and attempts to exploit staff fears of being labelled racist” Again, who the fuck is in charge here?

And since you clearly don’t have a plan, Liz, here’s mine for sorting out this shower of shit:

(1) Stick all the rotten eggs in one basket, dress them up in Guantanemo style hi-vis suits, and put armed guards in the towers with machine guns in case they decide to try and escape. If they do then shoot the cunts. If they riot, seal the doors and let them wallow in their own shit. If they hunger strike, let them starve.

(2) Stick bastards like Choudary in solitary and if the Human Rights twats object, tell them to sod off. Better still, repeal the European Charter of Human Rights. We’re leaving the EU anyway, so who cares if they don’t like it?

(3) Bring back hanging for the offence of treason. That should thin the buggers down a bit!

(4) No actions should be unsupervised, literature should be policed, gatherings of more than two forbidden, and charges of racism or religious discrimination by prison staff dismissed out of hand. Any assault on a prison warder, five years added to the sentence automatically.

(5) Ban prayer meetings. Let them worship God in their cells on their own. God won’t care. In fact God probably doesn’t give a toss about this lot anyway. I know I don’t.

There. Sorted. Rant over…