Bojo and the Rebel Alliance

The Westmonster Chronicles – part 6…

And so it came to pass that the great trap of Phillip Yellowhammer to thwart the EuroCrat Exodus was sprung. The quislings did vote down Sir Bojo saying “You will go to King Juncker and beg his to let us remain, for if you do not so then we shall rise up and imprison you in the dungeons!”

And Bojo said “Fuck you ! I’ll shall go the people and ask them to cast you all out and elect a new senate for you are defying the will of the people.” But the traitors were prepared and did form wider alliances with the Queen of Scots, the Changelings and the Liberal Dumbos and did deny him the chance to go to the people.

And Magic Grandpa didst call them together the quislings once more. “We shall band together to defeat the Bojo and none shall stand in our way! For I shall go to the people and ask them whether they want to leave the Eurocrats Empire or remain, but this time I shall put forward a deal which ensures that should we leave then we shall leave in name only, and Bojo shall be defeated! We shall have power over the people once more and will raise their taxes to build ourselves great palaces, for we are the rightful rulers and I shall lead you once more to greatness!!”

But the quislings didst not trust Magic Grandpa for he had been calling for the great reckoning for many moons and was now wanting to delay it until a time of his choosing, for he wast nought but a big girls blouse. And Dame Jo the Swindler declared that Magic Grandpa should not be the leader. And they knew that the people did not want him either.

And Bojo was not amused. “For I wouldst rather lie dead in a ditch than betray my people” he didst say. And the people loved him ‘though the quislings didst not.

But the quisling trap had been enshrined in law and should Bojo defy it then he would be cast into prison, for the law may be an ass, but ’twas still the law.

“I will find a way for my people to be free” he said.

(to be continued…)

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