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10/10 Tango Man

Houston Texas is truly fucked by Harvey. Even more fucked than New Orleans by Katrina. Even more than Haiti.

Hang on! What’s Haiti got to do with it? Well, I started this blog in January 2010 because I was so incensed with the response to the massive earthquake that hit Haiti – particularly the way a bunch of so called ‘Christian’ Evangelists couldn’t get out of the country quick enough when the airport reopened. Then there was a ray of light…

The next day former US President Bill Clinton was spotted at Haiti airport helping to unload relief supplies from a cargo plane. No fanfare, no photo opportunity, no press announcement – just an ordinary bloke doing his bit who happened to be an ex-president of the USA. That’s the way to do it.

The other day Trump donated $1 million of his personal money to the relief fund. Now I realise that Trump has got a lot of money, but nevertheless it’s still a million dollars and it’ll help do some good. But Trump isn’t the richest guy in America by a long chalk, so where are rest of these preening posturing so-called philathropists? People like Gates and Zuckerberg who have one fuck of a lot more money that Trump.

Of course his opponents will say it’s posturing. After all, they’ll slag him off anyway whatever he does, so if he gave nothing it’d be wrong too. So why did he bother?

Well, it’s called leading by example and maybe, just maybe, it’ll shame some other filthy rich fuckers in America to follow his lead?

I’m not holding my breath…


Uncomic relief

Jesus H Christ on a motorcycle, it’s come around again! Comic bloody relief!

It doesn’t seem five minutes since the last time this pile of steaming horse shit was heaped upon us. And it seems to go on longer and longer every year. Get your fundraising packs now, all proceeds to third world dictators and chuggers. Children brainwashed and forced into taking part at school. Get ’em young enough and you’ve got ’em for life – and if they don’t join in then the parents are dragged before the head and duly chastised, and their kids feel ostracised for not conforming.

Personally if it was my kids, then I’d tell them to grow and I’d tell the head to go fuck himself. Orwell would be proud.

So tonight there’s fuck all on the Beeb (what’s new?) apart from a load of has beens trying to relaunch their careers, so-called ‘comedians’ making us cringe with their puerile attempts at being funny, and starving cheeldren being wheeled out to tug at the heart strings and part us from our hard earned dosh. Well, fuck ’em. You shouldn’t have kids if you can’t support them.

Well, they can fuck right off because they’ll get what they get from me every year, namely bugger all.

And this year there’s ten different red noses to choose from. Personally, I’d like one with ‘cunt’ written on it…

Oh! Seems it’s been done! Where do I get one…?

Children in Need

cm10_terry_wogan.jpg / Children In Need
Yes, it’s that time of year again. There’s fuck all worth watching on tellie tonight because Pudsey is back…

Now, I know you are going to think that anyone who says that a charity appeal that raises so much for needy cheeldren should be taken off the air just because it’s a load of purile, talentless shite is a fucking miserable bastard, but frankly I don’t give a shit!

BBC Children in Need is just phase one of the charity barrage that signals the start of the Christmas onslaught in earnest. The chuggers are coming, and woe betide you if you tell them to bugger off!

And this year it will be even worse – because we have all those poor unaccompanied ‘refugee children’ like the one in the above picture lurking across the water in France. And we have to help them, don’t we? Well, actually, no we don’t.

Fuck ’em. Let them eat cake. Let them in and their families will miraculously appear to join them and bring even more extremist bomb makers to our shores.

And fuck the BBC’s Children in Need too for condoning them and forcing my grandchildren to dress up in school and be brainwashed into raising money for this load of old bollocks. That’s what really makes me angry! No wonder they grow up to be multicultural, politically correct snowflakes with no grasp of what’s really going on in the world.

