Lookalikes – Anne Boleyn

Boleyn _________________ Turner

Has anyone noticed the remarkable similarity between actress Jodie Turner-Smith and the late wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn?

No? Thought not.

Perhaps they are related? Channel 5 seem to think so…

(to the tune of the 7 drunken nights)
Sing along now –

“As I awoke this morning
As woke as woke could be
I opened up the paper
And guess what I could see
History is rewritten
The way it ought to be
But a black girl cast as Anne Boleyn
I never thought I’d see”

Not sure I believe the last two lines tho’…

7 responses to “Lookalikes – Anne Boleyn

  1. Mr Dioclese,

    You forgot to mention that Henry himself was a Cockney geezer who sounded just like Ray Winston.

    ‘Where’s ya tool Wolsey, ya slagggg.’

    • Quite so.
      I’d like to stress that I’m in no way racist and I’m sure the lady in question is a competent actress but it’s just not appropriate. Any more than casting Anthony Hopkins as Martin Luther King…

  2. I would be willing to accept Jodie whatsername playing Anne Boleyn if Julian Clary were to play Henry VIII.

  3. Why must they suffer this warp.

  4. Will all her crack hoes in waiting be “BAME” as well?

  5. Yea, the world has gone mad. This is woke madness at its finest. Anyway, as anyone who has read the history of the time knows, Anne was from Tipton (not Harlem) and maintained a ferret farm. By the way, as a strange coincidence, Anne B gets a mention in my latest post: ‘Sir Thomas More’. Go check it out.

  6. I see no problem as long as she “Whites up”.
    We all used dark make-up when I was last on stage 6 years ago (in Aida – pale white skin looks so wrong in such a show), so why not?