Mystic Mavis and Sir Bojo

(The Westmonster Chronicles – part 3...)
And so Mavis did fall on her sword whilst many of her former backers did defect left and right to other factions. And she was forced from her palace into the blighted realms of the Backbench Wastes. But it was not her fault, for it never was.

Meanwhile, in the land of the Eurocrats, King Drunker was deposed in a coup by Queen Ursula the Liar of the Teutonics. And there was much muttering and dissent from Drunkers senators, none of which mattered for Queen was honourably endorsed by a vote with but one option. But it was enough to quell the masses, for they mattered not either.

And in the fight back home, Sir Bojo did carry the day and was mightily popular with the people although plots against him were being hatched even as he ascended to power.

“For I am the Dude” he did declare. “and I will deliver my people to freedom from the evil empire or die trying. For this is my battle cry…


( to be continued..)

One response to “Mystic Mavis and Sir Bojo

  1. At last!
    With the hot weather and May gone, it’s definitely time to cast a clout.
    The marxist labour shadow chancellor thinks the new cabinet is the most right-wing ever. Good!