I’m not tight fisted. I’m not miserable. But if standing my ground and telling them to shove their appeal up where the sun don’t shine makes a cunt, then I plead guilty…

French nazis…


Once in a while somebody comes out with some load of old bollocks that really gets my piss boiling. I mean REALLY gets it boiling. It doesn’t happen as often as you’d think, but it did yesterday. “So what was it?” I hear you asking…

Well,it’s this : There’s this idiot called Clare Moseley. 45 year old Clare is an accountant who lives with her husband Benjamin in a five-bed detached pad worth £700,000 in the Wirral. Very nice too. Clare reckons that you can compare the French treatment of ‘migrants’ in the Calais jungle camp to the way the Nazis treated the Jews during WWII.

She said: “I would not want to trivialise what happened to the Jews because it was so awful, but there are parallels that can be drawn. The way the French people treat the refugees sometimes can feel very much like cattle, it can feel very dehumanising.”

Well, we’ll ignore the fact that our Clare wasn’t even born until 26 years after the war ended and is therefore quite clearly an expert on the nazis. She’s just talking bollocks and has since been forced to publish an apology on her charity’s website Care4Calais.

Here’s David Davies’ comment : “These comments are just outrageous. The French want them out of that disgusting camp and into clean, safe homes. It’s an insult to those who died during the Holocaust and the socialist French government, which is about as far from the Nazis as it’s possible to be.” Spot on David.

Sir Bill Cash MP said: “Some of these refugees have fled truly awful situations, but the French have treated them with compassion. There are real issues to discuss here but ridiculous comments like these only distract from them.”

And the Jewish reaction? Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, said: “This comparison demonstrates astonishing ignorance as well as grotesque inhumanity. Mrs Moseley is clearly a very stupid woman who thinks she is being clever. The Holocaust was one of the greatest evils in human history. Whatever one’s view of the Jungle, its occupants are merely uncomfortable.”

This is the same stupid woman who outraged lorry drivers earlier this year by saying that if they didn’t like driving their lorries through Calais and being attacked by migrants then they should “find another job”.

So here’s a question for you Clare : If you’re so passionate about bringing these people to the UK how many have you offered to house in your cosy five bedroom house? None, I’ll bet. And I gather you now claim to live in a bed sit in Calais. How many are you sharing that with. Oh, none again I’ll bet.

Stupid, ignorant, sanctimonious, patronising, self-righteous, hypocritical gobshites like this get right up my hooter…

Sport. WTF?

I’m back from the wilds of the frozen north where I have been trying to occupy myself whilst not out walking in the rain by watching a bit of tellie. Trouble is that it got so bad that I went out walking in the rain in order to avoid what was on the tellie.

Now, I don’t really have a problem with sport. I’m not that interested in it, but I appreciate that there are lots of people who enjoy it and good luck to them. I just object to having it rammed down my throat at every juncture. I turn on the news in the morning and what do I get? The fucking Olympics – the biggest waste of time effort and money I can think of.

Now I’m not decrying the effort dedication and drugs that it takes to become a top athlete or sportsperson. What I don’t understand is how the fuck anyone can make a career and a paying living out of it whilst pretending to be an amateur. I mean how the fuck do you make a living out of riding a bike, chucking a spear, running about or prancing around on a mat?

And then when the wastes of space involved become famous, they get OBEs and knighthoods and come on the tellie telling us to donate £2 a month to feed a poor starving child in war torn bongo bongo land. Spend the fucking money you pissed up the wall on the bloody Olympics helping them instead FFS! Ask the people living in the shanty towns in Rio how they feel about the Olympics and see what they say.

And while we’re at it, same message to the Catholic Church. Flog off a few pieces from the Vatican museum and see how many people you can save for that before shoving the begging bowl under my nose. And that Tom Hiddleston and fuck off too while we’re at it…

But I digress. No news, just Olympics. No BBC1 programmes except Olympics. I looked at the BBC1 schedule for this week. The Olympic coverage is wall to wall from around 11am to the early hours of the next day except when there’s a break for the bloody football. And the big news? Some cunts in Manchester have paid £90million for a player. FFS! Ninety million bloody quid for some cunt to kick a ball about on a bit of grass!!! How many starving families in bongo bongo land could you feed with that little lot?

No, sport has got totally out of hand and, frankly, it’s pretty bloody boring as well…