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Trump good. Assad bad.

I seem to be missing something?

It seems that Assad – allegedly – gassing 70 ‘women and children’ civilians in Idlib is a war crime and a crime against humanity. Trump-etting on about the ‘beautiful babies’ murdered by the wicked Assad – allegedly – requires an ‘appropriate and measured response’ from the USA by chucking 59 cruise missiles at an empty air base from which the ‘alleged’ chemical strike was ‘allegedly’ launched.

However, it does seem to be OK for the USAF to blow the living shit out of three times that number in Mosul using their nice eco-friendly non chemical bombs. The number of beautifully babies pulled out of the rubble there seems to be perfectly acceptable because we blew them up instead of gassing them.

So – Trump good, Assad bad. America good, Assad bad.

I condemn the USA for sticking it’s nose into Syria. Equally I condemn Russia for doing the same thing. It would be best for all if both countries pulled out and let the Syrians get on with their internal conflict without external interference. It is, after all, their affair and none of our business.

But no. Now America is banging on about regime change – because that worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t it?

Advance Australia backwards…

Score one more for The Donald…!

Seems he thinks that Obummer’s deal to take in 1,200 illegal immigrants currently detained in Australia is a ‘dumb deal’ and, frankly, I find it hard to disagree with him. The Aussies don’t want them, the Yanks are cracking down on illegal immigration and we need to focus on the word ‘illegal’.

Malcolm Turnbull himself commented ‘I’m doing what I was elected to do and that’s stand up for Australia’s interests’ which is fair enough so let’s not criticise Trump for doing exactly the same thing.

The answer is detain them and then send them back. It’s the only way to get the message across and stem the flow…

Trumps visitor ban…

So the idiots are out jumping up and down about the Trump travel restrictions. To paraphrase Churchill, never has so much bollocks been spouted by so many about so little…

Let’s do something unique. Let’s actually look at some facts! Novel, isn’t it? Firstly, it’s NOT unprecedented. Bush did exactly the same thing after 9/11 and nobody went out on the streets protesting about that, did they?

Secondly, the list of seven countries that are effected was drawn up in 2011 by Barack Obama. It’s not been just pulled out of the air by Trump as people are suggesting.

Thirdly, it’s a 120 day ban so all these people who say he should be ostracised until the ban is lifted just need to cool off and wait another 117 days.

It’s been conveniently forgotten by the idiots that Trump proclaimed this policy loud and clear during his election campaign, just like that ‘great big beautiful wall’ so he’s doing what he promised. Maybe politicians keeping their word is something that the snowflakes just can’t understand?

And while we’re talking about idiots, it would be hard to ignore Chami Chakrabati and Mo Farah and the bollocks they’ve been spouting. Our Chami says it’s racist. Well it isn’t because religion isn’t a race – and coming from the muslim appointed to the Lords by Corbyn in exchange for a fudged report on antisemitism in the Labour Party, I find her protestations a bit rich.

And then there’s Farah. Apparently he says it will effect him because he’s Somalian. Well if that’s so then why does he run for Britain and hold a British passport? It might be a great opportunity for self promotion, but let’s face it – you’re talking bollocks aren’t you Mo?

And on the subject of bollocks, there’s a million more idiots signing an on line petition to cancel a state visit for a man who hasn’t even been invited yet.

FFS people! Get a grip!..

The Day of the Donald

So, Friday is the big day – the Day of the Donald – when the man who they said would never make the ballot paper is inaugurated as the chief bullshitter in the nation of the greatest bullshitters on the planet…

Will it be all bad? I don’t think so because after 8 years of a totally lame duck President Obama, Trump might actually be just the bloke to get things moving again. There’s this stupid idea that only politicians should be national leaders, but they haven’t impressed me that they’ve done that great a job. So why not a successful businessman? Why not a wheeler dealer? Could be just what’s needed, couldn’t it?

Trump wants to meet Putin, get a new SALT treaty rolling and gang up on IS. Works for me. Less nukes in the world and enough combined military force to wipe the extremists off the face of the earth. Wouldn’t that make things just a little bit safer for us all?

And Obama wanted to put the UK at the back of the queue for a trade deal. Trump wants to put us at the front. Got to be good for the UK especially with May playing hardball on Brexit.

No, I’m with Trump. He seems to me to have got his priorities right where I personally want them to be. Let’s just hope the CIA don’t bump him off before he can deliver…

Dear President Trump…


Dear Mr President,

First of all let me congratulate you on your victory and thank you for the money you won me when I got 100/1 odds against you from the bookies six months ago. I shall raise a glass to you out of my winnings…

Now you are President, can I humbly request that you implement the following policies?

(1) Would you mind closing your air bases in East Anglia and defending freedom’s future in your own country? I’m really sick of being surrounded by houses rented to your airmen and being woken up at 5am when they go off to work.

(2) Can you please appoint Nigel Farage as the US Ambassador to the EU? They really need putting in their place and he’s just the bloke to do it. Otherwise, the EU could end up bigger than the US – and you don’t want that, do you?

(3) Could you have a chat with Liam Fox and David Davies and flesh out a trade deal so we can tell the EU where to stick their single market / free movement deal? After all, it’s just like building that great big Mexican wall but for us it’s the Europeans

(4) Could you please get your navy to sink a few little rubber boats in the Med and blockade the Libyan coast for us? I’m afraid we just don’t have the boats or the balls to do it ourselves.

It’s not much to ask really when you compare it to our politics this side of the pond. Oh, and if you could avoid starting World War III with the Russians as well, that’d be really nice.

Have a nice day,