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Silly old sod!

So the pope reckons that the story of the nativity can be likened to that of the millions of economic migrants streaming out of Africa and the East looking to exploit the naive generosity of Europe, especially the UK.

Well it’s a shame the silly old bugger doesn’t know his own holy book. I seem to remember that far from fleeing their homes for a better life, Mary & Joseph were returning to their home for a census.

The pope also reckons that faith demands that we respect and welcome migrants. It’s a shame then that the migrants refuse to respect Christian faith and that in the shit holes than some of these people come from they crucify infidels, behead them and burn them alive. Mind you, some of us recall tales of Bloody Mary and the Spanish inquisition, so I don’t think the catholics have much to boast about on that score.

And let’s remember that the Vatican is one of the richest organisations on the planet so I’d like to ask popey how many of these poor migrants they’ve housed? How much money have you given to help them in their own countries? I think we know the answer…

So on this Christmas morning, here’s my message to the pope : “Sod off you silly old bugger!”


Sport. WTF?

I’m back from the wilds of the frozen north where I have been trying to occupy myself whilst not out walking in the rain by watching a bit of tellie. Trouble is that it got so bad that I went out walking in the rain in order to avoid what was on the tellie.

Now, I don’t really have a problem with sport. I’m not that interested in it, but I appreciate that there are lots of people who enjoy it and good luck to them. I just object to having it rammed down my throat at every juncture. I turn on the news in the morning and what do I get? The fucking Olympics – the biggest waste of time effort and money I can think of.

Now I’m not decrying the effort dedication and drugs that it takes to become a top athlete or sportsperson. What I don’t understand is how the fuck anyone can make a career and a paying living out of it whilst pretending to be an amateur. I mean how the fuck do you make a living out of riding a bike, chucking a spear, running about or prancing around on a mat?

And then when the wastes of space involved become famous, they get OBEs and knighthoods and come on the tellie telling us to donate £2 a month to feed a poor starving child in war torn bongo bongo land. Spend the fucking money you pissed up the wall on the bloody Olympics helping them instead FFS! Ask the people living in the shanty towns in Rio how they feel about the Olympics and see what they say.

And while we’re at it, same message to the Catholic Church. Flog off a few pieces from the Vatican museum and see how many people you can save for that before shoving the begging bowl under my nose. And that Tom Hiddleston and fuck off too while we’re at it…

But I digress. No news, just Olympics. No BBC1 programmes except Olympics. I looked at the BBC1 schedule for this week. The Olympic coverage is wall to wall from around 11am to the early hours of the next day except when there’s a break for the bloody football. And the big news? Some cunts in Manchester have paid £90million for a player. FFS! Ninety million bloody quid for some cunt to kick a ball about on a bit of grass!!! How many starving families in bongo bongo land could you feed with that little lot?

No, sport has got totally out of hand and, frankly, it’s pretty bloody boring as well…

The power of prediction…


When I wrote my post on Sunday showing the barbaric crucifixion of dissenters by the lunatics in ISIS, I didn’t think I’d be writing another piece today announcing that they’ve gone a step further.

It seems that the maniacs have kidnapped a Catholic priest, Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, and crucified him on Good Friday just to show their complete contempt for any religion that isn’t theirs and the Christian religion in particular. And this time it happened in Yemen – which gives you a fair idea of just how far their reach is extending.

Father Thomas was taken by ISIS gunmen who attacked an old people’s home in Aden, southern Yemen, killing at least 15 people, on March 4th.

The Vatican’s Secretary of State Pietro Parolin said earlier this month that Pope Francis ‘was shocked and profoundly saddened’ to learn of ‘this act of senseless and diabolical violence.’ No way do I condone this priest’s brutal murder, but the Vatican seem to think that this is far more serious than the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades or actions of Queen Mary burning protestants at the stake. Could this be because this time is was done by muslims to christians rather than the other way around? Short memories. Hypocrisy. “As we sow, so shall we reap” as it says in the bible.

You will have guessed that I’m not religious. I do however support the right of people to believe what they like and to worship as they wish – just as long as it doesn’t involve forcing their belief system down my throat.

Unfortunately there are people out there who believe that people who don’t agree with them should be tortured and murdered. Even more unfortunately, that belief is not restricted to Islam. Perhaps the Pope would do well to remember that.


I thought the Pope was supposed to be infallible – so how come he can contradict himself and be right and wrong in the same sentence?

Apparently, according to Pope Francis, the influx of migrants into Europe is an ‘Arab invasion’. Well, he got that one right!

But then he goes on to say that the aforementioned invasion is ‘a good thing for Europe’. It seems that he thinks it will ‘enhance Europe for the better’ by ‘making it more multi-cultural’. He insisted Europe will ‘go forward and find itself enhanced by the exchange among cultures.’

Well perhaps he should reflect on the events of New Years Eve in Cologne. That was certainly a meeting of cultures wasn’t it? Or maybe the grooming of children in Rotherham by gangs of muslims?

And while we’re on the subject, what’s the Catholic Church doing towards helping with humanitarian aid? How many so-called refugees are being housed in the great halls of the Vatican?

This guy is as bad as Welby. They’re both out of touch with reality and talking the talk so that other people can walk the walk. They’ll tell you what to do as long as it doesn’t effect them!

‘Officially infallible’ my arse!

Should schools be secular?

There’s been a bit of a hoo-hah this week over reports that Islamic extremists are targetting between 15 and 25 schools (depending which paper you read) to teach children extreme Islamic views.

I do find it hard to believe that in the 21st century girls are being forced to sit at the back of the class because they’re less important than boys and that Christmas is being pushed to the back burner by muslim head teachers. Seems, however, that that is what has been happening.

There appears to have been what is described as a ‘leaked letter’ which alleges, amongst other things, the “takeover of governing bodies by fundamentalist Islamists, harassment of non-Muslim headteachers, female staff being bullied and gender segregation in lessons.” Michael Gove has now stepped into the affray.

Normally I don’t have a lot of time for Gove, but on this occasion he is right to say that emphasis on religion to this extreme is getting in the way of childrens’ education and development. I do wonder, however, why we’re not seeing the same sort of headlines in relation to, for example, Catholic Schools. Let’s face it, some convent schools can be pretty bloody religiously intense too!

I did also hear that there was a row going on over a school in Birmingham that spent £70,000 of it’s budget on loudspeakers to call all the little muslims to prayer. Have you ever been into a chapel at a Catholic faith school? Nobody seems to raise a fuss about the money spent on those.

The answer to this is, of course, very simple indeed. We follow the example of the French who seem to believe that religion has no place in schools and that if parents want their children to have a religious education then it is best done in the home. They have a point.

When I was at school, RE was a compulsory part of the curriculum. At least we got rid of that. My daughter, on the other hand, was taught comparative religion which was, at least, a step in the right direction and did give her an insight into different peoples’ belief systems.

But I’m with the French on this one. Get rid of it all. No discrimination. Dump the lot. It’s an outdated concept based on superstition that has no place in the 21st century.

Of course, if we did that then we’d have to find another reason to kill each other…