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The Junckers are coming!

Yes, it’s the Battle of Britain all over again. Fire up that bulldog spirit! Arm the defenses! The Third Reich is threatening your freedoms!

Except that this time it’s the Fourth Reich that’s attacking and the Juncker in question is dear old Jean Claude – the insignificant former premier of the piss pot little principality of Luxembourg – with his rousing Nuremburg clone speech on the ‘State of the Union’.

This unelected megalomaniac eurocrat wants to have a United States of Europe with a single all powerful President – presumably unelected like him and possibly even himself – a single army, a CIA clone, a single currency across all member states, enlarged membership, open borders, more immigration and fuck knows what else he’s got up his sleeve.

Now it’s been suggested by a number of Remain dickheads that we didn’t know what we were voting for. Well I don’t know about you but avoiding being ruled by unelected foreign dictators was pretty high up on my list of reasons. What Juncker is proposing is not a United States of Europe, it’s the European Soviet Social Republic and if that’s not what you want then tough titties because one of Juncker’s dictats is the removal of your country’s veto.

This would mark the end of any EU country’s sovereign parliament and right to decide just about anything. All decisions would be taken at a ‘federal’ level by unelected and unaccountable eurocrats. Bye bye freedom, hello The Democratic Republic of Europe!

Nigel Farage summed it up nicely in his response to the speech. He said “…that was the most open, honest and most worrying speech I ever heard. What you’re saying is: Brexit has happened, full steam ahead!”

Most worrying was Juncker’s proposal to ban extremist parties from elections, presumably the definition of ‘extremist’ would be ‘anyone who might not agree with us’? I’d be willing to bet that if the UK weren’t leave then that definition would include UKIP.

Let there be no doubt : this speech represents the great assault on democracy since Adolf Hitler. As Farage so aptly put it “Thank God we’re leaving!”


The Battle of Stoke

Thursday next week could prove an interesting day for British politics with by-elections in Stoke-on-Trent and Copeland in Cumbria. Labour have held onto both these seats since before WWII, but according to latest news WWIII is erupting in Stoke…

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, a working class grass roots scouser, is contesting the seat hoping to upset the Labour monopoly – and according to the latest polls he has a good chance of succeeding. In the referendum, 70% of the Stoke electorate voted to leave the EU. The incumbent MP Tristram Hunt is baling out of the Corbynistas to take up a post at the V&A in London. Presumably he doesn’t reckon much of Labour’s chances at the next election and like many others is quitting now whilst a lucrative job is in the offing. Who could blame him?

So Labour’s militant left is responding in the way it knows best. There have been violent demonstrations at UKIP meetings, the house that Nuttall is using in the constituency has had it’s address published on the internet – prompting hate mail and two break ins. In one case a female UKIP worker was terrorised when she was alone in the building. Death threats have been made against Nuttall and only today it has been reported that Farage and Nuttall were egged in the street on their way to a meeting. Typical Momentum tactics that we’ve seen before.

And just to prove that Labour really doesn’t have a clue, their candidate Gareth Snell is a rampant Europhile who has described Brexit as a “massive pile of shit” in a rant on Twitter. This is a clear vote winner in a heavily Eurosceptic constituency. In fact Labour are so out of touch that they’ve told their own leader to stay away because they think he’s “not an asset on the doorstep”. You couldn’t make it up…

In Copeland it’s a bit more laid back – but not a lot. The biggest employer in the region is the Sellafield nuclear plant. Corbyn’s Labour opposes the expansion of nuclear power. Another vote winner there then? And ironically the by election has been called because the sitting Labour MP Jamie Reed is leaving to take up the post of Head of Development & Community Relations at none other than Sellafield. Reed is a vociferous Corbyn critic and clearly realised his chances of deselection are pretty damned high.

I doubt we’ve seen the last of Labour MPs getting out while the going is good. With Corbyn in charge, they know the party is unelectable so why hang around waiting for the chop either from their own party or the electorate?

Nuttall should win Stoke easily whereas Copeland looks a little closer with the Tories hoping to take the seat. Whatever happens, it looks dismal for Labour. So are we watching the first death throws of a once major party? With the shift of UKIP to targeting traditionally Labour strongholds in the north of England, things ain’t exactly looking rosy…

and they’ve only themselves to blame!

The great ITV stitch up…

Farage, Cameron and a much younger picture of Julie Etchingham

Farage, Cameron and a much younger picture of Julie Etchingham

Well, that was an eye opener last night. Farage and Cameron not actually debating because Chicken Dave knows he’d get demolished by Farage. His excuse last time was that he wouldn’t exacerbate splits in the Tory party by debating against members of his own cabinet. What was the excuse last night, Dave?

I was appalled by the obvious bias of ITV and the complete ineptitude of Julie Etchingham. What the fuck was she there for other than to let the audience continually interrupt Farage whilst letting Cameron drone on about the economy. Why did she continually cut Farage short and not Cameron? Bias of the first order.

And the audience was clearly hand picked to do the same. Balanced, my arse! They were clearly pro-Remain.

And Farage was attacked relentlessly as a racist, little Englander. His comments on Cologne were taken out of context. His arguments on the economy were poo-pooed. Nobody was really listening. They just wanted him – in his own words – demonised. It was a clear case of “If you can’t kick the ball then kick the man who’s got it!”

