Rory Stewart

f413778b4025d5ab5c339626fbcf2e55--mick-jagger-streetHas anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between Conservative hopeful Rory Stewart and Sir Mick Jagger?

One is polically naive and shamelessly self promoting with a massive ego and a face like a squashed vegetable. The other is a Rolling Stone.

Perhaps they are related? I think we should be told…

3 responses to “Rory Stewart

  1. Who the hell is Mick Jagger? I think we should be told.

  2. Looks more like Archie Andrews – ‘gottle of geer, gottle of geer’!

  3. Stewart’s real first name is Roderick. I haven’t heard him sing, but perhaps he’s a Rod Stewart zombie, or Stepford wife-like shell? He certainly looks very odd.