A Christmas rant…

Why the blank picture? Well, wouldn’t want to miss out on cashing in the royalties by watching it for free would we? In case you’re wondering, it’s a link to the potential Christmas number one. Thanks to the wonders of internet streaming and cheap uploads, it’s a little number called “Boris Johnson is a fucking cunt” which, apart from anything else, is a crap piece of music.

I despair at the state of a nation when this load of steaming horse shit can be the Christmas number one. One can only assume that it’s been downloaded by the same brainless idiots that attend anti lockdown rallies, propagate anti-vaxxing on social media, and ignore any precautions that prevent people getting infected by covid.

Now you might well think that Boris is indeed a fucking cunt – but would you want the job? A year ago we were all watching the left wing Biased BBC and the Remoaners ganging up on him over Brexit. Then the Wuhan Bat Flu came along. Incidentally, nobody is ever going to convince me that this isn’t isn’t biological warfare. You might argue that many Chinese died from covid but I’ve been to China and I can assure you that the value of human life over there means very little. What’s a few hundred thousand dead Chinese when you can cripple the Western economies to your own advantage. And before you ask, no – I’m not into conspiracy theories!

Which brings us back to Brexit. Anyone who believes that thousands of lorries backed up at Dover is anything to do with covid is deluded. It’s Macron flexing his muscles over Brexit. Ironically it’s backfired as there’s a lot of EU drivers caught up in it who are not getting home for Christmas and are not amused by the diminutive froggie git. Macron is out of control. He’s blackmailing the EU over the trade deal to get his way on fishing. He’s not bright enough to realise he isn’t getting the fish and that under no deal, French fishing waters are going to get plundered by trawlers from Germany, Holland and Belgium. I don’t fancy his chances in the next election which is looming fast. Goodbye and good riddance.

Meanwhile the official Labour Party policy is that they have no policies. Is it me, or does Starmer look like he’s shit his pants every time I see him on the idiot box. There’s just something about his expression that seems to suggest a nasty smell under his nose. I watched him on the BBC the other day being interviewed. He sat there slagging off Boris. Three times he was asked what Labour’s plan was and what they would do in the circumstances. Every time he dodged the question by reverting to Boris bashing. Clearly he has no plan.

So Boris the Grinch is cancelling Christmas and the nasty UK is propagating the new virus strain to cut down Johnny Foreigner in droves. And according to Starmer all Boris does is react. Well, as I see it when a virus is at large it doesn’t take a break for Christmas and it does send you a note to say what it will do next. Starmer says Boris constantly changes his mind and does U turns. Well under the circumstances you need to react quickly which, obviously, will involve changing your plans at a moments notice. So exactly what’s the problem? And on the subject of us being to blame for the mutation, nobody seems to be pointing out that it was first detected in the Netherlands before spreading to the UK. You certainly won’t hear that on the BBC.

It all so much easier to blame Boris, but as I said earlier would YOU want the job? No. I thought not. Leave the poor bugger alone. He’s doing his best and i doubt anyone else could have done any better.

If “Boris Johnson is a Fucking Cunt” then remember the words of Dire Straits – “when you point that finger remember that there’s four more fingers pointing back at you”

It’s going to go mental after Christmas – but at least we won’t notice Brexit amongst the chaos. And remember that the people to blame are the public for spreading it by not doing what they are told. Times are hard. Fucking suck it up and live with it…

8 responses to “A Christmas rant…

  1. I’m surprised to say the least. I’d ask where is Dioclese and what have you done with him?
    To say you’re not a conspiracy theorist, believing a virus that is so deadly, you have to get tested to know you have it, is some kind of germ warfare, certainly sounds like a conspiracy to me.
    Give me Boris’ job any day, I’ll take that challenge. Anyone can do it better than that blithering idiot. The first thing I would do is immediately end all the lockdowns and various restrictions and simply advise the vulnerable to take sensible precautions. The idea that any Government has the right to lock us in our homes, close our businesses and throw us out of work while completely tanking the economy is ludicrous, regardless of the excuse.
    If you think the people are to blame for not doing what they are told, even if what they are told makes absolutely zero sense, then fine, blame me.
    Children do as they are told, adults make their own decisions. I prefer to be an adult

    • Sorry Bucko. I normally agree with what you say but on this occasion you have actually proven my point.

      This epidemic is not a game. I live in a remote part of East Anglia and even here I personally know 3 people who have caught it, one of whom died.

      You might be one of the sensible responsible adults, but 95% plus of the population are just plain selfish and irresponsible.

      You also ignore the many other countries where the lockdowns have been worse than the UK. Civil liberties are all very well but they don’t count for much if you’re dead.

      We must agree to differ..

      • I know some people who have caught it (none died). My 92 year old gran went in hospital with a knee issue, caught it there and has since been moved to a hospice for end of life care.
        I don’t take it lightly, but I do firmly believe that the worlds response has been from over reaction, to mass hysteria
        I sanitise and respect peoples personal space, but I flat refuse to wear a pointless face mask and if there were anti-lockdown demonstrations closer to my area, I would have gone
        The response will do far more harm than good in the long run. My neighbour to the left lost his job and my neighbour to the right had her cancer treatment stopped. Covid is dangerous to a small number of people, but cancer is deadly to anyone if it isn’t treated
        The population I see around me in my everyday life are certainly not selfish and irresponsible. I would say 95% of them actually are doing what they are told, which in my opinion is part of the problem
        I’m truly sorry you know somebody who has died. I’m sure I will soon too, be it my gran from catching COVID from the NHS, or my neighbour killed by the lockdown, or my other neighbour drinking himself to death, which is why I don’t think it’s a hoax or conspiracy, but there’s no way I could agree with the hugely over the top response
        We will have to agree to differ, as I could never bring myself to start a sentence with, “Civil liberties are all very well but…”

  2. Trouble is, most are doing what they are told. Happy Christmas.

  3. To be fair I did add ‘.. If you’re dead’ to that statement in civil liberties.

  4. Plague spreaders are despicable. Merry Christmas from Tier 4

  5. My neighbour’s son has been visiting since Christmas Eve. Fucker lives in London and clearly doesn’t give a shit about bringing his germs with him up here. Fucking cunt…