Boris bashing

Guess what? There’s a new sport in town called Boris Bashing. Anyone can play…

It’s not new of course. Micheal Gove started it off a few years back and as a result we ended up with Treason May, who then proceeded to join in herself when they had that shindig at Chequers. Seems that’s come back to bite her.

Now some democracy denying toffee nose twat called Marcus Ball is issuing a private prosecution claiming Boris is guilty of misconduct in public life over the claims he made that we send £350 million a week to Brussels. Well I added it up roughly and if you include the £8.4 a year in import duties that we collect and pay over to the EU then I make it more than that.

What worries me most is that an avowed campaigner to stop Brexit is using the courts for political purposes. It’s a blatent move to stop Boris becoming PM. Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was “fundamentally ill-judged and improper”.”It is a grave error to try and use legal process to settle political questions,” he told the BBC. Quite so.

If this is allowed to succeed, then I’m quite happy to see a crowd funding campaign to prosecute George Osborne for his Project Fear pronouncements during the same campaign. Whatever happened to that emergency budget we were going to have?

And then there’s Campbell and Blair. WMD and dodgy sexed up dossiers that resulted in the death of our servicemen in an illegal war anyone? Puts this Boris nonsense into context doesn’t it?

But then as Edward Heath once said “If we tell the public the truth, they’ll never go for it…”

6 responses to “Boris bashing

  1. To be honest, it will probably do Boris’ career the world of good being dragged through the courts and preventing him from taking the helm of the HMS Titanic-Tories, unless his plan is to do something honest, like to call an immediate GE and let the Brexit Party put a real majority in the commons.
    Bide your time Sir Boris, St Nigel did a few years back (trips to the US etc) and came back fighting fit.

    • Brilliant article as always Dioclese.
      I totted it up to be more too, plus thinking back to the Lettuce “crisis” last year, we have no control over tarrifs with other nations, so we’re no doubt missing out there too.
      Chin up Sir Boris, you’re bigger than this and once you’ve thrashed them in court you can make it all work for you/us.

  2. What about Theresa’s whopper told not once but around 100 times “We will leave on 29th March”. I reckon crowd funding might raise £17.4M.

    • I’d gladly donate a couple of quid to see Mavis prosecuted for that one – and a fiver to see Osborne prosecuted
      Dangerous precedent isn’t it?

  3. Seems also this Marcus Ball has been using some of the donations from the crowd funding for things other than the court case.