A Tory loses the plot…

Who? Fair question. I’m talking about Paul Bristow, the Conservative candidate for the upcoming Peterborough bye election. So why has he lost the plot?

Well firstly, he’s obviously a bit deluded. After all, their last MP was a Labour jailbird and their candidate this time is a trades unionist, and he believes that he’s the only candidate that could possibly beat Labour. So he’s completely ignoring the Brexit Party in a heavily leave voting constituency.

Secondly, yesterday morning as an admittedly somewhat pissed off member of the Tory Party – after all they did throw me out of a constuency AGM for daring to criticise the sitting MP – I received an email from Bristow asking for my support. I thought this a little odd as I don’t live anywhere near Peterborough. He was begging for money. Click this link “to donate £5, £10, £25, any larger amount” so I felt honour bound to reply.

I replied “You have a nerve considering I live in xxx.
If you think it will be close, you’re deluded.
I won’t help because you’re going to get slaughtered by the Brexit Party for which frankly you can blame your esteemed leader in the Number 10 Fuhrer bunker .
No deal is better than a bad deal.”

That evening I got a system reply that the mailbox does not receive incoming messages. So in a staggering display of arrogance, I am being told that I am important enough to send him money whilst at the same time being told I am not important enough to be allowed to express my opinion.

A true example of democracy in action – and that’s why Paul Bristow is a twat…

3 responses to “A Tory loses the plot…

  1. “Gimme your money, not your opinion, you insignificant pleb” – that’s par for the course with virtually all of the Lib/Lab/Con hydra.

  2. …a twat and a loser in waiting.

  3. He’s not the only deluded twat in the Tory Party. In fact I think it is currently their party line, follow the leader, ignore the obvious and continue to live in a bubble. None are better at this than Mrs May. She had the brass neck to reply to MP Andrea Jenkins when challenged on her leadership that she wasn’t the issue here – Mrs May, you are the issue here, you have made yourself the issue by insisting that only you know how to achieve ‘Brexit’ and by attempting to deceive us by insisting the WA is Brexit when we know, and you know and we know you know and you know we know that it is nothing of the sort. Who do you think you are kidding???? If Mrs May you are too deluded to realise you have failed abjectly to achieve Brexit and are completely out of your depth, why isn’t your husband urging you to resign to save yourself from further embarrassment??? Any normal caring husband would already have steared you off stage left towards a very long holiday away from it all in the remotest part of the Alps before the men in white coats arrive..