When all else fails…

Two things have struck me this week. Firstly the incredibly stupid ban on culling crows and similar birds that are pests, and secondly the last ditch desperation of our lame duck Prime Minister. There seem to me to be similarities between the two.

This morning it was revealed that May is so pissed off with her own lack of leadership and authority that she has resulted to threats to cull her own party’s membership. Members are being told that “Campaigning for or endorsement of any other political party is incompatible with membership of the party.” It goes on to say “The board will not hesitate to enforce these rules.”

Well I have a message for their hapless Chairman, Brandon Lewis, who is perpetuating this nonsense and that’s a great big “Fuck you” for hammering another nail into the joint coffins of the Tory Party and British democracy. There’s one thing I know about the British psyche, and that’s if you want to turn someone against you, then the quickest way to do it is to threaten them.

Of course is been obvious for some time that the Stalinist handbook has guided number ten. Uncle Joe knew that there’s nothing like a purge to cull the opposition. It started at Chequers when Boris and Davies were manoeuvred into intolerable positions, backed up by the childish threat that anyone who resigned while there would have their ministerial cars immediately withdrawn and they could walk home. Hardly an example of mature leadership, but it got shot of them.

Then there was the public humiliation of Dominic Raab – publicly demoted behind his back while attending a select committee.

Unlike Chris Packham, May believes there’s nothing like a good cull to rid yourself of pests. But just like Packham she’s not thought through the consequences of those actions…


3 responses to “When all else fails…

  1. Flaxen Saxon

    Funny, the news of banning the shooting crows and pigeons made headlines in Nuzzieland. British politics seems to be in disarray with lacklustre and incompetant leaders (where’s a ‘Churchill’ when you need one) while the Headmistress of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, can do no wrong and is the darling of the press. That said, she couldn’t force through legislation for a capital gains tax. Luckily (for me), New Zealander’s told her to fuck off. Did I say she could do no wrong: I lied. Frankly, I think she’s a total twat.

    • If there is one thing lately that is set to make my BP rising off the scale it’s a picture of her with her sad face and headscarf on going round hugging people like mummy.

  2. Yes, there is a distinct whiff of bullying and threats at No.10. I’ve notice that for some weeks now. A sign of weak leadership and of the urgent need to rid us of this treacherous dangerous self important delusional waste of air & space. This useless individual has also set back the feminine cause by at least a generation. Please, please no more wimmin in No.10.