What was clear was that Cameron is not very good at answering questions. It really made no difference what you asked him, he always pulled it back to the economy. The real answer on the economy is, of course, that we don’t know what will happen if we stay in the EU any more than if we leave. It’s a non argument but it’s nice and technical and scary so Cameron keeps rolling it out.

What was also clear was that Farage was not going to be allowed to answer the question, and yet despite this the reactions after the event seem to largely favour Farage as the winner. He clearly wasn’t on his best form last night although, to be honest, he really wasn’t given much of a chance.

It was appalling – but then that’s nothing less than you’d expect from Project Fear and it’s lackies at ITV…

Which one’s the dummy?

The ‘Two Eds’ double act has been in full swing over the last few days. Anyone would think there’s an election or something..

After the overhyped and extremely boring leaders’ debacle last week, it was revealed that Ed M was working from a scripted set of responses and statements prepared for him by Obama’s former spin doctor on the basis of ‘if it worked for Obama, then it’ll work for me.” You might have noticed that Ed never answered any question he was asked. Hell, no! Here’s an excerpt from his notes :

  • ‘Happy warrior’
  • ‘Calm. Never agitated’
  • ‘Negative -> positive’
  • ‘Relish the chance to show who I am’
  • ‘Don’t let them know I’m a cunt’

OK I made that last one up, but you get the idea. I admit I have serious reservations about a PM who needs to remind himself what to be or or how to act from somebody else’s script.

But what about the other Ed – Ed ‘talking’ Balls? Well, he’s been on the offensive over tax. Apparently he’s pressing the Tories to promise not to reduce the top rate of tax and refusing to accept it when they say they’ve no plans to do so. Also he’s adamant that the ‘working man’ – whoever that might be these days – is £1,100 worse off since 2010 despite the fact that according to all the figures they’re actually not. I can however confirm that I am considerably worse off since 1997 and especially so since Brown became PM. You’re not going to win my vote with that argument.

Then just to prove my point, Balls was in a question and answer session over the weekend on Good Morning Britain. He was asked by an audience member what 6 times 7 was. He thought about it for an embarrassingly silent 10 seconds before answering and then spluttered “Actually my mother in law is the mathematician in our family!” Unfortunately, his mother in law isn’t putting herself forward as a future Chancellor of the Exchequer – although, frankly, she’d probably do a better job.

But never mind, because you always know there’s an election happening when politicians start kissing babies. Farage was photographed in Thanet, Clegg in Kingston and Cameron with one of his own in his kitchen and one of somebody else’s in Poole.

Miliband was nowhere to be seen. Presumably babies were not on his script…

Alas, Farage and Khan…

Operation bugger up UKIP seems to be rearing it’s head again after all the panic over the SNP.

I listened carefully to Nigel Farage’s comments during an interview with the former head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, for a Channel 4 documentary called ‘Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True’. He was also asked about it on the BBC Today programme.

Farage said : “I think the employer should be much freer to make decisions on who she or he employs. I would argue that the law does need changing, and that if an employer wishes to choose, or you can use the word ‘discriminate’ if you want to, but wishes to choose to employ a British-born person, they should be allowed to do so.

And, of course, the other political parties and the media immediately latched onto the word ‘discriminate‘ to brand Farage as a racist dinosaur – not because he is, but because that’s what they want the public to think.

So should employers be allowed to put British workers before foreigners if they choose to do so? Of course they should if that’s their choice. And the point is that it should be their choice.

And let’s remember that whilst Labour’s shadow Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan, is branding Farage as a racist, the Labour Party is discriminating against men with all female short lists. And Ed Miliband has also said that he wants to change things that he thinks are making the labour market unfair for British workers, by stopping firms recruiting solely from abroad.

Gordon Brown before him also stood on a platform of ‘British jobs for British workers’ so the expression ‘hypocrite’ springs immediately to mind.

Many years ago when I had a proper job in the corporate world, I ran a fairly large department. Because of the laws on discrimination, I had to be extra careful to keep detailed interview notes and be able to justify the selection of white candidates when there were non-white applicants. It was alright for me to employ a non-white or an immigrant – no questions asked, but if I selected a white able bodied male then I had to justify the decision in triplicate. This is clearly wrong. Employers should be allowed to select the best person for the job in their opinion.

I ended up in a tribunal once for discriminating against a Nigerian by employing a white British female for a job. He reported me. He clearly lied on his CV and didn’t have the skills I needed. In court, I told the panel that I didn’t select him because he was an incompetent liar. I was told I was not allowed to say such things.

“I’m not allowed to say he is an incompetent liar?” I said. “No” I was told. “Very well” I replied, “I withdraw my remarks about him being an incompetent liar.” By this time, I think the panel had got the message. But the main point I am making is that is a white, British, able bodied, heterosexual male could have been rejected out of hand and that would have been alright. But no, this guy could play the race card.

That’s the stupidity of the current discrimination laws and Farage is right they should be reviewed. He never said they should be abandoned as is being suggested. The Labour Party would seem to agree, but that’s best forgotten by the likes of Mr Khan because it doesn’t suit the election campaign.

What is this country coming to when we sink to such gutter politics?