The Radnor by-election farce…

Today we are crowing about the wonderful Lib Dem resurgence in the Radnor by-election which is, basically, a load of bollocks. Why do I say this? Well, let’s look at the facts…

Firstly, in March 2019, Chris Davies the Conservative candidate pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud concerning Parliamentary expenses, and on 21 June was removed from office by a recall petition signed by 19% of the electorate in Radnor. So exactly which fucking genius in the Tory Party allowed him to stand again in the seat from which he was overwhelmingly ejected?

To answer that question, could it be that we have to look at the outgoing PM who never wanted to leave the EU in the first place, threw a General Election to wipe out her own majority and decided to reduce it further by deliberately allowing a disgraced candidate with absolutely no chance of winning to represent the party? Well, you well might think that. I couldn’t possibly comment…

Secondly, The Welsh Nats and the Greens decided not to field a candidate whilst the Brexit Party took votes away from the already stricken Tories. Davies faced the triple assault of a united Remain front, being deeply unwanted in the constituency, and the NFU mounting a concerned Project Fear in a rural community – albeit one that voted Leave in the 2016 referendum.

The bloke had no chance of winning and was set up by a Remain party pre-Bojo. A lamb to the slaughter if you’ll forgive the obvious rural Welsh pun.

So now we are faced with the gurning face of the hapless Swinson woman who, quite frankly I cannot wait to see taken down a peg or two in October – a woman so out of touch with reality she does well to find her own arse. What an absolute farce this has all been. You couldn’t make it up…


3 responses to “The Radnor by-election farce…

  1. Farce indeed but with “leave” sugared other aspects. Labour got royally fcuked, TBP did very well and told Bojo the May WA crap will not come off his shoes, ever, if he tries a watered down abdication.

  2. Well said.

  3. It sends an unavoidable message to Tory HQ that their local groups have to be respected. And if they want their MP to naff off, then make it happen.

    Grieve, Soubry et al are not fit for purpose.

    It is sad the Tories lost, however pushing shit uphill has always been futile.

    Also – to me – it places the option of a snap election back in the coal celler. Boris’s options are pitifully few.

    Next one’s in the Shetlands, though that’s been LibDem for yonks.

    Maybe time for Macron to finish this fiasco and make us leave. Hard.

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