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Take a good look and let’s nail this fucker

Seems to my week for getting wound up! I was going to write a piece about Charlottesville, but events overnight in Barcelona have pushed that onto the back burner.

More innocent people slaughtered and maimed, and what’s the response? The politicians wheel out their usual “We’ll all stand united” and “We will never give in to terrorism” bollocks. But what is the tangible, physical response?

Well, the French lost a few citizens, so we’ll turn the lights off on the Eifel Tower. That’ll show ’em we mean business!

The Spanish decide to declare three days of national mourning and hold a minutes silence. That’ll put the wind up IS!

The Moslem community, led by our very own London Mayor, Sad-dick Can’t, trots out the usual not all Moslems are bad people diatribe!

Well, what should we do? For a start we could stop picking the bastards up from out of the Med and bringing them to Europe. How about we pick them out of the boats, sink the fuckers, and dump the migrants back on a beach in Libya.

How about sealing the border with Turkey? How about stopping free movement for illegal migrants and sticking up a ‘great big beautiful wall’? How about bombing the fuck out of Islamic State? How about not letting people who join IS to fight back into the country by renouncing their citizenship? How about not being afraid to do anything in case it upsets the politically correct lovers of ethnic minorities?

But above all, how about stopping spouting bullshit and actually taking some action? What the fuck is the matter with this current generation? They’re in the middle of a terrorist attack and instead of running for their lives, the dumb fuckers are taking pictures of injured people on their phones!!! How sick is that? FFS, snowflakes, get real and do something!

And I don’t mean starting a fucking hashtag…


Advance Australia backwards…

Score one more for The Donald…!

Seems he thinks that Obummer’s deal to take in 1,200 illegal immigrants currently detained in Australia is a ‘dumb deal’ and, frankly, I find it hard to disagree with him. The Aussies don’t want them, the Yanks are cracking down on illegal immigration and we need to focus on the word ‘illegal’.

Malcolm Turnbull himself commented ‘I’m doing what I was elected to do and that’s stand up for Australia’s interests’ which is fair enough so let’s not criticise Trump for doing exactly the same thing.

The answer is detain them and then send them back. It’s the only way to get the message across and stem the flow…

Trumps visitor ban…

So the idiots are out jumping up and down about the Trump travel restrictions. To paraphrase Churchill, never has so much bollocks been spouted by so many about so little…

Let’s do something unique. Let’s actually look at some facts! Novel, isn’t it? Firstly, it’s NOT unprecedented. Bush did exactly the same thing after 9/11 and nobody went out on the streets protesting about that, did they?

Secondly, the list of seven countries that are effected was drawn up in 2011 by Barack Obama. It’s not been just pulled out of the air by Trump as people are suggesting.

Thirdly, it’s a 120 day ban so all these people who say he should be ostracised until the ban is lifted just need to cool off and wait another 117 days.

It’s been conveniently forgotten by the idiots that Trump proclaimed this policy loud and clear during his election campaign, just like that ‘great big beautiful wall’ so he’s doing what he promised. Maybe politicians keeping their word is something that the snowflakes just can’t understand?

And while we’re talking about idiots, it would be hard to ignore Chami Chakrabati and Mo Farah and the bollocks they’ve been spouting. Our Chami says it’s racist. Well it isn’t because religion isn’t a race – and coming from the muslim appointed to the Lords by Corbyn in exchange for a fudged report on antisemitism in the Labour Party, I find her protestations a bit rich.

And then there’s Farah. Apparently he says it will effect him because he’s Somalian. Well if that’s so then why does he run for Britain and hold a British passport? It might be a great opportunity for self promotion, but let’s face it – you’re talking bollocks aren’t you Mo?

And on the subject of bollocks, there’s a million more idiots signing an on line petition to cancel a state visit for a man who hasn’t even been invited yet.

FFS people! Get a grip!..

Happy bloody Christmas

Yet another religious fanatic has murdered a bunch of innocent people who don’t agree with his version of worshiping God, this time by driving a truck into a Berlin Christmas market.

This latest atrocity raises several questions, especially in relation to German immigration policy and free EU movement. Could it happen here? Well, the honest answer is not will it happen here but when will it happen here. I was listening to a security ‘expert’ on the TV this morning saying we were doing all we can to prevent a repeat in the UK but that it was inevitable that someone would slip through the net eventually. We seem to have conveniently forgotten the 7/7 attacks in London or even the IRA campaign all those years ago. It will happen again.

In Germany they have been quick to try and deflect attention by saying that attacks like this encourage the right wing who have been vocal in condemning Merkel’s open door immigration policy that has allowed over 1 million migrants – I’m reluctant to use the word refugees – into Germany in the last year. It was inevitable that IS sympathisers and other jihadists would take advantage of the policy and sneak in by hiding in plain sight.

But let’s think for a moment about being right wing. Is it right wing to encourage homophobia, racism and religious hatred? Yes of course it is – but it’s not right wing to be afraid of somebody trying to attack and kill you.

Merkel is up for re-election this coming year and she’s under pressure. Her open door policy is proving to be deeply unpopular. Even her supporters are condemning it and, let’s be honest, it’s been a disaster. You can’t blame ordinary Germans for turning against her because of it. At the same time let’s not start talking about the rise of right wing neo-Nazis in the wake of this attack because that’s just another incarnation of Project Fear and it won’t do Merkel any favours at the ballot box.

Here in the UK we’ve been opposed to free movement and lack of controls over immigration for years. It’s one of the major reasons for voting to leave the EU. Unfortunately, whilst Germany has these lunatics within their borders, there’s nothing to stop them coming her.

So is a similar attack inevitable in the UK? I’d say so. Thanks a lot, Frau Merkel…

The new ethnic minority

I was interested this week to read a report compiled by Processor Eric Cantle, a government advisor who has been studying the changes in the social and ethnic make up of our country. The results are alarming if not entirely surprising.

The conclusion is that this country’s white population is dwindling in relation to the predominantly Asian invasion of our shores.

In 1991 87% of England comprised indigenous Caucasians. In the last census, taken in 2011, this had shrunk to 75% and the good professor predicts that this will have accelerated geometrically by the time of the next census in 2021.

He points out that this is worst in urban areas. In the worst case – Newham in London – fewer than 16% of the population are white, down from 33% ten years ago.

Coupled to this worrying trend, another report highlighted the growth of what have been labelled ‘basement Sharia councils’ where panels of ‘learned’ muslims preside over legally unrecognised marriages and divorces and pass judgements on matters effecting muslim families.

The most worrying aspect of all this is the government’s purported attitude to this growing social problem. The muslim community says that when muslims come to the UK they conglomerate near mosques and tend to group together in close communities where they have strong religious and family ties. This is understandable.

What is not understandable is that the blame is put on white families for deserting these areas when the Asians move in. It is being suggested that the whites are being racist and intolerant and that they should make an effort to deliberately move into areas where they would be regarded as outsiders.

Of course, when whites look down on non whites in a community, they are labelled racists and bigots. When it’s the other way round then it’s the whites not making an effort to accept foreigners.

The country really is going down a politically correct toilet, isn’t it?