Racial pandering

As one reader of this site so appropriately summed it all up in a nutshell “Never have so few been so pandered to by so many” although I’m not sure I’m allowed to say ‘panda’ as they’re black and white I might be accused of ‘racial stereotyping’….

On a daily basis, my piss is boiling over. Yesterday they announced that Uncle Ben’s Rice is to get a new logo because the black faced gentleman they’ve been using since forever is ‘racially offensive’. However, according to the Uncle Ben’s website, the name was first used in 1946 in reference to a black farmer known as Uncle Ben who excelled in rice-growing. The man depicted in the logo is a “a beloved Chicago chef and waiter named Frank Brown.”

Cecil Rhodes statue is to be removed from Oriel College Oxford but even though the college has shamefully caved in, the protestors say they will continue to protest. If you want to know what Rhodes was really about, read this in the Mail by Daniel Hannah.

And then to round off the day, Netflix and Sky decide that they will be proceeding the showing of movies with warnings that they contain racial stereotyping and references which some viewers may find offensive.

Here’s some of the films in question : Lawrence of Arabia, The Jungle Book, Dumbo (really??), Flash Gordon, Aladdin.

Why Aladdin? Well it’s apparently because all the voice overs on this particular cartoon were done by white actors. You couldn’t make this shit up.

Sky then go a stage further with a whole new section on their service : “Black lives matter. Learn more about racial injustice and the Black experience in America with this collection of films, series and documentaries.”

I’m not a racist. To me #AllLivesMatter not just the black ones. But I do notice that when the racism is mentioned on the media, it’s always whites oppressing blacks. We’ll ignore when it happens the other way around – such as when a coloured man is jailed for 8 years for modern slavery offences against desperate and homeless white men. It’s just not newsworthy is it?

BLM are on the whole a bunch of opportunists. The hardcore radical activists that cause the trouble are spawned from the Black Panther movement. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the many videos where they are giving the Black Panther closed fist salute.

All over the world, people are falling for this bullshit.

4 responses to “Racial pandering

  1. DevonshireDozer

    “All over the world, people are falling for this bullshit.”

    No we’re not – it’s just that we aren’t represented. The voice of tolerance & reason has been silenced. Besides, Fat Wives Natter – and it’s your fault. Or because Climate Change. Or Brexit. I forget!

  2. BLM are the spawn of Satan. Marxist destroyers of the family, anarchists and totally intolerant. I expect old Soros is funding them. The website taking donations is funding the Biden campaign in the USA.

  3. Robert the Biker

    Love all the whining about Alladin, because he’s shown as some sort of Brown type. If you actually READ the Arabian Nights in some version from the nineteenth or earl twentieth centuries, you find out that he is an Uighir, basically Chinese!

  4. Just watched a bit of tennis on Prime – Our top British players against each other, Murray against Dan can’t remember his name. Anyway much put out to see them both + umpire go down on one knee before commencement – at first I thought ‘What are they doing?’ then it dawned on me – God help us, is it really necessary? Where will it end? I suppose they are compelled to otherwise all sorts of ordure will be poured on them! Just Too Bllody Stupid – we must stop this nonsense at once. It’s not as though anyone actually believes that BLM is really a pro-black organisation – we know it is pro anarchy, pro white destruction, divisive and abhorrent.

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