Mystic Mavis and the Magic Grandpa

Once upon a time in a country not so far away, there was a remarkable woman called Mystic Mavis who could read the minds of people and foresee the future.

And it came to pass that the people were unhappy and so the Mighty Camoron, leader of the people, went forth to King Junker of the Eurocrats saying “You are a great King but there is a great populist uprising against us. I will ask the people, for the people should have a vote on this important matter and they will see that we are safer, stronger and better off under your wise countenance.” And lo, the people did vote and said “Let us be free again!” and expelled Camoron from the Kingdom

And the people loved Mavis so much that they begged her to be their leader and free them from the rule of the evil EuroCrats who had tied them into penal servitude and suppressed the people for many years, for Mavis was strong and stable. So Mavis called a poll to give her great powers to deliver freedom the people desired

But Mavis’ powers had failed her, for she did not see the coming of the Magic Grandpa. For Magic Granda was able to pluck cash from a magic money tree and did make many promises to the people to buy their support.

And the people were stupid and did not know what they were voting for and Mavis did lose control and become weak and wobbly. And many deserted her council, being sceptic of her leadership and promises.

But Mavis worried not for she saw a great future ahead and produced a deal to free the people from their servitude. But Magic Grandpa could see that if he and his followers resisted then he could wrest power from Mavis and lead the people back to their servitude whilst blaming her for the failure.

And so it came to pass that the deal was rejected three times and Mavis sat down with Grandpa to produce a compromise. This infuriated all their followers but Mavis saw a chance to blame Grandpa for the failure and keep control over the people. For she had foreseen that great fears would grip the nation, pestilence and disasters would befall them if they left the cradle of the EuroCrats. She must get her deal approved at all costs!

And as time passed, the people did get become increasing unrestful and did rise up against Mavis and Grandpa, ejecting their officials from office all across the land.

And from the chaos and confusion a new leader did emerge – Sir Nigel of Widdecombe – and he did annunciate that the people must be freed from treachery and despotism.

And Mavis and Grandpa did tremble!

( to be continued… )


3 responses to “Mystic Mavis and the Magic Grandpa

  1. strokerwillie

    But despite recent events including the forming of a new party made up of many merry men and women, unfortunately at the current moment in time sir Nigel of Widdecombe is unable to do anything about Mavis and Grandpa’s combined treachery, and and the people of the land continue to live unhappily ever after under the watchful eye of King Juncker and his many court jesters.

    • Should that not read “…under the watchful BLOODSHOT eye of King Juncker…”?

  2. margo jackson

    A wonderful summary, Dioclese.